Saturday, 5 September 2015

Its that "Sneaker Again"

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Hope you are all well, if not, I send a few ((((hugs)))) to help.  Oh! My! Word! where are the weeks going???  We have had no summer and now we are marching rather swiftly into Autumn.  The evenings are drawing in and the early mornings are so dark!!!
Nothing much happening here at the Ranch at the moment.  Our neighbouring  farmers are "very" busy bringing in the grain.  The field of Potatoes out the back is almost ready for lifting.  I do hope they wait till I get back.  Once the Potatoes are lifted my friend Isobel and I go in along the edges of the field and pick up Potatoes they have not lifted with the machine.  That keeps us going for weeks.    I have been getting ready for my trip away with Hazel.  Every year we say we are going to "cut back" on the things we bring with us.  I have definitely done that but there still seems just as much as last time!!!
Today I am showing you those Sneakers again  ...  sorry!!!  These are based my "Converse" sneakers, I will be wearing them for my holiday traveling.  This will be the last you see of these for a while, bet your all glad about that.  
Just another idea for you:-

I stamped the image onto floral paper and cut out the sides of the sneakers.  
I stamped the image on white card and coloured it in.  I then decoupaged the floral bits on.  Used the graffiti stamps on the background, mounted the whole lot onto an easel card.  I used the same paper to decorate the easel that I used for the Sneakers!!!
That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate that you take time to call by
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Patricia xxx

Friday, 4 September 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends followers and anyone who accidentally pressed a button that landed them here .  You are all very welcome, please stay a while if you can.
It`s Friday again, they come round so quickly.  Today I am joining Erika over at   Erika started this idea some time ago.  
Oldie for Friday is when we share cards, or any Crafty project we have done in the past. Have a rummage in your files I am sure there is something you could share, it`s just for fun.
Here is my offering for today:-

DL card ... do you remember when this size was very popular???.
Backing paper was probably from the Bit Box.  Two SB Corner Die Cuts which look like they have been embossed with Gold Powder.
Rose made using SB Blossom Five Die.  SB Foliage Die for the leaves
Lace from my box with some Organza ribbon threaded through.
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
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Patricia xxx

Thursday, 3 September 2015

"Birthday Card for a Brother"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who clicked on to see what I have been up to. You are very welcome, I love that you come visit.
Tuesday 1st September was Thomas our older Grandsons 11th Birthday.  We were along for a Birthday Tea and had great fun.  Early tea, Robert was playing football at 7pm.  We stayed on, I had a great chat with Audrey while Thomas and Grandpa entertained each other.  Thomas got a "large" Lego kit as one of his gifts from Mum & Dad.  He tipped all the bits out of the bags and started building, Grandpa sat with him, they chatted away together while Thomas built.  Grandpa looked on in amazement as to how quickly thousands of "bits" were transformed!!!  
The footballers returned, discussed the Saved goals and the one unfortunately missed.   Robert is the Goal Keeper.  More to eat and drink then it was time to head home.
I thought I would let you see the card Robert made for Thomas.  Robert was rummaging in a box of images for something to use when he found "the perfect one" as far as he was concerned.  Right Granny, the image is good but the background is boring!!!  We need a sun, the sky and some grass.  This is what he came up with.  I did show him what to do, the rest was his work.  Most of my regular followers know Robert is quite a good wee crafter.  I just give the things he needs, help if he asks for it, and he is happy.

I forgot to photograph it at our house. I took this at J&As its rather pale but you get the idea.
The topper, from Flowersoft, was printed with the two boys but Robert filled in the white background.
The Birthday Boy:-
Thomas and Dad setting the Commemorative Watch Grandpa gave him.  Thomas is very fond of the Steam Engine Flying Scotsman.  The engine is going through a major refurbishment.  They hope to have it back on the rails later this year.  They are fund raising for all the work.  One of the things on sale is a Limited Edition Pocket Watch which Grandpa just had to buy for him.  Its something that he will keep, not a toy or to be worn just yet .  Dad is 6`4" Thomas at 11 is only one foot shorter, we keep wondering what height Thomas will end up!!!  John and I remember John Jnr was tall at 11 ...  but!!! was he as tall as Thomas is now??
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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

"Making the Box"

Hello Blog friends, followers and passers by.  Welcome to my little corner of Blogland.  Thank you for taking time to call in.  I really appreciate all your lovely comments, hints & tips. 
Talking of Blogland, Hazel and I met up with two ladies who do not have Blogs.  They comment regularly on my Blog, Hazel`s Blog and a few others.  We have met before, Norah & Jess don`t live too far away from Hazel and I, it was nice to catch up with them again. Spent 4 hours chatting, laughing and sorting out the world.  We all had sore "cheeks" in more than one place!!! the seats were rather hard to say the least.
On Monday I posted  a Tutorial for the Flower I have been using lately.  I hope you understood it all.   
Today I am showing you how I make my Boxes.  This works for me I am sure lots of you out there have your own well trusted method.  A few people have mentioned they "just can not make boxes" I am hoping this might help.
I am showing you how I measure and make, using Crafters Companion Box making Board on their Ultimate Pro.  They have worked out the measurements for the base & lid, you just need to remember to turn the board!!!!  If you use any other board you have to take a "Slither" off  2 sides of your Box pieces.
Right here we go:-

This is my Recipe:-
I still do this for every box.  It is so easy to forget from measuring to getting the card to the Guillotine:- 
 My finished box base will be 3"square with 4" high sides .  The lid will be 3" square with sides 1&1/2" deep
Pieces cut and ready to score
Pieces scored all round
Now to cut out the "bits" to get the box to go together
I always start to my right.  For the LID I cut out a small "V" up the creases on the first fold.
For the Base I cut a bigger V to the crease then chop a bit off the "flap"  If you don`t do this there will be excess card when you come to join the sides up.
Rotate and do the same with the next crease/fold to the right
Rotate and do the same all round
Apply glue (I always use Cosmic Shimmer Glue) and tuck the flap under the side
I pin the sides as I go along.  Got these little Clips in the Pound Shop
Lid done, do the base using the same method
That`s your Box done!!!
Now to decorate
Finished and decorated Box
Think I overdid the Distress Ink on some of the edges.  It actually does not look so bad in real life!!!
I hope some of what I have shown you helps
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by, if this was not for you I am sure something later in the week might be of interest.    I appreciate you visit.
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Patricia xxx

Monday, 31 August 2015

"Flower Tutorial"

Hello Blog friends, followers and passers by.  Hope you all had a good weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead.
Monday Morning again, its amazing how this year seems to be going so quickly.  Maybe it`s because we are all still waiting for "summer" to come.  
I am very lucky I have a week in the sun to look forward to.  Well I hope it will be sunny.  Hazel and I are off a week tomorrow for our annual week away together.  We go to Dalyan, Turkey where John and I lived during the summer months for 7 years,  We know so many people there and find so many things to do and places to go.
A few people have asked if I would do another Tutorial on my flowers.  I have done one before but here we go for another.  This is a different flower, does not use any tools other than the Machine you use to Die Cut and a pair of tweezers.  
This is very picture heavy, you might need a cuppa to keep you awake!!!

Die I used for these flowers:-

There are 3 Flowers Dies in the packet.  I cut 3 large, 3 medium and 1 small for each Flower
I spritzed them really well with warm water.   Squeezed them just using my fingers.  I try to get as many little folds in the petals as possible.  These I made using 240gsm card.  I have used 160gsm paper ...  never, ever use any less than that, it just tears when wet.
I leave them to dry overnight.  When they are dry they are actually quite hard.  tease them out, not too much you want some texture in each petal.
Now to start shaping.  With your tweezers (I use long nosed ones from Joanna Sheen) wtist each petal as tight as you feel you want them.  I try to leave what I will use as the base layer quite loose.  Then tighter as I go up the layers.
All shaped and ready to assemble one Flower, using the 3 largest Flower pieces first.  We are going to build this flower from the "bottom" up
Sorry, this is way out of focus, but you get the "drift"   Plenty of Glue on the "bottom layer"  remember we are building from the bottom up.  I only ever use "Cosmic Shimmer" glue.   I have tried others but it is the best for me.
Next layer still using the largest pieces
Keep going till your flowers gets to the size you feel is right for your project. On this flower I have used the 3 largest pieces and only 2 of the medium, I feel that`s enough for the project I have in mind.
I made another flower using the same amount of layers.  The bits left I made into a smaller flower.
I use a Kebab Stick to poke in the middle of each layer to get them to touch the glue. Once dry you can twist and shape the petals if you feel you have to.   When dry the flower is hard and will take a lot of playing around with.  
All you have to do now is to use it for your project.
Here is what I made my flowers for:-
Two 3" x 4" boxes I have filled with "sweet treats" for friends I am meeting up with today.
I have just noticed that there is a mark on the bottom of one one the boxes.  I just hope it is glue and not a crack.  I used card with a shine on it from Crafters Companion.  I like the designs but I certainly do not like the feel of the card.  Will not be buying that again.  Reminds of Hunkydory Card Stock  ... Adorable Scorable .... I find it cracks when you score it, you have to be very gentle.
I do hope you find the Tutorial useful and make some flowers.  I f you make some please let me know how it went.   By the way any flower Die will make you nice flowers just have a play .... its only card and paper.!!!

Right folks, I started doing this last night.  That`s it finished, I am going to have my shower, breakfast then off to meet Hazel in Perth.  We will then travel on in Hazel`s car to meet our friends.  Hazel does not do being a passenger!!!
Right better get a move on.
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx