Friday, 5 May 2017

Flower Lantern

Happy Birthday Sister, have a great day.
If you have not visited Hazel her Blog is worth a look.  Hazel makes cards but her main thing is her Gift Baskets, Gift Bags and other containers.

Hello Bloggers, thank you for your visit.
I have been pressing buttons in all directions, I think I have finally cracked this Windows10.  What a right pain it has been.

Today I have a Lantern?box with flower and leaf decoration.  I have made rather a lot of these, they take some time to make but worth every minute.  I have made some as Gift Boxes and  popped a gift inside, others I have made as a lantern.  If I make it as a lantern I put a Battery Candle in them.  I do warn the people I give them to NOT to use a real candle.

 Black 300gsm card
Crafters Companion Create a Card Die.
Acetate for the windows
160gsm Yellow paper/card for the flowers
Leaf Die
Organsa ribbon

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for your comments and for taking time to call by

Patricia xxx

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Some Handmade Flowers

Hello fellow Bloggers, thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my Post and my return to Blogging.  If you leave me a little comment and have a Blog I can then return the favour, by popping in to see what you get up to and also leave a comment.  A big thank you to those of you who have called and do NOT have a Blog, I send you a big Thank You.
I am still struggling trying to find my photos, then managing to get them on my post. I am getting there but its such a low process. Oh! to be so silly as far as computers and Windows10 are concerned.

Followers that have known me for quite a while know I love making flowers.  Once I start I can't stop and often have a BIG box of flowers to work from..

 The flowers above I made for each of the the "Gang of Nine" for when we all met up last week.
We are a far flung group of Crafters who meet up every 6months.  We all originally found each other through Sue Wilson`s wonderful Blog. When we meet up we do not do any Crafting, we do talk about and share hints and tips.   We spend so much time chatting, laughing, eating plus shopping, no  not Craft Shopping just shopping in general.
They were package along with some Baby Card Embellishments in a Cellophane Bag which did not photograph well, I have taken them out to show you.
The pink flowers were made using 160gsm Pink paper and a very old Woodware Punch.  Centers are seed beads I have had for ever. 
Yellow Roses made using 160gsm Yellow paper and SB Blossom Five Die.  I swear I will ware that Die out I have used it so often. I have tried using other Dies but I always come back to the Blossom Five Die.
These are the Baby Card Embellishments.
I hand knitted the little Bootees
The Nappy is a triangle of toweling, with a teeny, tiny safety pin.

That`s it for today, I am off to see if I can work out how to do things a bit quicker.
Thank you very much for popping by I really appreciate it

Patricia xxx

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Shoes & Bag

Hello everyone, thank you so much for calling in to my Blog and leaving a comment.  It's good to know there are people out there when your writing up your Blog after such a long break.
It's the start of a new week and I am determined to crack this finding photos and getting them on my post.  Hazel has given me a few tips I will try out.
We had our Grandsons who are growing up far too quickly for a sleepover Sunday and the all day yesterday. Thomas now 12 is extremely tall at 5'11" very slim which makes him look even taller.  Robert now 10 is also tall but not like his big brother.  They eat really well but football train and play so much they run off any excess.
Today I have Shoes and a Bag to show you.  I started making these a couple of years ago and I still get requests for them.  People love them for a very different style gift. It's amazing the kind of things they pop in the Shoes and Bags.

The Bag is made using white Centura Pearl Card and a Sue Wilson Gemini Die ... Delphinus. I also used a Sue Wilson Bow Die for the bows.
The design for the bag came from a Sue Wilson follower (Izzy) who supplied all the instructions.
I named them "Izzy Bags" after the designer.
The Shoes are made from a very, very old card template I downloaded years ago.  
I used card from a 12x12 Double Sided Card Stack I bought at "The Works" for a great price of £3 for 24 sheets.
If you happen to have a branch of  "The Works" near you they have a great selection of paper stacks.
They also have some amazing Crafty Bits at brilliant prices.

That's it from me for today
Thank you so much for your visit.  I really appreciate you taking time to call in.

Till next time.
Patricia xxx

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Little Vanity Boxes

Hello Fellow Bloggers, I was delighted to have so many of you visit, thank you so much for that.   Without you popping in this Blogging lark would be a waste of time and effort.
If it was not got my sister Hazel I would still be struggling with getting my photos on my Blog, it's terrible to be this "thick"!!
After our "meet up" Diane went on to visit our Maureen to see how she was getting on.  Diane was able to tell us "exactly" how she was.  Diane was flying home from Newcastle so of course could not leave without seeing Maureen, Diane took along little gifts from us.
Maureen likes my Scottish Tablet, I made a special little Vanity Box to put some in.  I saved a tutorial from Pinterest on how make these boxes, it was by Ann'shappystamper.
I made a few little alterations but the overall box was from the Tutorial.

Here are my Vanity Boxes
The pink one was my first attempt, it was OK!! not great just OK!
The lilac ones were made with card from my stash as well as Anna-Marie Card.
Think by the third one I got it, it's a nice little box.  I love making boxes and flowers so I had fun doing these.
The finished boxes measure 4"longx3"wide & 3"deep a good size for small gif

Thank you so up have for your visit.
I really appreciate that you take time to call in.

Patricia xxx