Saturday, 28 May 2016

"Watercolour Cards"

Hello, I found my way back again!!!  Oh! My! Word! this Windows 10 is a total nightmare when you are not good on the computer.  Do you ever feel so stupid you could throw the blooming thing right out the window?????  Well that`s me.......!!!
Anyway I have made it.
I have some really wonderful pictures of our younger Grandson Robert signing with Dundee Football Club`s Junior Team as a trainee Goalkeeper.  They are on my iPad and I do not have a clue how to transfer them to here.  All the photos I show here are taken with my Bog Standard Point and Shoot camera.  John Jr sent them, I wanted to transfer them so I could print a couple off to frame.  Hopefully John Jr will do that for me.
Anyway here is a card I made while playing with the Brusho`s.  Now I have to tell you I am definitely NOT an Artist but I am quite proud of what I managed to do that day.  If I will ever be able to repeat the process I really do not know!!!
Here are two of my cards:-

The second one I know was liked.  I sent it to a very dear friend who has encouraged me so much with colouring.  She`s a wonderful "colourist" I am sure she is sick to the Back Teeth of all the things I send  for her opinion.  
In both pieces I painted the backgrounds with the Brushos.  I used what stamps I could find to create the scenes. 
I have two more I might show you in the future.   
The cards are 5X5 and have been sent to a few unsuspecting friends for Birthdays.
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by, I really do appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia  xxx

Friday, 27 May 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any casual visitors.  Welsome to my little corner of Blogland where you are welcome.
Oh! My! Word! its Friday again ... where did the week go???
Its been a very busy week here, on Tuesday my friend Kate (Culliesocks) came down to Perth from Inverness.  I picked her up and we travelled over to Cupar, Fife that`s near St Andrews the home of Golf.  We were there to see Sheena Douglas Demoing all her new Stamps and magic glue for a foiling system she was showing. Very interesting but with so much noise (coughing, sneezing, scraping of chairs and general chit chat) it was rather difficult to hear.  However we had a good day, my sister, Hazel (Baskets of Joy) met us there. plus I took my neighbour Isobel along. "WE" had a good time and hopefully we will all learn along the way how to do the Foiling.
Its time for Oldie for Friday started be Erika over at:-  Snappycrafts. Blogspot.  I have to apologise for not giving you the direct link ... we have just installed Windows 10 (well hubby pressed the wrong button) I am really struggling.  I lay awake most of the night worrying about where everything has gone and could be found!!!!!  I have been up and trying to find things since 5.40am
I have just managed this ...  I think so enough is enough for one morning.
Here is my Oldie for today:-

I have found a very simple card just in case it all goes in a flash when I press the Publish button!!!
Card is a take on a Sue Wilson Card.
SW Foundation card for the matts
SW Rose Die
SW Leaf Die that I have terrible trouble cutting out so never use it now
Piece of Tulle and a Pearl
A very old StaminUp sentiment Stamp on a hand cut banner.

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really do appreciate it
Providing I can find my way back here I will see you soon
So till the next time 
Patricia  xxx

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

"Some little cards"

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by, welcome to my little corner of Blogland.  You are all most welcome, thank you for all your past comments.  I know time is precious, I appreciate that you take the time to leave those comments.
Not a lot on the cards for today, I have few things I "have" to get done on my "to do" list.  Once done I hope to have time to play!!!
When we had no Internet for a couple of weeks I thought I would get lots and lots of crafting done ...NOPE!!!  I felt so cut off from the world I just could not be bothered.
However I did do a few things, I was asked to do 2 boxes of 3 little cards by a neighbour.  The contents I made more or less the same as they were going to two different people who did not actually know one another.
Here is what I did:-

I used my all time favoutite stamp set ...  StampinUp Stippled Blossom
Inks are also StampinUp, I love their inks for "two step" stamping especially.
You can use just one ink pad to create the multiple layers.
The cards are 4x4 
Sentiment stamps are old and I do mean old.
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in
Till next time
Patricia  xxx

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

"Freebe Stamps"

