Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Closing for the Summer

Hello Blog friends, I have not been a very good Blogger lately.  No Excuses apart from not having the time for Blogging,  Card Making or Crafting in general.
I have decided to leave Blogging till later in the year. 
Our boys are off school, we don`t look after them but we do go away a lot with them and John & Audrey.
Hazel (my sister) and I have things going on over the next few months as well which will also keep us busy.  
Hazel has just finished booking the Hotel for our next "Meet Up" with Blog friends we met for the first time last November in Birmingham.  We had had a fantastic few days away meeting up in April and said we would all get together again in October.  That`s well on the way now with everyone saving and looking forward to it.
I hope you all have the most fantastic Summer and the sun shines for everyone..
Thank you for your loyalty and all your wonderful  comments on my past projects.
I appreciate each and every one.
Stay safe
Patricia   xxx


Friday, 1 July 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who pressed the wrong button and just landed here!!!
Welcome to my little corner of Blog land.
I mentioned in my last Post that Thomas and his dad had taken Thomas` dog Corrie to the Vet School in Edinburgh for an MRI Scan,  On Wednesday she had a 3hour Operation to remove a 7cm almost 3" stick from her throat.  Corrie came through the operation but is still well drugged up and being looked after in Edinburgh.  The Vets are amazed she lived so long with that in her.  She already had an emergency operation a couple of months ago to remove the sick that Audrey had thrown for her.  She got over that, had been full of beans, eating an swimming most days ... till she developed a huge abscess that was oozzing "gunk" on her neck.  The local Vet thought it might have been a "small" piece of stick he had missed that was making its way out.  Nope!!! it was a bit bigger than that!!!!  Anyway that`s it dealt with, they hope to go through at the weekend to collect her although they think it might be Monday. 
It was the boys End of Term Performance at School Wednesday afternoon.  Thomas is moving on to High School after the summer.  When we went in Thomas looked awful he had not slept much since Monday.  During the performance John Jr received a message from the Vet School.  He went out to take the call, came back with a smile on his face, went straight to Thomas to give him the good news that Corrie had made it.  Thomas took on a totally different look from that minute on and enjoyed the rest of the event.

One Boy & hid Dog!!!

Today is "Oldie for Friday"started by Erika over at:-
It is an opportunity to show any crafts we have done in the past.
Here is mine for today:-

This card was an order from one of my Neighbours.  She needed a card for her Niece.
Base card 8x8
Yellow and white card
Die Cut Champagne Glass
Signature Die from JS for the Lace
SW (I think) Die Cut Ivy.
Sentiment done on the Computer
Some pearls for the Bubbles

I have just realised this is a very similar colour pallett to the card I posted earlier in the week.
Oh! well its done now
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

"Golden Wedding Card"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any poppers by, hope you are all well.  
Don`t know about you guys but I fear we are not going to get a summer this year.  Hopefully July might be better than June has been.
Thomas our older Grandson (almost 12) was off to the Vet School in Edinburgh with his dad yesterday.  A few months ago while Audrey was out walking Thomas` dog, Audrey threw a stick for Corrie,  she jumped to catch it, it went in her mouth and down her throat.  Quick home, along to the Vet where she had to have an emergency operation.  Warning:- to all you dog owners DON`T throw sticks no matter how much they love it. 
About 6 weeks ago Corrie developed an abscess on her neck which was oozzing "gunk".  Back to the Vet, he reckoned there was still a bit stick there.  After several X-Rays showing nothing they had to take Corrie to Edinburgh to have a "MRI Scan" today and her operation tomorrow if they find what is causing the problem.  Poor Thomas is devistated but taking it very bravely.  The Vet leading the team told him of the risks but reassured him he was leaving his much loved dog in very capable hands. Fingers crossed it all goes well and they can pick Corrie up on Friday.
Anyway enough of the sad stuff.
I had a phone call from my friend in the village needing a card for a Golden Wedding.  Now there`s a happy thought a couple who have managed to last 50 years.
Here is my card:-

Base card 8x8
Yellow card from a pack bought in the States a few years ago
White card spritzed and run through a Roses EF
Yellow 160gsm paper for the Roses SB A Gilded Life ... Garden Blooms
Leaves are cut using very old Dies
Lace is Signature Die from JS I think is called Grace Lace
Sentiment done on the computer, cut out with very old SB Dies
Sick Pin made up from Beads from my box
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia xxx


Saturday, 25 June 2016

"Box for a friend"

Hello everyone, hope you are all well and doing some Happy Crafting.   It`s much better than watching all the "gloom and doom" predictions on the telly!!!!
I am finding it very difficult to sit down and actually loose myself in Crafting, never used to be a problem.
This is a box I made for a dear friend Hazel and I met a few years ago through Blogging.  We love to meet up and chat only problem is we live nearly 200 miles apart.  Visits are few and far between, however we make the most of every minute when do get a chance to get together.

Made from a "Works" paper Pad ... if you have not bought any of these yet you really must.  They are fantastic value at only £3 & £4 
Great quality 250gsm and 2 sheets of 12 double sided designs in the pack.  They have lots of packs to suit most tastes.
If there is not a shop near you they do offer a wonderful quick online service
Roses are made from purple 160gsm card/paper.  I used household bleach to create some colour difference. 

There is the most wonderful easy to follow Tutorial to be found here:-

If go to the Tutorials List then look for "Origami Box" 
I love making these boxes and am lucky enough not to need the Tutorial nowOnce you make a couple your set.

Right must go get some Housework done
Thank you for your visit
Till next time 


Patricia  xxx

Friday, 24 June 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello everyone hope you are well and looking forward to yet another weekend  ...  how did that happen so quickly???
I am struggling to find some older things that I have not already shown you.  I never used to photo ALL my projects, just the ones I was actually posting.  Now I often have my projects wrapped, in boxes or envelopes all sealed and ready to go ... guess what ... I have forgotten to photograph them.  It really must be an age thing!!! 
Anyway had a rummage and here we go:-

This was a "First Anniversary" card for a neighbours daughter.  My goodness they have two little boys 7 &3 now ... how time flies.
The embellishments were made using old  Crealies Flower and Foliage Dies.
LOTV pre-coloured image and I "think" a SB Die for the background circle.

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate you take time time to call in
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

"From the Bit Box"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who has just popped in for a look.  Welcome to my little corner of Blogland.  
Since I came back from holiday I have done NO crafting at all.  The weather last week was so depressing that did not help.  
I went to the cupboard where I keep my Bit Box, opened the door and it fell out " did you hear the words"!!!!!  Most of the bits are in another box for the school.  They will love me for bringing that along so near the end of Term.  In Scotland our children finish at the end of this month.  They will have plenty of bits to play with next term anyway!!!
Here is a card I made with a stamp and some bits:-

Base card off cut from a project
Pink & white card scraps
I inked a piece of white card then stamped an image.  A  very old wood mounted rubber stamp that I like.  Did a few dots with a white gel pen  .... done!!!
No greeting I will put it in my box and add the greetting as needed

That`s it for today ... off to look for some "crafty inspiration"
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Sunday, 19 June 2016

"Another Rose Card"

Hello Blog friends followers or anyone who pressed a wrong button and landed here!!!  Please stop and look, if you have time please leave a wee comment to tell me you were here.
Since I came home from Holiday I have not been in the mood for Crafting.  The weather has been so  miserable which has not helped.  However we did have some sunshine yesterday, thank goodness.
I received a phone call yesterday asking if would make a Sympathy Card.  It is possibly the last kind of card I would have sat down to make but Hey! Ho! Beggars can`t be choosers as they say.
Here is my card:-

Base card approx 5 x 7
Navy card
SU Stippled Blossom Stamp Set.  
Have to say of all the Multi Layered Stamp Sets I have this has to be my all time favourite
SU Ink Pad Midnight Muse for the flowers.
Leaves Old Olive & Pear Pizzazz
Sentiment from a Phil Martin Stamp Set

A few people have commented that they only have one, maybe two colours in the SU Ink Pads  ...  that`s all you need.
Fist layer ...  ink and stamp off twice on scrap paper, then on to your project.   Second layer ink and stamp off once, then the project.  Last layer ink, then direct to project.  Saying all that your Ink Pad obviously HAS to be fresh and Juicy!!!

That`s it for today
I am off to be busy, all our boys are coming along later ... it`s Father Day.

Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate you call in.
Have a great day

Patricia   xxx

Saturday, 18 June 2016

"Birthday Card"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any poppers by, welcome to my little corner of Blogland.  A place where without all you wonderful people calling in, leaving your wonderful comments and helpful information would be a total waste of time.
LYDIA & KATE:-  thank you for the address of Sevenhills website.  I had not heard of that one before.  Unfortunately they are also out of stock of the Altenew Stamps Sets I am looking for.  I will just have to have patience till the new supplies come over from America to all the shops that stock them.  
Today I have a Birthday card to show you.   It was made for a special friend of mine.  Its her 50th birthday today, I have not put 50 on the card, I just love that sentiment and felt that was enough:-

Base card approx 8x8
White Mats
SW Foundation card in Blue
Signature Die from Joanna Sheen used for the Lace
SB "A Gilded Life" Garden Blooms Die for the Roses
Stick Pins made using SW Bead Packs
Sentiment from a SW Stamp Set.
Top Panel embossed with a Roses Embossing Board 

I have read a few comment about the sharp points on the stick pins.  
I try to stick them right into the card so no sharp points stick out.
You can gets special ends but if you don`t have them here is a "Tip"
Cut off the very sharp point,  pop a blob of glue on and stick a very small bead on ... job done.
That` it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Have a wonderful weekend
Patricia  xxx

Friday, 17 June 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends and faithful followers, hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend.
I really cant believe it`s Friday again.  That "time thief" is on the prowl again.
Not a lot happening here over the weekend (at the moment anyway)  You never know what might pop up.
Time for another Oldie for Friday started by Erika over at Snappycrafts.blogspot 
I am so  sorry I still have not managed to work out how to get the direct link using this stupid Windows 10 system.  I am really sorely tempted to throw this blooming computer out the window!!!
Enough violent thoughts for one day!! here is my card:-

Base card 6x6
A bought doily, a scrap of card I have faux stitched
The image is printed from a CD I "think" it was from a Crafters Companion one ... not sure!!
SB Die cut Butterfly

I have another "oldie" for you today, I know it should be "crafty" but I just happened to see this as I was trawling for something old.   
Bearing in mind Thomas (reading to his daddy from a Railway Magazine!!!)  goes off to High School after the summer holidays.
This used to be a favourite thing for them,  lying together on the sofa ... Robert was bothered for a few months after he was born with a "Back" problem.  This was the only position he got really comfortable. 

Where does the time go??

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really do appreciate you calling in and all the comments you leave
Till next time 

Patricia   xxx

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

"Beautiful Day"

Hello Blog friends followers and any poppers by.  Thank you for calling and for all the lovely comments you leave.
Well the title of today`s post has absolutely nothing to do with the weather ... it`s bucketing rain and truly miserable.  Oh! to get back to warm sunshine.
My sister Hazel (hazelsbasketsofjoy) (still have not figured out how to do the direct link to Blogs yet) arrives back home today from her weeks in Canada.  Once she is over her jet lag, catches up with the washing, ironing and her family I think it will heads together to arrange a holiday in the sun for us.  We do not lie and fry in the sun but we do like our annual week away together in the warmth of sun.
I have another card I made using the Altanew Beautiful Day Stamp set:-  love this set.
I have tried to get a few more sets, every place I try are always SOLD OUT!!!

No greeting, I like to make cards have them in stock then add the greeting as required.
Base card 5x7 approx
Pink Satin Card
Main image stamped using SU Ink pads Melon Mambo & Raspberry Ripple
Leaves Pear Pizzazz & Old Olive
That`s it for today
Thank you for taking time to look in, I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia xxx


Sunday, 12 June 2016

"Altenew Stamp Card"

Hello Blog friends followers and anyone who pressed a wrong button and landed here!!!
Welcome to my little corner in the wonderful world of Blogland.  It`s such a wonderful place where all sorts of fantastic talent is shared.  I love looking in all all the Blogs I follow plus others I come across because I press a wrong button!!!
I am still really, really, struggling with Windows 10. 
I was getting there when we decided to have a little holiday.  I recently managed to learn how to "Schedule" posts and did a few before we flew off to Portugal for a much needed holiday.
I do not mention we are actually going away from home on here. Living very rural I am always wary of who is looking in and taking note.  A friend of mine stupidly announced on Facebook that they were all off to Florida for 2 weeks.  Then she wondered why her house had been burgled while they were away DOH!!!  Everyone and their Auntie knew they had 2 weeks to clear the house.
Anyway we had a good holiday, walked the soles of our "walking shoes" thin!!! and enjoyed the sunshine.
Here is card I made with a set of Altenew Stamps.  I love using this type of  stamps, you get a great effect with the use of just a couple of Ink Pads.

Base card approx 5x7
Pink Satin Board Card 
My stamped image on white card.
I had a look at the card that came with the Stamp Set, it does not tell you what the set is actually called.
I "think" it is something like "Beautiful Blossoms"

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by and for your continued support, I really appreciate it.
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Friday, 10 June 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello again folks, thank you for calling by and all your wonderful comments, I really do appreciate each and every one. 
Another Friday is with us, how quickly are these Fridays coming round!!!  Far too quickly in my opinion, nothing we can do about it is there???  Just live every moment we have to fullest and enjoy!!!
"Oldie for Friday" is for fun, a way of showing off some of your older projects. 
Here is mine for today:-

Sorry it is one of these cards we really do not like to send.
Base card SW Foundation Card, has been embossed with a Rose Folder
Image is from Joanna Sheen`s Eastern Treasures CD 
Roses made using that same Die as on my Origami Box  ...  shows how long I have had that Die.
Foliage looks like "bits" from my box
Sentiment done on the computer

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by, I love that you do that
Till next time
Patricia xxx

Monday, 6 June 2016

"Origami Box"

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Great to have you here, I love that you take time to visit and leave your comments.
Quick post for today, I thought I would show you an Origami Box I made and filled with Tablet for the Consultant that fast tracked John for the operation that has seen him blossom in the weeks since it was done.  He was so grateful to her for seeing him and having to Op, done within 3 weeks.   He had been suffering really badly for months. 
He went for his check up recently, she was so pleased to see him looking so well, he has now been discharged.  
She was thrilled with her gift.  John told her he was more thrilled he was feeling well again.
Here is the box:- 

I do the boxes up in Cellophane to present them.
Paper/card used is a paper stack from "The Works" they are fantastic and at only £4 per pad a real bargain. 
Die used to make the flowers is a SB Die is Garden Blooms from their A Gilded Life range of dies. 
There is a fantastic Tutorial for these boxes over on Cardmakingmagic website.  I an sorry I still have not found a way round to getting the direct link up using Windows 10.  If you Google Origami Box I am sure you will get it.  
I have been making these for a long time I now just "DO" them. 

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in, I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia xxx

Saturday, 4 June 2016

"A Little Brusho Card"

Hello Blog friends, you will all be sick of seeing Posts from ME!!!
I had just finished typing up the Post about the Freebe Stamps last week then it went Whooosh!!! from the screen.  I tried very hard to find it with absolutely no luck.  Low and behold it suddenly appeared on BLOGGER!!!  I am totally convinced I had not pressed Publish.  It has been hiding somewhere, there you go, you had 2 Posts in one day.  This Windows 10 has a lot to answer for.
Here is a quick post to show something else I did with the Brusho`s.  I stamped and embossed some flower images then I used the Brusho`s.  Some were OK others did not work.  I cut out the best bits to make a few 4x4 cards, these are always handy as little "gift card" to go along with a gift that is not for any specific occasion
I saw Julia Watts Demoing Pixie Powders, they might give a nice effect having Mica in them. 
Here are my efforts:-

Tell you what although I said these paint were not for me!!!  the more I play with them the better I am liking them.  I think it is because I am not a "messy" crafter I took bad with the initial results.
However I do still prefer making my flowers, bags and boxes. 
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in, I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia  xxx

Friday, 3 June 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends and followers, hope you are all well and Crafting Happily.
We are busy, busy, out and about these days.  However I did not want to miss posting an "Oldie for Friday" started by Erika over at Snappycrafts.blogspot.  I have to apologise for not giving you the Direct Link.  I am still struggling with this Windows 10 malarkey, have not found how to get from this screen to the one I can copy the link from.  Someday maybe someday!!!!
This is all for fun, its a good way to have a Post showing off something you have made in the past.
Does not have to be cards just anything Crafty you have made is fine.
Here is mine for today:-

 My goodness this is a real "blast from the past"
A very old stamp just stamped and decorated.  Mounted up and a few embellishments.
No idea which company`s stamp it is.   I must go rummage to see if I can find this stamp, I rather like it.  I don`t think I would use the same design today, I might just have a "Play" see what I come up with.
Right must go we are off out soon.

That`s it for today 
Have a wonderful weekend, I  will catch up with all when I can
Thank you for your visit

Patricia  xxx

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

"Its Water Colouring Again"

Hello Blog friends, I am so sorry you were bombarded with 2 post on the one day.  Thank you for your patience and all your comments.
Another quick post, using the Brusho`s as water colours.  I am no artist but Hey! Ho! I like to try new things now and again.
It is only time and some paper, if I make a mess so what it helps fill the recycle bin!!!!
Here we go:-

The bottom one is not good but I just had to let you see my "FooPaa" now I know that`s not how you spell it but my personal "spellchecker" is out.   Oooooo!!!! I have just remembered its Faux Pas ... John has not returned to keep me right honest.
I did all the painting and was tidying away the little pots of paint when I dropped the "red" and some found its way to my piece of work. (The paints are little pots of powder)   John said it was OK and looked like Poppies so I just went with that.
Guess what??? I used it as his Birthday Card ha! ha!
That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I enjoy when you pop by.
Till next time
Patricia xxx

Saturday, 28 May 2016

"Watercolour Cards"

Hello, I found my way back again!!!  Oh! My! Word! this Windows 10 is a total nightmare when you are not good on the computer.  Do you ever feel so stupid you could throw the blooming thing right out the window?????  Well that`s me.......!!!
Anyway I have made it.
I have some really wonderful pictures of our younger Grandson Robert signing with Dundee Football Club`s Junior Team as a trainee Goalkeeper.  They are on my iPad and I do not have a clue how to transfer them to here.  All the photos I show here are taken with my Bog Standard Point and Shoot camera.  John Jr sent them, I wanted to transfer them so I could print a couple off to frame.  Hopefully John Jr will do that for me.
Anyway here is a card I made while playing with the Brusho`s.  Now I have to tell you I am definitely NOT an Artist but I am quite proud of what I managed to do that day.  If I will ever be able to repeat the process I really do not know!!!
Here are two of my cards:-

The second one I know was liked.  I sent it to a very dear friend who has encouraged me so much with colouring.  She`s a wonderful "colourist" I am sure she is sick to the Back Teeth of all the things I send  for her opinion.  
In both pieces I painted the backgrounds with the Brushos.  I used what stamps I could find to create the scenes. 
I have two more I might show you in the future.   
The cards are 5X5 and have been sent to a few unsuspecting friends for Birthdays.
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by, I really do appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia  xxx

Friday, 27 May 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any casual visitors.  Welsome to my little corner of Blogland where you are welcome.
Oh! My! Word! its Friday again ... where did the week go???
Its been a very busy week here, on Tuesday my friend Kate (Culliesocks) came down to Perth from Inverness.  I picked her up and we travelled over to Cupar, Fife that`s near St Andrews the home of Golf.  We were there to see Sheena Douglas Demoing all her new Stamps and magic glue for a foiling system she was showing. Very interesting but with so much noise (coughing, sneezing, scraping of chairs and general chit chat) it was rather difficult to hear.  However we had a good day, my sister, Hazel (Baskets of Joy) met us there. plus I took my neighbour Isobel along. "WE" had a good time and hopefully we will all learn along the way how to do the Foiling.
Its time for Oldie for Friday started be Erika over at:-  Snappycrafts. Blogspot.  I have to apologise for not giving you the direct link ... we have just installed Windows 10 (well hubby pressed the wrong button) I am really struggling.  I lay awake most of the night worrying about where everything has gone and could be found!!!!!  I have been up and trying to find things since 5.40am
I have just managed this ...  I think so enough is enough for one morning.
Here is my Oldie for today:-

I have found a very simple card just in case it all goes in a flash when I press the Publish button!!!
Card is a take on a Sue Wilson Card.
SW Foundation card for the matts
SW Rose Die
SW Leaf Die that I have terrible trouble cutting out so never use it now
Piece of Tulle and a Pearl
A very old StaminUp sentiment Stamp on a hand cut banner.

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really do appreciate it
Providing I can find my way back here I will see you soon
So till the next time 
Patricia  xxx

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

"Some little cards"

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by, welcome to my little corner of Blogland.  You are all most welcome, thank you for all your past comments.  I know time is precious, I appreciate that you take the time to leave those comments.
Not a lot on the cards for today, I have few things I "have" to get done on my "to do" list.  Once done I hope to have time to play!!!
When we had no Internet for a couple of weeks I thought I would get lots and lots of crafting done ...NOPE!!!  I felt so cut off from the world I just could not be bothered.
However I did do a few things, I was asked to do 2 boxes of 3 little cards by a neighbour.  The contents I made more or less the same as they were going to two different people who did not actually know one another.
Here is what I did:-

I used my all time favoutite stamp set ...  StampinUp Stippled Blossom
Inks are also StampinUp, I love their inks for "two step" stamping especially.
You can use just one ink pad to create the multiple layers.
The cards are 4x4 
Sentiment stamps are old and I do mean old.
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in
Till next time
Patricia  xxx

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

"Freebe Stamps"

Hello my faithful followers and Blog friends great to have you here once again.
Thank you for all the lovely comments I really appreciate them.
We have a busy few weeks ahead, my Posts will be short and sweet (thank goodness I hear in the distance ha!ha!) 
We were on our own most of the weekend Robert was off playing in a Football Tournament.  Thomas wanted to go as it was a totally new place.  He took his camera and did some Photo Shooting, as he calls it.
Poor Grandpa had to depend on my help with his helper being away.  Actually there was not much needing done.  John always looks for jobs, the first thing Thomas says as he comes through the door is "grandpa what jobs are we doing today"  
I few weeks ago John brought me in a Craft Magazine with a set of Altenew Stamps and Die on it.  I was suffering from a Kidney Stone problem and he did some basic food shopping.  While looking for a "train" magazine he saw the Craft Magazine and thought it would be something I would like and WOW! I really did.
Here are a few of my efforts:-

These are all done using just ONE StampinUp Ink Pad
First layer the ink colour is stamped off twice, on scrap paper.  Second layer is stamped off once last layer is direct from the Ink Pad.  
I did them on small pieces of card then just mounted them up.   They were all trails so have ended up on different sizes of cards.  
I was "playing" when a friend came in to see me, loved the cards and bought them. I had made about a dozen altogether ... all gone.
I have a few sets of this kind of stamps, I love the effect you get without much effort.  
So many people have said they could not "colour in"  like that.  You are NOT coloured in they are STAMPED!!!

That`s it for today
I will try to get back ASAP
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate you take time to pop in

Patricia xxx

Monday, 23 May 2016

"New arrivals"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for all your recent comments. I really appreciate that you take time to call in, look and leave me comments.   I have tried to visit as many of you as possible.  Where does time go these days??  I feel that "Time Thief" is on the prowl once again.
Busy, busy, here on a Monday I like to get my house all done.  I will to be super quick this morning I have an appointment with my niece Gillian (Hazel`s daughter) a Podiatrist just after lunch time.  I am off to have my feet treated, its absolute bliss to have them done by Gillian.
We have new arrivals here at The Ranch:-

How cute are those little lambs??? 
They came right to the fence when the boys looked over.  I went out to take the photo, mum hot footed it with the wee ones running behind her.
Here is a card I made, I saw the idea on Pinterest, thought I would have a go.
White base card A6 Tent Style.
A matt cut using a SB Die
Tim Holtz Stencil inked through with Victorian Velvet and Squeezed Lemon.
Splodge Stamp embossed in Gold.
SB Butterfly cut in Black and touched with Gilding Wax (something I have had for ages, never used till the other day)   Piece of foliage from my Bit Box.

Thank you for your visit today, I love that you pop in to see what I have been up to.
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


Sunday, 22 May 2016

"Boys LOVE the Brusho`s"

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Welcome to my little corner of Blogland where I am happy to have visitors. 
Sorry its  a "picture heavy" post from me today.
Thomas and Robert were here most of the day yesterday.  The weather was rather mixed, during a heavy shower Grandpa mentioned Granny`s new "magic paints"  ... the Brusho`s.  I felt they were not really me!!!
Robert who loves to craft wanted to see them and what they did.  Once he started Thomas was quite impressed and also had to have a go.
Here are some of pieces they did:-
Roberts efforts:-

Thomas`s makes
Thomas wanted to create a "space" theme.  A couple he did were too dark these he thought we too light.  I was given permission to do what ever I wanted with them ... watch this space!!!
I could not let them play with joining in, here is what I did with my piece.
Once my piece had dried I splashed some Bleach on it, I liked what happened.  I am beginning to like these Brusho`s a bit more.
There was a really pretty piece one of them made.  We took the best bit of it, popped it in a IKEA Box Frame as a gift for mum & dad.  Dad saw it when he picked them up and loved it.   Robert messaged me this morning to tell me mum LOVED it and was overcome with "emoshun" !!!!!!!!!

Right best get on with the jobs on my "to do"list
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Saturday, 21 May 2016

"Boy at Work"

Hello Blog Friends, followers and anyone who pressed a wrong button and landed here!!!
Please stay a while, have look round, if you like what you see maybe you could leave a comment so I know you called in.  
Well folks its Saturday and the weekend is upon us once again.  
Our boys are here today, Thomas coming early.  Robert playing football and will be picked up later.  I will have to have plenty supplies in, they both eat lots.  
Dinner here this evening for all, except Mum who will not finish till 8pm.  I box Audrey`s meal up, they take it home for her to have when she gets home.
Here is the kind of thing Thomas likes to do while he is here.  Robert is just happy to kick a ball about the garden or craft with me.

