Friday, 31 July 2015

Lantern Instructions

Hello blog friends, followers and any poppers by.
I did not intend to get back into Blogging till much later.  However I have had so many e-mails asking for instructions for doing the Lantern I showed in my last Post.
It is much easier for me to do it this way rather then e-mailing everyone.  I am not good on the computer and have been doing requests individually as I don`t know how to get multiple names up in one go!!! stupid I know but that`s me.  I had a load more requests this morning so am doing this way.
Grab yourself a cuppa as there are a lot of Photos I am afraid, maybe better get your feet up as well in case you nod off!!!!
Here we go:-

I cut 3 panels using this Die.  I have discovered it is better to have the back panel solid.  It makes the Lantern more stable.  You can use any Panel Die you have in your stash!
Cut the Panels, I have cut mine with a 3/4 inch border top & bottom.  Cut the sides to give you plenty card to score and fold for attaching each Panel together.
Line each panel with "THICK" Acetate again this gives greater stability.
Glue sides together.  I have found that the "very best" way is to use Cosmic Shimmer Glue.
Use mini Bulldog clips to hold till stuck or:-
Clothes Pegs will do the trick just as well
Now for the Lid & Base:-
Each lid & base will be a different depending on which Die you have used.
Here is how I calculate for any box I make.  The Lid & Base are the same size so I made 2.
I had to revert to Centimetres as the measurements are so important for them to fit.
Punch a hole in the lid to fit some ribbon through.  I cut a square of card to fit inside to cover the tails of the ribbon.
Finished but without flowers.
Completed with flowers.
Wakey! Wakey! folks that`s it.
I will give you details on the flowers another day.
Before I go I will show you one more picture.  
Yesterday Hazel`s older daughter Gillian got married.  It was the best wedding we have ever been to, it was amazing.  There is to be a BIG Party & Dance tomorrow, really looking forward to that. 
This is Gillian with Uncle John  .... my Hubby.  

John has always been very fond of  Gillian,  since the days when she was at Morrison`s Academy Boarding School.  We had Gillan every 2 weeks, she always begged Uncle John not to send her back.  She would cry, it upset John to the extent he used to make me take her back to school.  He would have kept her with us if he had got the chance. Just in case you have any doubts  I am also extremely fond of this amazing young woman!!!!!!

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for sticking with me through the upset on my Blog.  Someone out there trying to cause trouble!!!  They won`t beat me, I am just taking a back seat at the moment.
Till next time

Patricia xxx