Friday, 21 August 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello all my faithful followers and Blog Friends.  Thank you so much for all your wonderful messages.  I really appreciate each and every one.  I am now in a new and better frame of mind as far as my Blogging goes because of all you wonderful people out there.
I have been following Blogs over the past couple of months.  If I have missed you out I do apologise.  I promise I will get to you all very soon.
I am joining Erika over at for "oldie for Friday" something I have missed doing. 
Erika asks you to show some of the work you have done in the past.  It does not have to be cards, any "crafty" thing you have done would be wonderful to see. 
Here is mine:-

A wicker heart bought for £1.50 (I bought loads) at Primark, Glasgow on a day trip with my friend Elaine.  I used them to do a "workshop" ....... some managed others struggled.  With a little bit of help from me and some encouragement to keep going they all went home happy. 
My heart hangs in my kitchen window.
Roses made with 160gms paper using Susan Garden Rose Die from Sizzix.
You get good instructions with the Die Set.  However I did find a brilliant Tutorial on YouTube showing you have to make the Roses.
That`s it from me for today
Thank you for taking time to visit, I really appreciate that you do that.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend
Till next time
Patricia xxx

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Is anybody there?????
I know, I know its been a while.  I have actually really missed Blogging and missed all my Blog Friends.  
Looking at my Blog "statistics" I know quite a few people clicked on to see why I had stopped Blogging.  I have also had so many wonderful e-mails offering support.  Thank you everyone who did that I really appreciated your concern.
Now to let you know the person who made me take a step back Did not Bully ME!!  She had been Bullying on the Blog of a dear and sweet follower of mine.  She used "words of wisdom" (well I thought they were anyway) I had posted.  She told my follower she should read and "follow" what I had written.  For some unknown reason she thought my follower was getting at her.  Ok! if that was the reason, there was no need to use the horrible and foul Language on the Blog and personal e-mails she sent.   As grown ups surely we can sort things out without Foul language!!!   I feel this person is on the prowl again.  Anyway NUFF!!!! said on that, the person must know who she is!!!!  
I just hope we can all live in peace and harmony and enjoy leaning from each others wonderful creations.  Life is far too short and very precious.  At my age I am on the downward side of the  "slide" rather than still climbing the stairs!!!!
 I have a quick card to share just to take the badness away!!!

A Thank You card for all the support you guys have given me.

Our Grandsons went back to school today after 71/2 weeks off.  We don`t Child-mind, they spent a fair bit time with us.  They just love the Playground as they call it, that we have here at our house.  A little river that runs along the side of the Garden, a gated drive where they can ride their bikes happily and safely.  Spending time away on bike rides with their Grandpa.  Granny does not do Bike Riding I would rather walk.
All things quite here today and of course it is "raining".  We had a wonderful hot, sunny day yesterday ... never ever have we had two days the same this summer.
Right must go I hear John rattling Pots and Pans, it must be Lunchtime.
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx