Saturday, 27 June 2015

"Cups for Candle Cups"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any passers by.  Welcome to my Blog where no two days are ever the same.  I like too have a go at lots of things.  Life is to short to let things pass you by.  So if you think oh! I would like to have a go at that ... go do it!!!  On a Blog I follow they were talking about "Candle Cups"  Beautiful cups filled with sweet smelling candle wax sitting on their matching saucer.  I have a couple that I have received as gifts and really like them.   I now have the ingredients to make a few, I am going to have a go.
I mentioned this to a friend who said she would look out for some nice cups at the local Charity Shop.  This is a shop that is rented out each week to local groups to raise money for lots of different things.  The boys school have had it twice and made lots of money for school funds.  It helps fund their school trips, paying for the bus to take them Skiing in the winter.  Recently it paid for the bus to take them on their Summer Outing.  They have also created a beautiful garden and an area with lots activity equipment within the school grounds.
Anyway here are a couple of pretty cups Wilma got me for the sum of £1.00
I have a few other cups and saucers,  making the candles will be a project for later in the year.  I like to do these sort of things when the darker nights creep in.

Not bad for £1.00 are they.  I have some pink candle wax which I will use for these.

Right must go Thomas will be here soon. Thomas comes to us while Dad the Team Coach and Robert the Goalie play their Saturday Football.  Mum a Midwife usually works Saturdays, Granny & Grandpa to the rescue from "watching paint dry" as Thomas describes it.

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Friday, 26 June 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, Happy Friday ..... OMG!!! Friday already!!!!!   I thought I went to sleep last night and it was only Monday !!!   That`s certainly what it feels like with the weeks disappearing so quickly.
The boys School broke up yesterday for Summer Break ... who are they kidding SUMMER!!!  Not here so far anyway,  I do hope the weather gets better, our boys hate to be inside.  Does not have to be "splitting the pavements sunshine" as long as it is dry.
We were at their End of Term concert on Tuesday.  Now bear in mind there are only 14 pupils in the very Rural School.  The teacher/teacher helpers and all the parent helpers like each child to do something.  Most of them play musical instruments, are brilliant at speech & drama and sports of all kinds.  They entertained us so well, there was lots of fun and laughter.  They were presented with so many awards and medals.  For such a little school its amazing what they get up to. This time we did notice that all the children seemed to have grown so much since the beginning of the year.  The two primary 7 pupils who were leaving to progress to High School were serenaded with a song especially written by the pupils.  It was so sweet it had the mothers of the two children in tears.
Anyway its Oldie for Friday again started by Erika over at :-
Its fun, an opportunity for you to show things you have done in the past.  Come on, go have a look, there is bound to be something you could show.
Here is mine:-

Base card approx 6 x 6
Pink Card stock
A Sugar Nellie Digital image coloured with ProMarkers and Prisma Pencils
SW Bow Die and a few Pearls from my box
I am not a colourist!!!  but you know sometimes, something just goes "right" well this was one of those times.  I have to say I was rather pleased with the finished result.  Actually that`s something I might just have a go at again soon.

That`s it for today folks
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

"Simple Birthday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any visitors.  Thank you for popping into my little corner of Blogland, I love having you here.  If you leave me a comment and have an active Blog I can get back to you and return the favour.  If not thank you for calling anyway I appreciate that.
Today I have a very simple card to show you.  Hazel lent me the Die while she was off on holiday.  I have a wee confession to make .... at one point I lost and it started a major "panic".  Anyway while looking for something else I found it ... it was between the two sheets of card I had taken out to make the card.  I had been interrupted, picked everything up, put it to one side.  With the Die being between the sheets of card I could not "see" it ... panic over, BP back to normal!!!  I made a few cards using the Die, it is very effective.
Here is my card for today:-

Base White card from the Papeterie Aberdeen. I must get up there soon for some more.
Pale lilac from stock
Sue Wilson Diagonal Die cut three times
Banner stamped with a Phil Martin Stamp
Hearts ... waste from the Die
How simple is that???

That`s it for today folks
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Patricia xxx

Monday, 22 June 2015

"Man Box"

Hello Blog friends, I hope this finds you all well and you enjoyed your weekend.
We did we had the boys most of Saturday and went "Big Train Hunting"  All the men in this family LOVE Steam engines.  There was a trip up this way, of course we just had to go somewhere that we could see it.  Thomas likes to take photographs of them so he was official photographer. Don`t think we will get to see any of them.  Once the camera goes back to their house that`s it.  They are downloaded, edited and they forget to send any along here. Some day maybe some day I will get a surprise!!!   
Anyway here`s a box I made to pop some "sweet treats" in for a man. Thought it looked nicer than just in a Cello Bag. 

Box and treats were well received
Very simple 4x3 inch Box using Craft Card and made on my trusty Crafters Companion Ultimate.  Love the fact you don`t have to remember to cut that little bit off the piece you use for the base.  The board on the Ultimate has a Base side & a Lid side ...  easy, peasy!!!
Hessian Ribbon I bought in Hobby Lobby in Florida.  One of these things that once I got home to the UK realised I should have bought more. How many times have I done that??  Always an excuse to go back though!!!
Anna Marie Card I bought at SECC back in March really should have bought more of that as well.  At least you can send for that here!!! 
Bow and sentiment are from Craftwork Cards.  Left overs from some of the Card Classes I taught.

Right folks that`s it for today
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Patricia  xxx