Saturday, 20 June 2015

Information and some Roses

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who accidentally pressed a button and landed here.  You are all very welcome I love that you come to visit.
Information:-  yesterday I mentioned I use a Score Buddy to do the Piercing on my cards. Many of you have asked where to get it.  Well!!! actually it is called a  Scor-Bug.  You can get them on £6.75 approx.  I got mine from Hougie Crafts but they are out of stock of them at the moment, hope this helps.  Just to let you know it does NOT pierce your card just leaves indentations that give the appearance of piercing.  I find it so easy that I really don`t mind that the card is not pierced. 
Right that`s that out of the way:-
As many of you know I love making flowers.  I do experiment with lots of different ones but for quickness I always go back to the basic Roses.  Hazel asked if I would make some flowers for her.  With my Mojo on the loose and I could not find it,  I decided I could make some Roses without its help.  Here are just a few of what I made.  I had given Hazel hers before I remembered to photograph them.

These are all made from my Bit Box or what was lying about after projects were finished.  You only need two small and two larger Die Cuts for each Rose.  I never use anything less than 160gsm for making Flowers.  Anything less tears when you try to give the petals any dimension.
For these Roses I used Spellbinders Blossom Five Die set.  I use second & third smallest Dies

That`s it from me for today
Thank you for calling in I really do appreciate that you take the time to do that
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Patricia xxx

Friday, 19 June 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who just happens by.  Welcome to my Blog where I try to show lots of different Crafty Stuff.
WOW!! Its Friday again ... how did that happen???  Where did the week go???   Tell you what I am not really looking forward to "Sunday" its the longest day ... right!!!  Well after that the days start getting shorter.  What about Summer when do we get that???  On a brighter note maybe summer still has to come!!!! 
The boys will be off school for the Summer Holidays in a couple of weeks,   They were here yesterday after school for tea.  Thomas brought his bike along (well actually Grandpa put it in the boot of the car)  for Grandpa to fix, something to do with the gear changer.  All done and returned along with him later that evening.  Robert was very grumpy and went home with his dad.  I love that boy to bits but oh!boy! can he be Grumpy!!!!  I really think he does far too much,  playing lots of football is fine, but 3 times a week!!!!  Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday, the wee soul is exhausted.  He is so blooming skinny, he eats but I have seen a fatter "Bootlace"
Right on to Oldie for Friday started by Erika over at:-  Anything Crafty made by you in the past is what is wanted.
Here is mine for today:-

Plain and simple that`s for sure
Base card appox 5 x 7 
I have made a pierced effect on the edge of the base layer using a Score Bubby.  This is an ingenious little tool that give the effect of piercing.  You place your card on a score board catch a groove where you want the piercing and run the tool down your card ... done!!!
Sue Wilson Italian Collection  - Background Die
Sue Wilson Finishing Touches - Faux Quilled Leaves
Piece of Tulle tied in a simple knot
Banner hand cut, stamped and a pearl in the centre

That`s it from me for today 
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate that you do that
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Blog Friends are Wonderful

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who just happened to press the button to bring them here.  Welcome to my little space here in Blogland.  I love that you visit and leave all your wonderful comments, hints & tips.  That`s what makes this all worth while.  Through the years I have, made, met up with and become great friends with some of you which I love doing.  Hazel & I have a meet up with a new Blog Friend in a few weeks, I am really excited about that.  Margaret (corgi owner) is a Blog friend who has been very, very generous.  Sending me Hints, Tip and Links to various Websites for bargains plus other bits and pieces.
A few month ago I posted on "Oldie for Friday" a little project I had done a couple of years ago.  The Flowers I used were from a Tutorial in a Magazine, I mentioned I had lost the instructions.  Lo! and behold! what arrived in a beautifully embossed envelope the other day ...... a copy of instruction to make the flowers.  I just had to do a project with them so here it is:-

The box is 4 x 3 made from PMD pink card stock
Papers to cover the box are from a FreeBee paper pad
Flowers are also made from the free papers
Flowers are called ... Kusudama ... at Folding Trees.Com its an old Tutorial from 2008.  I am sure there will be others on YouTube.  They are very easy to make and very effective.
I also used some lace, Die Cut leaves and some Die Cut "twirrly" bits from a Sue Wilson Die Set
Ooopps!! Just noticed one petal looks odd.  I coloured it with a Promarker   ...... the papers I used were 8x8 double sided papers.  You need to cut 3x3 squares.  Right you cant get 5 ... 3x3 squares out of an 8x8  ... well I cant!!!  I had to use a similar piece that was white on the other side.  Thinking now I could have printed the other side with a pattern but Hey! Ho! I will know the next time. 
Anyway Thank You once again Margaret I really appreciate your kindness.

That`s it for today folks
I really appreciate that you keep calling in to see me and what I have been up to.
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Monday, 15 June 2015


Hello Blog friends, followers and any poppers by.  Welcome to my little corner of Blogland, I hope you like what you see and call again soon.  
My Mojo still has not returned home ..... botheration!!!  I do find it rather difficult without it.
However I have managed to make a few Pendants.  
Hazel and I started making these 3 years ago while Hazel was recovering from her Hysterectomy operation.  Not being able to get out and about was really getting to her.   I decided I would travel to her house (100 mile round trip) every other day so we could make things togther.  We made some Pendants to sell at Craft Fairs later that year.... or so we thought!!!  Hazel went on to have Chemo, while at the Unit she noticed that there were things that could be used for the patients comfort if they had the money to buy them.  Not necessary for medical needs but things to help while they were passing the time during their long Chemo treatments.  Hazel and I set about selling the pendants and donating the money to the Unit for which they have been very grateful for.  Lots of the staff bought them, their friends noticed them and orders stated pouring in.  Hazel and I noticed Sue Wilson always wore Pendant Style Necklaces, we sent her one for her birthday.  She wore it on a C&C show and it was admired.   Dawn Bibby admired it, Sue was allowed to mention during the show with Dawn how she got her Pendant and our Fund Raising.   That started a "flood" of orders.   It was wonderful, Hazel and I have always been very grateful to Sue for that little mention that brought lots of funds for our causes.
Here are the Pendants I made last week:-

The Lilac one top right is very similar to the one two people wanted to buy from me when I wore it on Holiday.
The others are just a mixture of colours.  I thought the yellow one was very summery I like it.

That`s it for today.
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx