Saturday, 13 February 2016

One Die Card

Hello everyone, I hope you are looking forward to the weekend. Hope the weather is OK and you get out and about.  . 
If you have landed here because you pressed a wrong button ...welcome!!  I say that because I have done it so many times myself.  I have been looking in on a Blog, pressed something in the sidebar and found myself in a wonderful Blog with great inspiration.
No plans here for anything exciting YET!!! phone has not rung and no message on my IPad from Robert. No doubt Robert will have football training so we could well have a visit from Thomas.  Always got to be prepared here.  Plenty rolls, lots of bacon so all is well at Granny`s!!!!
Right enough of the chat, here is what I have on offer today:-

This was a card I did for a Challenge.  It was for "Use just one Die"
I don`t normally do challenges but as this was so easy I thought I would do it.
6x6 Base card
Piece of purple card from my Bit Box
SB Lacy Square Die (very old)
StampinUp Stippled Blossom Stamp Set for the Rose and leaves

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time,

Patricia xxx

Friday, 12 February 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any passers by.  Can you believe it`s Friday once again!!! Another weekend approaches, have fun with anything you might have planned.
Nothing too exciting here as yet.  The boys are off for Half Term, we will probably do something once all the Football training and matches are done and dusted.  Robert has a big match with Dundee United Juniors either today or tomorrow I am not 100% sure.  He was telling me last night, we got interrupted and that was that.  
Wow! what a great week of weather we have had, I hope you have all had similar.  Nothing to have a song & dance about but the bonus has been NO rain!!!
Got my hair cut the other day, a completely new salon and hairdresser.  I think I have hit the Jackpot!!!  The girl is Polish and man! can she use those scissors.  Before she started she asked what I wanted.  I told her I was undecided as I have always worn  my hair very short and spiky.  I thought with it being a bit longer I would like to maybe grow it more.  I have very, very thick hair and she was in raptures about it, not wanting me to cut it short.  She styled it and its is looking and feeling good.  I have booked again for 6 weeks by then I will have made a decision.  The only downside of it being longer is I have to spend time drying it.  Hey! Ho! I suppose lots of people would like that problem.
Right back to "Oldie for Friday" started by Erika over at:-
Anything you have made in the past is what is requested.  It does not have to be cards.
Here is mine for today:-

Last week I showed you a very similar card  for a little boy I had just made.
I did say I used this image lots, I can`t remember the last time I had to make a card for a baby girl.
A 6x6 card base
Pink card embossed and slightly sanded back
Ribbon from my stash of the stuff
A very plain simple and easy card

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for your visit and all the lovely comments you have been leaving.  I really appreciate each and everyone
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Patricia xxx

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Quartet!!!

Hello Blog friends, followers and any Poppers By!!  You are all very welcome, now you are here if you have time please leave a little message so I know you called. 
Not a lot going on here today apart from going off to get my hair cut this afternoon.  Now that`s not a great occasion but for me it will be a bit of a Trauma!!!  I have worn my hair very short for years.  I had a fantastic hairdresser that meant a 40miles round trip, Hey! Ho! it was worth every penny she made a brilliant job.  When I went off to Dalyan, Turkey I had a another great hairdresser.  I don`t think we will be popping over to Turkey any time soon and my hairdresser here closed shop October last year.  Apart from ME!! chopping off bits and pieces here and there I have not had my bottom on a Hairdressers Chair since last September when I was on Holiday in Dlayan!! 
Its not long but far longer than I have had it in years.  The big question is ... do I go short again or do I try to find a longer style ... decisions, decisions.
Enough about me and my hair.
I have been very lazy about crafting these past couple of months.  Sunday I started to tidy a Crafty Cupboard, did not get very far.  I found a set of stamps that had not seen the light of day since .... ???
I rummaged in my Bit Box for some Stamping Card ... here is what I managed to achieve:-

Stamps are from
Fantastic sets of Stamps,  I have used Nature Sheets 8 & 9 they all join up wonderfully well to create great scenes.
My small scenes are only 2 x 2 even then you get great results.
This is a brilliant set of stamps for making Man Cards
I know I keep saying I am not a Stamper.  I like to try,  all the Stamp Sets I use are brilliant at covering up mistakes, they are not for precise stamping.
The company have lots of YouTube Videos, the person doing the teaching has a voice I can listen and learn from very easily.

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate every single one
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Monday, 8 February 2016

Stippled Blossoms

Hello Blog friends followers plus anyone who pressed the wrong button and landed here.  Hope you stayed to have a look, liked what you saw and will call again soon.
I did not get any Crafting done over the weekend the boys were here ... mostly Thomas.  Robert was so involved in Football over the weekend, to be honest its every night as well.  Thomas plays two evenings in the week but does not do much over the weekend.  He plays for fun during the week with older boys while Robert is with younger ones, his is real serious stuff!!!   It is not Thomas`s sport of choice, he prefers Basketball, swimming or Skiing.  The difficulty is fitting it all in, but they seem to manage.
Mum a Midwife was working all weekend so Granny & Grandpa to the rescue.  Its full on, non stop but great fun, makes you sleep well at night that`s for sure. 
Thomas was Skiing with the school Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  They missed Monday, Tuesday because of the bad weather.  They have lost those two days and will have to wait till the end of February beginning of March to find slots for them. 
I was doing a few things while I was not Blogging.  Not a lot of Crafting just things in general, I really MUST get myself back into "playing".   I have bought a few Crafty Things and they are still unopened.  I did open the outer packaging to see what I had actually bought.  Other than that they have just been put away.  Oh! what fun I will have opening them up to play with.  
Till then here is a card I "had" to make.  The old lady in the village I make cards for phoned recently to ask if I was "open" for business.  For her I said yes, unfortunately it was a Sympathy Card she needed.  
Here it is:-

I have said I am not a Stamper but I do LOVE using this set of stamps.
StampinUp Stippled Blossom Stamp Set (Now Retired)  These are brilliant stamps giving a fantastic effect.  You don`t have to be precise with them they just work!!!  I really do not know why they stopped making them.
Phill Martin sentiment stamp.

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for stopping to look and leave a comment I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Sunday, 7 February 2016

A Little Gift Bag

Hello Blog friends and faithful followers, I feel so blessed to have you all calling once again.  Without you guys this Blogging would be a total waste of time.  I just love reading all your lovely comments, thank you.
During the week I was pointed to Becca Feecan`s Blog  by a dear friend who knows how much I love making Bags & Boxes.  Becca is showing a stunningly beautiful Gift Bag.  There will be Dies coming out in March to make the Gift Bag.  Me being Me  ..... I don`t have patience to wait that long.  I had a good old think about how I could make similar with the Dies I have.
Using a very old set of Spellbinders Dies I have made something similar.  
This year in our family we have LOTS of celebrations, Big Birthdays and Anniversaries.  My sister and I have arranged to have one big celebration towards the end of April to cover them all.  Hotel booked, Cake booked, Invitations made.  We have decided to make one of these little Gift Bags as a Table Gift for each of the ladies/girls.  I will make just the Box for all the men/boys, we will pop some Hand Made sweets in them.  They are just 2x2 so they will hold a small amount.
Here are a few I have made:-

Each Gift Bag holds one of these little Boxes
I still have lots to make, that will keep me busy for a while.
Card is from a Pack I brought back from the States last year.
SB Labels 10 Die set (largest Die) for the Gift Bag
SB Bracket Box for the little Boxes
SB Accent Die 
Die Cuts from the Box Die Set and some Wild Orchid Crafts Gems
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by
Till next time
Patricia  xxx