Hello my faithful followers and Blog friends great to have you here once again.
Thank you for all the lovely comments I really appreciate them.
We have a busy few weeks ahead, my Posts will be short and sweet (thank goodness I hear in the distance ha!ha!) 
We were on our own most of the weekend Robert was off playing in a Football Tournament.  Thomas wanted to go as it was a totally new place.  He took his camera and did some Photo Shooting, as he calls it.
Poor Grandpa had to depend on my help with his helper being away.  Actually there was not much needing done.  John always looks for jobs, the first thing Thomas says as he comes through the door is "grandpa what jobs are we doing today"  
I few weeks ago John brought me in a Craft Magazine with a set of Altenew Stamps and Die on it.  I was suffering from a Kidney Stone problem and he did some basic food shopping.  While looking for a "train" magazine he saw the Craft Magazine and thought it would be something I would like and WOW! I really did.
Here are a few of my efforts:-

These are all done using just ONE StampinUp Ink Pad
First layer the ink colour is stamped off twice, on scrap paper.  Second layer is stamped off once last layer is direct from the Ink Pad.  
I did them on small pieces of card then just mounted them up.   They were all trails so have ended up on different sizes of cards.  
I was "playing" when a friend came in to see me, loved the cards and bought them. I had made about a dozen altogether ... all gone.
I have a few sets of this kind of stamps, I love the effect you get without much effort.  
So many people have said they could not "colour in"  like that.  You are NOT coloured in they are STAMPED!!!

That`s it for today
I will try to get back ASAP
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate you take time to pop in

Patricia xxx

Monday, 23 May 2016

"New arrivals"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for all your recent comments. I really appreciate that you take time to call in, look and leave me comments.   I have tried to visit as many of you as possible.  Where does time go these days??  I feel that "Time Thief" is on the prowl once again.
Busy, busy, here on a Monday I like to get my house all done.  I will to be super quick this morning I have an appointment with my niece Gillian (Hazel`s daughter) a Podiatrist just after lunch time.  I am off to have my feet treated, its absolute bliss to have them done by Gillian.
We have new arrivals here at The Ranch:-

How cute are those little lambs??? 
They came right to the fence when the boys looked over.  I went out to take the photo, mum hot footed it with the wee ones running behind her.
Here is a card I made, I saw the idea on Pinterest, thought I would have a go.
White base card A6 Tent Style.
A matt cut using a SB Die
Tim Holtz Stencil inked through with Victorian Velvet and Squeezed Lemon.
Splodge Stamp embossed in Gold.
SB Butterfly cut in Black and touched with Gilding Wax (something I have had for ages, never used till the other day)   Piece of foliage from my Bit Box.

Thank you for your visit today, I love that you pop in to see what I have been up to.
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


Sunday, 22 May 2016

"Boys LOVE the Brusho`s"

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Welcome to my little corner of Blogland where I am happy to have visitors. 
Sorry its  a "picture heavy" post from me today.
Thomas and Robert were here most of the day yesterday.  The weather was rather mixed, during a heavy shower Grandpa mentioned Granny`s new "magic paints"  ... the Brusho`s.  I felt they were not really me!!!
Robert who loves to craft wanted to see them and what they did.  Once he started Thomas was quite impressed and also had to have a go.
Here are some of pieces they did:-
Roberts efforts:-

Thomas`s makes
Thomas wanted to create a "space" theme.  A couple he did were too dark these he thought we too light.  I was given permission to do what ever I wanted with them ... watch this space!!!
I could not let them play with joining in, here is what I did with my piece.
Once my piece had dried I splashed some Bleach on it, I liked what happened.  I am beginning to like these Brusho`s a bit more.
There was a really pretty piece one of them made.  We took the best bit of it, popped it in a IKEA Box Frame as a gift for mum & dad.  Dad saw it when he picked them up and loved it.   Robert messaged me this morning to tell me mum LOVED it and was overcome with "emoshun" !!!!!!!!!

Right best get on with the jobs on my "to do"list
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx