Friday, 3 April 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and passers by.  Welcome to my little corner of Blogland, thank you for calling in.
That blooming "Time Thief" was here yesterday and stole 60% of my day.  I would appreciate it back sometime soon please!!!!
Busy here after I finish this.  I like to give the house a quick clean on a Friday.  That way its done for the weekend.  Apart vacuming up Die Cut bits if have been playing, giving the toilets a quick clean  that`s it till Monday.
Oldie for Friday was started by Erika over at:-
Any crafty things you have done in the past is what we want you to share with us.  Come on!!!!! we all have them lets see what you did in the past.
Here is mine:-

A "Tag" card
I don`t do many of these that`s for sure
Basic Tag with Papers from the Bit Box I would imagine
TH Key and Honeycomb Dies I have used the Key Hole bit for the ribbon at the top.
Sizzex Susan!s Garden Rose Die
SB Foliage Die for the leaves.
The sentiment is Computer Generated

This was not what I intended to show you.  I uploaded some picture to my Web Album but goodness knows where they went because I just can`t find them!!!!

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate that you do that
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

"Tea-Light Holder"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who pressed a button and found themselves right here!
Hope you are all well, if not I send you some (((((hugs))))).  If you need any please help yourself, plenty more where they came from.  I really love that you call by to see what I have been up to. 
Don`t know why but crafting time is getting less and less here these day.  However I do have something to show you.  
I saw this idea in a little Crafty Shop.  The one in the shop was made from a continues Die Cut in plastic.  Inside was one of these battery operated candles which was very effective. 
I made mine using a Lace Die which gives a very similar effect, hope you like my take on it.
Here is my Project:-

Made using a Heartfelt Creations Lace effect Die x 2 stuck together
I got this Die before I started my Blog.  At that time I took them out of the packaging, popped them on a Magnetic Sheet and into a clear wallet ..  no actual name but it is definitely Heartfelt Creations. 
I formed it into a circle and attached to a SB circular Die with my Hot Glue Gun.  Has to be Hot Glue to make the two bits stick together......ask me how I know!!!
Roses are the ones I was making while doing the Tutorial I showed a few weeks ago (waste not want not) as my mum used to say.
SB Foliage Die for the leaves
I added a few butterflies I took off some old cards I was re-cycling
Remember!!! ...  only use a  Battery Operated Candle.
Please do not set the house on fire by putting a real T-light in there.....!!!!!

That`s it for today folks
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Sunday, 29 March 2015

"Matching Shoes & Bag"

Hello my Blog friends, followers and casual popper inners.  Hope you are all well, got up and out at the right time this morning!!!!  I did get up at about the same time as normal (always early).  Pottered about doing things, made a cuppa, took it through to the Lounge to sit on a comfy seat and enjoy.   Looked at the clock, the pottering had taken less time than I thought.  Checked my e-mails, watched a bit of the news    ....   then I spotted the clock on the News Station Mmmmm!!! it was 1 hour further on from mine.   All the blooming clocks including his car clock and John never changed the one in the Lounge.  Good job we did not have to get out for anything in particular.....Men! don`t you just love them ... well sometimes!!!
I had a great day Crafting yesterday.  I craft in the kitchen ... WOW! oh! WOW! you should have seen the mess I made.  We had to retreat to the Dinning Room for our Soup & Sandwich at lunchtime.  All cleared, cleaned and Ship Shape once again.  Thank goodness John is so easy going about my "mess making"  He has to be, he has the whole of a very big attic for his Model Railway.  There is absolutely no space for me up there.   
I was going to keep this Post till tomorrow but thought I would show it off today.  I am rather excited about it, I had so much fun making the things:-

Bag made using Centrua Pearl Card
Coloured card for the shoes and Die Cuts is from "The Works"   This is fantastic card to work with and only £3 for a pack of 12 x 12 double sided.   They have a few different packs to choose from.
I made a few other different things yesterday.  I prefer doing this sort of thing rather than Card Making.  People often ask what I do with them.  Well!!! the bags I sell from my Cabinet in my friend Elaine`s Tearoom.  I will pop the shoes in as well just for decoration.  If someone wants to buy them they are welcome.  I really don`t care I had the pleasure of making them.

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling in I love having you here
Till next time

Patricia  xxx