Monday, 7 September 2015

Off on our "Sisters" Holiday

Hello Blog friends, I am rather excited today.  Hazel and I leave this evening for an overnight stay in Glasgow before we fly out for our annual week together.  We have decided we are getting too old to be up and on the road at 4am for early check in times at airports.  We save all year for our trips, the  bit extra cost to stay over is well covered. 
Case almost packed, passport and spending money in the carry-on bag. Clothes hanging ready to step into when needed.  
I made a start on some Christmas cards the other day.
I have really cut back on lots this year.   We seem to send cards to people we never see from one year to the next.  I am quite sure they will never miss our card.  I have told this story before.  We met a couple just after the New Year a few years ago now.  We don`t see them during the year but always sent a card.  As they were leaving the lady said Oh! Thank You for your beautiful Hand Made Card, love getting it every year.    Just thought, that`s funny I did not send them one.  Proves my point ... some people will never miss that card you decide not to send.

White Base card
Black card embossed using a Leather Look folder
Ribbon from my Stash
SW Merry Christmas Die 
Simple or what???

Will have my iPad with me. I am hoping Hazel who does all her Blogging from the iPad will show me what to do.  I have always used the PC to do my Blog Posts.  ...  Watch this space!!!! 

That`s it till I reach sunnier climes.
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time when ever that might be .... !!!
Patricia xxx