Saturday, 13 June 2015

"Mess to Tidiness"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who has pressed a wrong button and landed here!!! You are very welcome, I hope you like what you see and visit again.
The weather has been so good of late that I have not done any Paper Crafting.  I did make some Pendants that Hazel & I sell to raise money for Charity.  We have stopped doing Craft Fairs and just sell these as we are asked for them.  When I was on holiday recently I was asked so many times about my Pendants.  Two people asked if they could buy the one I was wearing .......... I said no because it is favourite!!!  John being a "Salesman" to the core could not understand this.  He told me the next time we are away to make Pendants to go with my outfits and SELL THEM off my neck if asked....Men!!! 
Anyway I will show you some I made soon.  Today I am showing you how I have tided my "Lace Bundle" I did not take a "before" picture but here is what I do with my Lace.  I do keep it realativly tidy BUT all us Crafters know that we buy new things, put them away till we get time to "deal" with it.   I had a bit stack of lace that needed dealt with and here it is all done:-

I bought lots of Lace and Ribbon when I was on Holiday ....  always do!!  Do I really NEED it No!! but I just love buying it.
I make "Spools" for it from Loo Roll and Kitchen Roll insides.  I like to have it nice, I Die Cut ends from my Bit Box to hold the lace on.

All nice and neat in one of my "Lace Baskets"
I ran out of insides, there are still some bits to be done.

That`s it for me for today.
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate you popping by
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Friday, 12 June 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any passers by.  Welcome to the Blog of a very BAD Blogger.  Sorry about being missing so much ....  summer has come to Perthshire, North East Scotland.   We don`t get lots of hot sunny days.  When they do come you have to take full advantage.  This week has been brilliant, hot and sunny, lots done in the garden.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner all eaten outside.  Washing done, dried and ironed, sometimes all in the one day and sometimes all done before Lunch Time!!!
Today is "Oldie for Friday" stated by Erika over at Snappycrafts.  It`s fun, does not have to be cards.  Anything you have made in the past, find it and let us all see it.  I have not been very productive in the Crafty sense this week,  this is a way of creating a Post with something you have already made.
Here is mine:-

A very easy card, this was a Man Card.  Use more "girly" colours and you  will have a "pretty" card
Base card approx 6 x 6
Craft Card
Papers printed from Perfect Papercrafting Companions CD.  A simple CD that gives you positive and negatives of the same papers which is really good.
Some Ribbon & Buttons and of course a stamp .....  easy peasy!!!

When I had finished helping John yesterday I managed to make 6 Pendants.  I will show you those during the week.  Better go photograph them before I forget.

That`s it for today folks.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and the sun shines for you.
Thank you so much for sticking by me and always calling in.  I really appreciate it
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Patricia  xxx

Sunday, 7 June 2015

How is this for a selection of Fruit & Veg.....

Hello folks, I have to tell you my Mojo is still missing.  If anyone should happen to spot it please send it back "first class" ................
No card, I thought I would show you the beautiful selection of Fruit & Veg in Fethyie Market.  Most tourists go for the Bargains in "Fake" Handbags, T-Shirts etc:-  we love to wander round looking at all the wonderful colours and displays of Fruit and Vegetables some we don`t get here.  After all those years living in Turkey and making meals ..... I still don`t know what some are or what to do with them.  Lots are used mostly by rural people and cant be found in the markets that we bought or things from.

Cherries, peaches and Apricots
The Peaches are selling for 4 lira per Kilo.  At today`s exchange rate that`s £1
Cherries 7 Lira £1.75 per Kilo ..... that`s the expensive ones some were only 5 Lira
More of the same, plus Bananas, Green Plumbs and Tomatoes
How about these Strawberries, they were 3 Lira per tray 75p
Look good or what???
The Strawberry season in Turkey is still very short.  Not like round us here in Perthshire where we now have Strawberries from May till end of September maybe even longer.

Some of the vegetable stalls:-
Cabbage like footballs, piles of Cucumber ...  without "raincoats" as the boys say.  Our Cucumbers usually have plastic on them in the Supermarkets!!!
Below is a selection of Apples......!!!!
That`s it for today folks
I am off to "try" and make something using paper.
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate that you take time to call by
Till next time 

Patricia   xxx