Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Closing for the Summer

Hello Blog friends, I have not been a very good Blogger lately.  No Excuses apart from not having the time for Blogging,  Card Making or Crafting in general.
I have decided to leave Blogging till later in the year. 
Our boys are off school, we don`t look after them but we do go away a lot with them and John & Audrey.
Hazel (my sister) and I have things going on over the next few months as well which will also keep us busy.  
Hazel has just finished booking the Hotel for our next "Meet Up" with Blog friends we met for the first time last November in Birmingham.  We had had a fantastic few days away meeting up in April and said we would all get together again in October.  That`s well on the way now with everyone saving and looking forward to it.
I hope you all have the most fantastic Summer and the sun shines for everyone..
Thank you for your loyalty and all your wonderful  comments on my past projects.
I appreciate each and every one.
Stay safe
Patricia   xxx