Saturday, 29 August 2015

"Another Sneaker Card"

Hello Blog friends, hope you are enjoying the weekend.  They come and go so quickly, don` t they???
Have not had a phone call from Thomas yet.  He likes to come here when Robert is playing football.  When the team Robert plays for are playing Dad is either on the field as a referee or there as an official.   Thomas comes here unless some of the older boys are there waiting for younger brothers or dads (other officials)  to finish playing!!!!  He chats with them and has a kick about at the other end of the Park.
Sunday, Thomas is serving Teas & Coffees at the Village Hall in their little Village.    During August they have "Sunday Afternoon Teas"  The village raised a lot of money plus they got grants to built a beautiful new Hall 5 years ago.  They still have to Fund Raise during the year to pay for the upkeep.  He likes doing this he meets his friends who have gone up to the High School.. The "old Ladies" like Thomas to serve them.  He always call them "Girls"  ....  can I get you anything else "girls" ... is everything OK "Girls" ...   they love it.  I said to one of them that I thought it was a bit cheeky.  I was told "not at all, we love it and we just love Thomas" he had told them that was the best way to acknowledge them as he could not remember all their names ... !!! 
Anyway here is my offering for today:-

Base, Navy Leather effect card from PMD
White card & Navy card
The Sneaker Stamp I bought, plus the Grafitti Stamps used for the background.
Very basically coloured as I am not a colourer
The sentiments are one from the Sneaker Stamp Set and "Cool" from the Grafitti set
Thought this style would be good for Thomas`s card. His birthday is 1st September.
That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia  xx

Friday, 28 August 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends ...  it`s Friday "again" how did that happen???  I went to bed on Monday and I seemed to have lost the week because I waken up and it`s Friday.  Oh! well better make the best of it.  House gets a quick clean through today then that`s it till Monday unless the boys are here .... Robert anyway!!!  He eats his meals at the table but I certainly know where in the house he has been!!!  I just follow the "crumb trail"  The other reason I have to clean up is if I have been Crafting ....  what a mess I seem to manage to make, especially Die Cutting.
Anyway today is "Oldie for Friday" started be Erika over at:-  does not have to be a card. Anything crafty you have made in the past and would like to share.  
Here is mine for today:-

I am actually running out of "old" things.  I did not start photographing till just a couple of years ago.  I have been doing "Oldie for Friday" for a while now.
However here we go:-
Base card
Card embossed with an embossing folder that I can`t remember.  Looked in my box and can`t even find it.  Might have borrowed it from Elaine.
SB Foliage Dies for the leaves
I think that`s a SB Flower Die.  Can`t find that either.
Martha Stewart Foliage Punch ... know where that is!!!!
I did take a lot of my old Dies that I no longer used along to Elaine`s Tearoom Workshop where we  did classes.  They might still be there, must have a look next time I pop in for a cuppa.
That`s it for today 
Thank you for calling in, I really appreciate it
Till next time 
Patricia  xxx

Thursday, 27 August 2015

"Pink Sneakers"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for all your recent visits and lovey comments.  Without you guys calling in all this would be a total waste of time.  The other thing is all the wonderful inspiration I get when I visit your Blogs. Sometimes we Crafter`s run out of ideas, visiting Blog friends gives you the little kick up the rear that we just might need. 
Debera Kenworthy if you are reading this:-  I have been trying to comment on your beautiful Baby Card.  I type, I press the button, it says its publishing but nothing ever appears.  I am visiting, I am looking and I am commenting  ..  I promise!!!!
My card today uses Stamped Images my Blog friend Maureen gave me when we met up the other week.  I did not have the stamp, however since getting these from Maureen I loved colouring them.  Cutting them out and playing.  I just had to have some, the one I got is another sneaker stamp.  I also bought one with Graffiti writing.  
Here is a card I made combining Maureen`s Images and my Graffiti Stamps:-

Stepper card blank a gift from Sheila another Blog Friend ... how lucky am I??
I don`t do many Stepper Cards they are a right pain to measure and cut.  This one done using a Die, which I have ordered.  Just waiting for it to pop through the letterbox,
Sheila`s stepper card Die Cut
Scraps of card and paper from my Bit Box
Maureen`s stamped sneakers coloured, cut out and mounted.  I am not a "colour inner" but I do like to play now and again.
Words stamped, Happy Birthday done on the computer.

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate that you call in
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Patricia xxx

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

"Another Thank You card"

Good morning Blog friends, followers and any one who pressed a button that landed them here.  Glad you have popped by, I hope you like what you see and call again soon.
Nothing much happening here at the Ranch, very quite since the boys have gone back to School.  Actually rather boring to be honest.  Washing, Ironing, cleaning & dusting!!!! how boring is that when you can be having fun with two very active boys.
I have another Thank You card for you today.  I was very impressed with Sue Wilson`s "floating sentiment Tutorial" I have made quite a few cards using the Technique.  I sent the card I am showing to a friend who sent me some Die Cut Stepper Cards.  I don`t do many stepper cards, to me they are such a"faff" to cut out.  These are wonderful ... cut out using a Die,  I really must have trawl round to find a reasonably priced Die.
Here is my card:-

White base card PMD 
Backing Paper Bebunnie from a Crafters Companion Magazine CD
Thank You Die from Diesire I really like their word Dies
Words "floating" on some acetate over the backing paper
Rose, using SB Blossom 5 Die
Leaves, SW Rose Die set

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate that you do
Till next time
Patricia xxx

Sunday, 23 August 2015

"Happy 21st"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any poppers by.  Thank you for taking time to call in.  If you leave me a massage and have an active Blog I can get back to see what you get up to.  If not I thank you for calling by to see what I have been doing.  I have been a bit slow getting round all the Blogs.  Although the boys (our Grandsons) are back at school I am still very busy with other things at the moment.  I have suddenly got lots of birthdays/anniversaries, plus orders to catch up on.  
Yesterday was spent at a Fundraiser Fun Day for the Junior Football Team that Robert plays for.  John Jnr managed a great deal to get them the "OLD" changing rooms in Newtyle Village Park that the Football Team deserted some years ago.  It was dirty, smelly, falling to bits, had recently been broken into and used by a gang of local youths ...... get the picture???? 
Well folks you should see it now!!!  John, Audrey and most of the parents of the boys & girls of Newtyle United  Junior Football Team have got together.  They have gutted, painted, carpeted, put in a new kitchen and now have wonderful Changing/Club rooms for the team and visiting teams.  Everything has been donated by the parents or the company`s they work for plus a lot of begging round local places. The one thing that still has to be done is:- tiling the shower area, new shower heads and toilets.  I am sure that will all be done with the money raised yesterday.  Have not got the figure but they were very busy all day.   Of course "numpty" here forgot her camera. Hopefully someone somewhere has some pictures to share.
Anyway here is a commissioned card.  Customer wanted nothing too fancy and gave me the spelling for the name.

Base card PMD
Yellow card Creative Expressions, Joanna Sheen
Lace effect is a Die, Joanna Sheen
Ivy Die, Sue Wilson
Wine class from my Stash.  I got that years ago before I even bought my first Die Cutting Machine.  My trusty little CuttleBug which is still in constant use for any smaller Dies I am using.
That`s it for today 
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate that you take time to do that
Till next time
Patricia  xxxx