A few weeks ago Thomas was in the Garage and asked what the big tin of paint was for.  We told him it was for painting the Summerhouse once the weather improved.  Thomas said he would do it, he is saving for a LARGE Lego Kit, working hard at home and here to earn some money.  
Last Sunday was a beautiful day so the job was done.  Grandpa went over into the field to do the back Thomas did all the rest.

Here is another of my Brusho efforts.  I really liked this piece so did not add anything to it.
This piece was the best of the all the pieces I actually did (well I thought so anyway) 

Right best get a move on or the John Jr will be here with Thomas before we know it.
Thank you you so much for calling by, I love to have you visit.
Have a wonderful weekend 

Patricia  xxx

Friday, 20 May 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends and followers.  Thank you for the welcome back, it is so good to see and hear what you have all been up to.
 What about this weather ... well the weather here in the North East of Scotland is warm one day then back to winter the next.  I just never know what to wear!!!
Anyway its Friday once again.  Erika over at started  "oldie for Friday" some time ago.   Its an opportunity to show off any crafts you have done in the past.  It does not have to be Papercraft, anything you have hand made is acceptable. 
Here is mine for today:-

Remember this style of Bag??  This was made using Spellbinder Grand Label One Die. 
Roses Made using Spellbinder Blossom 5 Die and Foliage Die
I do not make many of these now, it is so much easier to use the XCut Bag Die.  
Once made up they hold about the same amount of stuff.
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really do appreciate it.
Have a great day

Patricia  xxx

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Hellooo!!! we are connected again!!

Hello Blog friends, wow! oh! wow! how I have missed being connected to the outside world.  Especially the world of Blogging!!!
We are now up and running once more ... a Happy Bunny here.
I could not believe that I had just mastered "scheduling" then lost my Internet connection.  
I had been trying to schedule posts but did not realise that you had to press "publish" even though it was to be shown in a few days time ...Doh!!!
Here I am apologising once again for not keeping up with you all.  I will get there I promise.
I can`t say my time away has helped me do LOTS of crafting it did NOT!!!
Anyway enough chat:-
I did experiment with the Brusho`s I bought a couple of years ago.  Sorry they are not for me except to maybe use them as "water colour paints"  I am not an artist so there is not much hope even using them as paints!!!  
Here are a few of my efforts, I did pieces and managed to rescue some small "bits" to make into cards for my box.

I felt these were OK to use as little cards.  
At some point I will let you see my efforts using them as "water colour paints"
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Friday, 6 May 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello everyone, hope you are all well and doing some Happy Crafting!!!  
All fine here, I have been "Playing" with those Brusho Paints/Ink when I get the time to play.  Not making much headway I am afraid, its just not my "thing" as they say.  Give me scraps of card or paper and I can make something.  Give me paint and water and I make a right "mess"!!! enough said.  I might be brave enough to show some of the "best bits" made into something  ...  then again maybe not!!!
I am joining Erika over at:-  for "Oldie for Friday"  
Any Crafty thing you have done in the past is what is required.  It does not have to be cards, I am sure you have something hidden away in those "files" you could show  ...  go on have a look.
Here is mine for today:-

This is so old I can`t even remember how I did the blooming thing!!!
I seem to re-call cutting the top corner then folding it back on itself
A scrap of Pretty Paper printed from a Crafters Companion CD which came with one of their Magazines.
Rose made from 160gsm paper that matched the base card perfectly.
Foliage is obviously die Cut.
Sentiment done on the computer.

That`s it for this Friday
Thank you for popping in, I really appreciate that you take time to do that
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

"JustRite Flowers"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who accidentally landed here.  I hope you like what you see and stay a while.
Last month my sister and I had the most wonderful 3 days in Carlisle.  We met up with seven Blog Friends who had all gathered together to have fun.  We were all Crafter`s and although we did not "do" any physical crafting we chatted plenty about it.   
John Lockwood had been demonstrating JustRite Flowers and a Die Set that was a BIG topic of conversation. I had not seen the Demo, we only have Freeview and Hochanda are not on there at the moment.  Myra had bought and brought the Stamps & Dies, we were discussing the use of them.  I already had the Stamps bought quite some time ago, I did not have the Die but that has now been remedied!!!  I had not used the Stamps much I found them difficult to line up (they are a two step stamp).  John being John who is always great at giving wonderful Hints & Tips said to line up with the Flower Centres rather than the actual petals.  Got it sussed now, mine are still not perfect, they are certainly a lot better than they used to be ... thanks to John and Myra. 
Here a few cards I made using just the Stamps.  I was trying to get that right before I attempted using the Dies:-

