Saturday, 23 April 2016

Hellooooo!!! Remember Me???

Hello Blog friends, I am still here!!!
Its been such a long time since I have Posted anything.  
2016 did not get off to a good start here at The Ranch.  All well now thank goodness, hubby back to normal (well as near "normal" as he will ever be)   He has always said being "normal" was very boring so he is now back to being him!!!!  Good to see him happy, eating, enjoying his food and starting to put on weight again.  I have told him he could have a transplant of my excess weight if he could find out how it could be done!!! ..... sooner the better would be good.......!!
To get me back on track, last week I spent a few days away with my sister Hazel and some Blog Friends.  We had a fantastic time together, laughing, chatting and Oh! yes! some Retail Therapy.  
Here are a few pictures:-

 Hazel my sister.
Tammy her daughter does all the organising.  Tammy is brilliant at sussing out great bargains for accommodation, eating places and places to visit.  We all met up in Carlisle, it was an excellent centre and great Hotel.

Left to right in this picture:-
Myra who came up from Lancashire, Diane travelled all the way up from Southampton.  Then we have our Barbara who believe it or not flew over from Nuremberg, Germany, then Hazel again.
Then we have Maureen from Newcastle and Jess from Falkirk, Scotland.
Here we have Margaret who lives at Cockermouth not too far from Carlisle.  Margaret did not stay over but came every day to be with us.  Last but not least is our Norah from, Glenochil, Scotland.  Norah is the most amazing young woman who lights up a room with her brilliant smile.
Norah doing "wheelies" in the car park, she was so happy to be with us plus shopping.  Note that Norah is in her little buggy which all folds down and fitted in the back of Hazel`s car.  Jess, Norah, and little old me were driven down by Hazel ... thank you sis.  Hazel`s car was the best option for fitting in the Buggy and all the Bags  ....  even more bags on the way home!!!  
I have to mention that all this could not have happened without Sue Wilson`s Blog.  Without Hazel clicking on The Cotswold Crafter`s Blog, then us going on a Crafting weekend with Sandra plus followers of her Blog we would never have made all these amazing friends.  Thank you to both for making such wonderful friendships possible.

As they say "every picture tells a story" I hope you have enjoyed seeing these. 
I will be back soon with some of my "makes".  My few days away has given me a Happy Boost.
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it.
Love and Hugs
Patricia xxx