Saturday, 14 March 2015

"Happy Mothers Day"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who pressed the wrong button and landed here.  Welcome to my Blog which can be a rather crazy place at times.
I hope you are all well if not, here are some (((((hugs))))) please help yourself if they might help.
These past few days have been manic here at The Ranch.  The Time Thief was in the house.  I just did not seem to be able to catch up with myself.  I even had myself worrying about my friend being late arriving yesterday ...  I was reading the clock wrong  ..  gosh at my age you would think I could tell the blooming time!!!! However a good nights sleep seems to have sorted that out ... mind you its early yet!!!!
Its Mother Day tomorrow, here is a card for all you Mothers out there.
My mother died very young, I have not had the opportunity of sending her a card for lots of years.
Have a wonderful day, enjoy every moment I know I will, we are going to J&As for tea.

Card 8 x 8 scalloped edged card
Pink card from Lidl (they only have it now and again) if you see it, buy it, brilliant card to work with and very cheap
All the other papers are Tilda.  The Roses were made from scraps.
Crealies and SB Dies for the foliage
Meiflower Organza Ribbon 
Greeting done on the computer

That`s it for today folks
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it
Have a wonderful weekend

Patricia xxx

Friday, 13 March 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any one who drops by for a look to see what I get up to. 
I feel as though I am going off my "Trolley" today ... now! now! I heard that ......!!!!! been off it a long time some are thinking.
We had the boys here overnight, nothing new there and they are actually not one minutes bother.  It is just that I am so used to my little "OCD" routine that it fair knocks everything to pot.  Was waiting for my friend coming at 11.30am and was getting a little worried she had not arrived.  Next time I look at the clock ....... no blooming wonder she was not here it was only 10.55 I thought it was heading towards 12 o`clock!!!!!!!
Right I am off to rummage to see what I can pop on here for Oldie on Friday.  See told you this is great idea!!! A good way do do a quick post when your running out of time like ME!!!

How about this???
Very simple card to make, really just matting and layering
Card PMD
SW Rose Die & Leaves
Some Tulle tied in a knot and a pearl embellishment
Little banner with a stamped sentiment

Ok Folks that`s it better go get the kettle on for my friend coming its now 11.35 she will be here very soon.
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patrica  xxx

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

"Rose TuTorial"

Hello Blog friends, thank you so much for all your visits, comments and compliments on my Bags.
I prefer to make Bags, Boxes and flowers rather than cards.  I can loose myself with a bottle of Cosmic Shimmer Glue, card and paper, I just love it.
I hope you are all well and coping with the weather.  What a day we had yesterday, stared out as though it would be good, it turned to rain with snow blowing through.  The snow did not last thank goodness.
So!! talking of Flowers, a few of you asked about a Tutorial.  I did one ages ago, I  decided to take some photographs while I made some Roses for an up to date version.  I have tried to do it so you can see how I make them and have a go yourselves.  You do get a bit messy with the glue (well I do anyway) Hazel does not like making flowers, she has a real "thing" about sticky fingers.
Here we go:-
Get yourself a cuppa and a plate of cookies, there are lots and lots of pictures.
I use absolute minimum 160gsm any thinner and you are wasting your time.  Plain or patterned paper, I often make flowers from left over scrapes of patterned paper. If I use thicker card I Spritz the card with water to soften the fibres.
I have used this Die today, the petals are already shaped.

Cut two of each size for one Rose.  I have inked the edges on this, you don`t have to, it shows up better for the Tutorial.
With the wrong side of the flowers facing use a fairly large Ball Embossing Tool to form the shape of the petals.  I start at the top, run the tool across the top of the petal then pull it down to the centre.  Do this on each petal, do it quite firmly, don`t be frightened to use pressure this is what gives the textured effect on your flowers.  It is only paper if you rip it go cut another!!!  I always cut extras just in case.
Do this on all your flower pieces.  On the 2 larger ones, once you have done the first part of the process ... turn them over and do this:-

Press very firmly in the centre, this is where you will sit the bud into.
Now to actually build your Rose:-
Using one of the smaller flower pieces put glue on all the petals, push them together firmly to form the first the bud.
Should look like this:- 
Put glue on the 2nd small flower piece the same way as the first.  Pop your bud in the centre and press the leaves against the bud.  Hold for a few seconds till the Glue takes.
I don`seem to have taken a photo of the second small piece being attached....Ooopps!!!
Anyway you have got it don`t you???

