Friday, 2 June 2017

A very Quick post

Hello Blog friends and followers, thank you so much for all your visits.  Without you guys popping in all this Blogging would not be worth it.  I am a bit rushed today, I am making this very quick.  I was asked to make a "man card" with a lighthouse!!!  Right!! OK!! I knew I did not have anything with a Lighthouse.  I went to Google and asked for printable pictures of Lighthouses ... I had so many to choose from.
Here is my card:-
White base card
Black and Blue card from my stash for the mats.
Image printed from Google
Sentiment computer generated

That`s it from me for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate that you take time to do that.
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Monday, 29 May 2017

Flower Tutorial

Hello Bloggers, thank you for your visits and lovely comments.  I really love that you take time out from your busy day to come in.
Yesterday I was making flowers the same as I had on the Lantern in my Tutorial from 11th May.
I decided to photograph as best I could each stage so you could see how I did them.
Go get  a coffee and some biscuits!!!
Here goes:-
Spellbinder Garden Blooms, you have 3 sizes of Dies in the pack.   I cut mine double from 2 sheets of paper, just as many as you can get from the sheets.
I used 160gsm paper, you can use heavier but I certainly would not recommend anything lighter in weight
Ink the edges is you want, I do, the flowers don`t look so flat then (in my opinion) spritz with water.  Do not make them too wet or they will fall apart at the next stage.
Using something smooth and rounded (I used an thinnish pencil) scrunch each petal along the pencil with your thumb nail and fingers.
All done, leave them to dry completely.  I have no patience, I pop mine on a Baking Tray and pop them in the oven for 5/10 mins.  Honest I really do!!!
Once dry gently tease the petals out just a little, you will see they now have some nice texture on them.
Twist each petal under using your tweezers.
Here I have one large, two medium pieces and a small piece to make up a flower.  I have taken one petal off the smallest piece, I find it easier to make up this way.
I put a large blob of Cosmic Shimmer glue in the centre of the largest piece (you don`t see it very well but it is there)
Pop a medium piece in offsetting the petals,  hold down a few seconds till the glue bites.  Do the same with the next medium piece also offsetting, lastly the small piece.  Your flower should look like the one above.
These are the flowers I managed to get out of the pieces I cut.  You will notice they don`t all look exactly the same and there is also a small one.  The number of flowers you get depends on how you put them together and how many you damage when you are scrunching them!!! Think I damaged 2 pieces in this lot, it always happens.
I cut out some Ivy using 2 of Sue Wilson`s Dies for extra decoration.  Any leaf Die is fine the green gives some contrast.

That`it from me for today. I am off for a cuppa.
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia xxx