Friday, 3 July 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Well Blog friends, followers and any poppers by, it`s Friday "again"..... and it is July.
Been a busy week doing lots of different things.  Tomorrow Hazel and I are off through to Edinburgh for a first time meet with a new Blog friend.  Maureen is coming up from Newcastle to Edinburgh to meet up with us, all very exciting. We have found a nice place to have Lunch.  Just hope it is not too busy and we get a "quiteish" ... is that actually a word?? corner to sit and chat.
Oldie for Friday was started by Erika over at
It`s just for fun, anything you have made in the past is what is required.  Does not have to be cards, anything crafty you have made is what we want to see.  Go on, have a rummage through those files you do have something you know you do!!!  Tell you an other up side ..... it`s a post that you have not had to make for today.  Safe that one for another day!!!
Here is mine for today:-

Right let me think what I used on this!!!
OK   ...  White Base card
Pink card and paper
SW Border Die cut twice ... that Die was one of the first that Sue did for Spellbinders. 
Sue now has her own Sue Wilson Die Co. making the most amazing Dies.  Have you had a look at her new Christmas Selection Oh! My! Word! they are amazing.......I love all of them!!!
A rubber stamp from Memory Box "Drift Flowers" I have had that stamp for ever!!
Stamped it 3 times and added dots of something on the flower heads
Triple bow Organza ribbon from Mieflower and a pearl from my box

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia  xxx

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Very quick Happ Birthday Card

Hello Blog friends and all who call in today.  Great to have you here, hope you are  all well.  If you are a bit under the weather I send you a few (((((hugs))))).
I have been rather busy doing not a lot these past few days.  You know the kind of thing ... nothing desperate needing done but seems to take you ages to do it.
I do like to get all the usual "daily routine" things done as soon as possible that way I have time to "play".
The old lady in the village that I make cards for was needing a Birthday Card.  Oh! she phones me early, maybe 10am. "to give me plenty time" to make these cards ...... she needs them for when Lawrence the Postman gets to her street .. approx 12.30.   We are very Rural, the Postman comes in his little red van!!!  Lawrence takes any mail we have ready and stamped which is great, he sorts it all when he gets back to the depot.  We find that any mail he deals with arrives at its destination very quickly.
Anyway here is a very simple card I made yesterday:-

Nothing too fancy but can I have one of your flowers on it please, was the request.
Base card Pink  PMD card stock
Piece of paper from a FreeBee Paper Pack
White PMD card Die cut with a Darice Die from my usual supplier did not have this Die when I wanted it.
I usually get all my Dies from they are amazing.  Order early in the morning and delivered here in Rural Perthshire next day if they have it in stock.
Ok! back to the card!!!
Rose made using Spellbiners "A Grand Life"  Garden Blooms Die Set.
Leaves were a MB Die Cut that was in my Die Cut Bit Box.  I just cut it apart to fit
Pearls from my stash
I sent along some Pink Tissue and a piece of ribbon.  In the past I have shown Mrs McGowan how to wrap cards with the Tissue & Ribbon before she pops it in a Jiffy Bag for posting.  That way who ever is getting it receives it like a little gift.   If she was handing it over I would have made a box.

I have had this Die for a while, don`t use it a lot as it does not cut out the little bit between the "i" and the "r"in Birthday.  I think it should but it does not anyway it makes a very quick card.

Right that`s it from me for today
Thank you so much for calling by, I really appreciate that
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Monday, 29 June 2015

"Working on my PHDs"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who might just have pressed a wrong button and landed here!!  Don`t go please stop and have a look, I would love you to did that.
The title of the post sounds good the PHD bit I mean???  Well believe it or not you must all have them .... Projects Half Done!!!
I always seem to have loads ...  you finish something, there are all the bits left over.  In your mind you have a project that will use them up, you figure it all out then of course something else take priority and its left.  That`s what I am talking about, well here are a few of the things I finished off the other day.  I went to the "bundle" that seemed to be getting rather out of control and decided "RIGHT" get it tidied up.  Here are a few cards I made.  I am going to make a box for the finished lot and give them to a friend.  Shes not getting out much, I feel it might help if she needs the odd card for something.

All the base cards are made from leftover projects bits.   I use a lot of A3 card, that does leave bits that are perfect for Base Cards.
All the additions are just "bits"
Happy Birthday cut from scraps.
Papers on the first two were experiments with stamps. I cut out the bits good enough to use. I am not a stamper but I do like to play with them.
Pictures on the middle two are recycled from cards one one of my neighbours gave me.
Last two a tiny picture of a rose that I thought was pretty and a piece of lace I rescued after I spilt tea over a card I was working on.  Lesson there folks:- don`t have your cup of tea anywhere near what you are working on!!!

Right that`s it from me for today
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate that you take time to call by
Till next time
Patricia  xxx