Now compare the shape of this piece with the one above that has glue on it. (flower picture 4) The petal on the first are curling up!!  These are curling under!!
Sit your bud on and push the petals up against the sides of the bud holding till the glue takes.
Do not worry of you have too much glue.  Once the glue really dries the Roses go very firm, the more glue the firmer your Rose will be.
Now the final stage:-
Pop the flower you have got so far into the last of your flower pieces.  Push your petals up against the sides, hold a few seconds. Like putting any flower together try to offset layer No3 and No4.
Now you have a beautiful Rose to be very proud of................good for you.
As they say practice makes perfection.  I have made thousands of these and I am still looking for perfection!!!
If you do not have the Die I have used.  Try using SB Classic Circle or Blossom 5Dies.
If you use them you have to do this to form the petals.

Thank you for calling by and I do hope you understand all this.  Please let me know if there is anything you don`t understand, I will try to sort it out.
Off to teach a Card Class
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time 

Patricia xxx

Monday, 9 March 2015

Gosh it`s Bags Again!!!!!

Hello Blog friends, followers .... I have even more!! Thank you all who have pressed that Follow Button and joined me in my little corner of Blogland.  It is a wonderful place, I have learned so much from seeing what others do.  I have met so many people from so many places.  Some I have actually met "face to face" some I feel I have known forever and not actually met.  Thank you all for continuing to support my Craft efforts, ramblings and most of all this Blog.  Without your support, visits and comments there would be no point in doing it.
Sue ... "Bearhouse" you are the winner of my Blog Candy.  Please send your Postal address to  as soon as receive it I will get your goodies in the post.  They are  all packed ready for the address of the winner and that`s you Sue.
A few of you have asked for the instructions for the Bags I showed yesterday.  You will have to give me time to work that out.  I do have them somewhere I just cant seem to find them. 
Found it!!! thanks to Christine:-
You will find a Bag Tutorial for the bags I showed yesterday on Blog Post for the 4th November 2012.
Sorry folks you will have to go to my Right Hand side bar and click on 2012 posts.  I have read all the instructions as to how to get it up so you would just click right onto it BUT as usual I made a right Pigs Ear of things and failed miserably.......!!! Nothing new there then!!!

Here is another Gift Bag  ...  this one is easy it is made using an Xcut Die:-

Bag cut from Centura Pearl Card.  I have found this is the very best card to use to cut these Bags
Flowers are Vellum, cut using a Woodewear Large Punch, coloured with Spectrum Noir Pens
SW & SB Foliage Dies for the leaves
Organza Ribbon from Mieflower

I was so disappointed in the Mieflower stand at the Show on Saturday.  They used to have miles & miles of beautiful Organza Ribbon, Satin Ribbon and lots of Charms.  I have more ribbon in stock here than they had ..... I am being serious, ask Hazel.  Mind you she probably has more than me!!!!!

That`s it for today, I am off to get the cleaning done then I will look for those instructions.....I promise
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxxx


Sunday, 8 March 2015

"More from the Bag Lady"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any who pop by just for a look at what I have been playing at!!!
Welcome, I am so glad your here it is what makes this Blogging Lark so much fun.  Without your visits and comments it would all be a total waste of time.  I am so blessed that I now have 156 Followers.  I am not 100% sure on who 155 & 156 are.  Anyway thank you so much for clicking on to follow me.  I have decided to offer a little Blog Candy in honor of reaching and passing 155.  The names of my followers who comment today will be popped in a bag.  One will be drawn out before my next post.  Don`t get too excited and fall over each other to get here it will just be a Small Bundle, postage these day is ridiculous ...... Oh! by the way did you know it all going up in price again!!!!  Get off to the Post Office and buy some stamps.
Hazel and I went to Glasgow yesterday Oh! Boy! what a total let down!!!  Only one Hall and all the traders crammed in.  Up till yesterday there were always 2 Halls   ...  one had the things for making cards and other Paper Crafts etc:-.  The companies more or less had the same places and we knew where to find them.  There was a Exhibition Guide but half the names on the list were not even there!!!  The ones that were there,  were amongst the things that were usually in the other hall.  Wool, fabrics, made up goods to buy, the shoe man and the foods.  Yesterday there was only the Nut Man & the Cheese Man.  A lot of the Exhibitors were very unhappy saying they would not be back as they did not know about the situation till they arrived.  Tell you what, we will certainly not be back again.  Hazel and I left after we had got what we wanted and went into Glasgow.  We have decided in future we will just save our money and have an overnight stay somewhere or just a nice day away.  OK rant over.
Now a lot of you know I have always made Bags & Boxes.  I have no cards made to show you so it will have to be more Bags:-

Made using SB Grand Labels One and Classic Circle Dies

Another Izzy Bag:-
This on is square across the top.  When I was trying to "curve" it I managed to get a crease in the card so decided to make it square rather than waste the Heart Striplet I had already Die Cut.  

The few Goodies I bought yesterday:-
Never have I spent so little money at a Craft Show.
Money saved been put aside for a trip to Belfast with Hazel in a couple of weeks. 

That`s it for today folks
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time when I will announce the Candy Winner................!!!

Patricia xxx