Saturday, 5 March 2016

Origami Box

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by, great to see you popping in.  I do go visiting your Blogs when I have time, I don`t always comment. 
I am sorry I have been missing again.  My Hubby is not keeping too well just now.  We are attending hospital appointments, clinics and all sorts of things.  Hopefully it will be all finished and done with in the near future.  I will catch up with you all when things get back to some sort of normality .... not that life is, or ever was normal in this house. 
I have been "playing" when I have had time, it helps keep my mind off things.
I have a box to show you.  I make these, fill them with some "Homemade Tablet" as little gifts.  These are the kind of gifts I can do without having to go out and round shops to search when "spare time" is in short supply.  Tablet if a very Scottish type of sweet, similar to Fudge but different!!!!
Here is a box I made recently:-

Box made with Card from "The Works" Card Pads. These Pads are amazing quality and at the fantastic price of just £4 yes!! £4 for 220gsm double sided card.   If you don`t have a store near you pop online and order.  They do charge for postage, I got mine on offer online 2 pads for £7 plus P&P  I would have a 35 mile round trip to the nearest store.  It`s a Win,Win, situation for me to do it online, the postage is less than the petrol I would use.
I have used, ribbon, lace and pearls from my stash.  Left over bits to make flowers and Butterfly.
A brilliant easy to follow Tutorial for the Origami Box can be found at:-
Down the left hand side there is a link to Video Tutorials.  You will have to look for the Origami Box one.  Christina has some amazing Tutorials in there, you will love it.

That`s it from me for today
Thank you for your patience.   With so many "No Shows" I really appreciate your visits
Till next time

Patricia  xxx