Friday, 28 April 2017

Hello Baby!! Card

Good afternoon its a long lost Blogger calling!!!
Last year I closed my Blog for the summer and never managed back.  My computer updated to Windows 10 and I was totally scuppered.  My Son is a Mac user and did not have a clue. My husband is not computer literate ... he leaves that all to me.  That left me sitting staring at a computer screen unable to find my photos never mind trying to upload them!!!
I have just spent a few days away with my sister (Hazelsbasketsofjoy) plus friends we met from our Blogs, this was our 3rd six monthly "meet up".   Hazel has managed to get photos up of us all enjoying ourselves ... we were missing one.  Maureen fell a couple of weeks ago and fractured her hip and was unable to join us.  We really, really missed her, however we all keep in touch daily and know she will be with us for our next "meet up" in October.
While away Hazel and I spent ages sitting on our beds pressing buttons, Ooooing!! and Aaaaing!! almost pulling our hair out.  Hazel is much better on the computer than me, she cracked it, she is good at pressing buttons.  
I am home sitting on my own thinking about all the the things Hazel told me to do.
I think I have cracked it for this post but please bare with me, I am hoping to get better at finding my photos.

Below is a baby card I made for my friend Elaine`s Daughter and SIL on the birth of their third daughter Holly.  Holly was born last Friday and is now home with her big sisters.

Base card pink cut from A3
Spotty card is Anna-Marie Card
White card embossed using a button folder
Spellbinder dies for the ovals
Booties hand knitted by me
Banner from scraps with a computer generated greeting

If you have found me please leave a little comment so I know you called in.
I will then be able to thank you if you have a Blog I can pop in to see what you are doing.

Hope to manage back again soon
Patricia xxx

Sorry I cant get Hazel`s actual "link" up.