I made some little cards. 
I did make lots of 4x4 cards.  I pack them in 4s, box them along with a pen plus 4x2nd class stamps and use as gifts.
Base cards cut from PMD A3 Card
Various colours for matting
StampinUp Ink Pads  
Sentiment stamps collected over the years

That`s it for today, 
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia xxx

Monday, 2 May 2016

"Some Man Cards"

Hello Blog friends followers and "poppers by".  I love that you call in and leave me comments, thank you very much for that.
 I am always amazed when I read the Post Statistics, how many people leave a comment and how many have looked in!!!  Mind you I suppose I have done it myself.  Gone into a Blog I had not been into before, to see what was on offer.  If it was not for me just came out again. 
Anyway, it was a while ago I popped into a Blog and saw some wonderful cards made using Stampscape Stamps.  I really can`t remember the Blog but it stirred my imagination.  
I am not a stamper however I have had lots of fun using these stamps. I don`t use them often enough  but when I do dig them out I have fun using them.  Have to say they are brilliant for "Man Cards"
This is where I purchase my stamps, they have some wonderful Tutorials.
Here are a few cards I made the other day.  I really like playing with these stamps.  I make a lot of terrible messy cards that end up in the rubbish bin.  Hey! Ho! its only bits of card and some ink, one has to make mistakes in order to learn!!!  Well that`s what I keep telling myself!!!
Here are some of my latest efforts:-

We have a few male Birthdays coming up, these will be used for them.
I do not put Sentiments on them all till I see what they might be needed for.

I have used:-  Base cards, Black card, some smooth Stamping Card, various inks
Stampscape Stamps from the above site.
That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate that you stop by.
Till next time

Patricia xxx


Saturday, 30 April 2016

"One from the Bit Box"

Hello follow bloggers, friends and visitors welcome to my Blog.  Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my recent cards, I really appreciate each and every one.
Weather here in the North East of Scotland is beautiful, sunny if a tad!! cold.  The hills are covered thick with Snow, cars have a crusty frost on them that is gradually melting in the sunshine.
Nothing much planned here today, I have a few things to catch up on then I hope to "play".  
When I was clearing up some old crafty stuff the other week I found something I had bought at a Hobbycraft Show.  I think it was last October, it could have been the March one!!!  Brusho Paints/inks, I watched a demonstration, thought they were great.  Took them home, looked at them, forgot what was said and done at the Show,  Put them in a cupboard to deal with at a later date ...... I think it is now time to deal with them don`t you???
I did have time to play during the week.  I decided to start with my "Bit Box" there were a few bits in there that I could see would make some cards for general use.
Here is the first one I did:-

Just Bits of card and a small scrap of that beautiful Card from a "Works Pad"
I have kept the card flat for posting, have not added any sentiment till I know what it will be need for.
Simple and it used up bits I would normally just throw away.  Well I would normally pop them in a bag for the School.  They still get plenty so no worries that they are loosing out.
That`s it for today, thank you for calling by I appreciate it you taking time to do that
Have a wonderful weekend.
Till next time
Patricia xxx

Friday, 29 April 2016

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello folks, hope you are all well, all good here. 
Now I am back I have decided to join Erika in her "Oldie for Friday"  Erika can be found here:-  Its is just a bit of fun and a way to show off some of your older projects.  I look at it like this ...  if I am stuck for something to Post I look back my old photos and I am sure to find something!!
Here is mine for today:-

I have not a clue what the papers are.
The image is definitely from a LOTV Art Pad.  
Why oh! why did they have to stop these???
That`s it for today.
Thank you for popping in, I really appreciate it
Have a great weekend,  I will see you soon.
Patricia  xxx


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Very simple card

Hello Blog friends and followers, hope you are all well.  If you have arrived here because you pressed a wrong button, welcome!!!  Please stay a while and have a look, I love having visitors.

Nothing much happening here at the moment.  When the boys went back to school John said "this school lark fairly interferes with our playtime"

Today`s card is simple beyond words.  I was working on a project and just happened to look up to see the makings of a card staring back at me.

I had cut a heart out of a piece of white card which ended up lying on an odd scrap of spotty card.
White base card approx 4x6
White card with the negative heart shape.  
The spotty Anna Marie was a scrap bit that luckily fitted behind my heart.  
Organza Ribbon from my Ribbon Box
Very old StaminUp Stamp for the greeting.
Card made  ...  simple!!!

Thank you for your visit I really appreciate that you take time to call by.
Till next time

Patricia xxx