Friday, 6 March 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and all who just look in to see what I get up to.  You are most welcome, if you like what you see please leave a comment so I know you called.
I have a new follower, unfortunately my "follower list" has not been updated, I don`t know who it is.  Whoever you are I am delighted and thrilled that you have decided to join me on this journey through Blogland.  If you have pressed the Follow button in the past couple of days let me know so I can put a name to the number!!!
Oldie for Friday was started by Erika over at this is just for fun.  Lets others see the things we have made in the past.  Does not have to be cards, anything you have made, done on the Sewing Machine or by Hand, Crochet, Photographed bring it on we would love to see it.  I keep saying this ... it is great way to post something if you have been busy, not had much time .... get out the "oldies" and let us see them.
Here is mine for today:-

All my long standing followers know I love to create "things" ....  bags, boxes, roses, all kinds of flowers.   Oh! just anything really, I love to play with card and paper.  
This bag was made a few years ago to put my DIL`s birthday gift in.  At that time my Dies were all very basic SB Nestabilities.
I have used SB square, circle and heart Dies.  I think the butterfly is a Cheerylynn Die not 100% sure on that one.
Audrey still has this bag sitting on a unit in her bedroom.   I was sure she would have passed it on but no it`s still there.
Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and compliments on the Izzy Bags I did this week.  They were great fun to do.  If you are interested the instructions for them can be found on Sue Wilson`s Blog

Tomorrow Hazel and I are going to Glasgow SECC to the Hobbycraft Show.  Neither of us need much ... right we will see!!!

That`s it from me for today folks.  If I don`t manage to get back over the weekend, please have a great time and I will see you all soon.
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it

Patricia  xxx

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

"Scenecapes Again"

Hello Blog friends, followers and passers by.  Thank you for popping in to visit me, I love that you do that.  Thank you as well for all your wonderful comments on my Izzy Bags.  It is actually all down to Izzy herself for her Instructions which you will find on Sue Wilson`s
I have made so many, all have been earmarked.  I have a few that will go in my Cabinet at the Tearoom.  Hopefully get along there sometime tomorrow to pop them in.
Don`t know about where you are but it has/still is a beautiful day here today.  Cold but Hey! Ho! the sun has got his hat on!!! The hills I see out the kitchen are thick with snow.  As long as it stays there all is fine.  I was going to clean the windows today BUT food shopping took over.  When we got back drove into the drive in John`s car, I saw the sate of mine, it just had to be washed.  That`s all done and "Rosie" is looking good again.
I had been playing last week with the Scenecape Stamps.  They are wonderful stamps, so easy to use to create scenes.  I have also found some great Tutorials on YouTube,  The guy from the Company does them.  He has a voice that I can listen to and he explains things really well.  You can get the Stamps here in the UK from:- they send them really quickly, only thing is they charge P&P
Here is my offering for today:-

Base card is 8x6 PMD Hammered Card
Scenescape Stamps from 2 different sets
Shades of Blue TH Distress ink
I could not get the clouds the way I wanted them.  I eventually used Bleach to take some of the colour out.
Sentiment is from one of Phill Martins Sets
Overall I am quite pleased with the end result.  I am going to use it for a friends Birthday later in the year.

That`s it from me today
Thank you so much for taking time to pop in, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


Monday, 2 March 2015

"Green & Black"

Hello Blog friends, followers and all pass through.  Welcome to my Blog, thank you for your visit, I love having you here.  If you like what you see please leave a message that way I can click on and see what you get up to.  If you don`t have an active Blog I am sorry I will not be able to return the favour but thank you for commenting anyway.
I seemed to have caused quite a stir this past couple of days with my IZZY BAGS.
Izzy is a lady who follows Sue Wilson`s Blog.  She has created beautiful little bags that Sue showed on her C&C shows.  Izzy has kindly left all the instruction on Sue`s Blog which you can print off.  If I can do it ... you can do it.  The one thing Izzy did not show on her "template layout" was the size of the bag body.  She has told you in the instructions.  It really is just the width your Die cuts x 9.5 inches long.  You can adjust this if you want, I like the bags the size Izzy has made them.
I really like making Boxes and doing things like this  ...  guess what folks,  I have made another.
We are going to visit friends down in Yorkshire some time soon.  Anne loves Green & Blacks Chocolate, I have made this bag which I will fill with Green & Blacks Chocolate for her.
Here is today`s make:- 

As you can see I have NOT used a Sue Wilson Die
It is a Lace Die for the Signature Range bought from Joana Sheen
No Excuses folks!! if you have a Die that makes a border you can make one of these
I promise I will not be bombarding you any more, although I will be beavering away in the kitchen making a terrible mess around me and making more bags.  The Crochet has been given the "bum rush" so to speak.
I was asked by Izzy if I could allow Anonymous posts which I think I have done.......I am absolutely hopeless on the computer.  Please don`t ask how I ever managed to set up this Blog, that was a pure "Fluke"
Will see how it goes.  As long as I do not get any stupid comments I will leave it on.
That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit and comments I realy appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Izzy Bags

Hello Blog friends, followers and any one who pressed a wrong button and landed here!!!  You are most welcome, I hope you like what you see and call again soon. Well what started out as a nice day has turned wet and really miserable.
I am hoping to go out tomorrow, the Monday Big Clean was done today.   Did not take that long, it was just the thought of starting.
Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and compliments on my Stamping efforts.  That`s another thing I have enjoyed doing this week. I did put a link for the Stamps on my last Post if anyone is interested in getting some of the Stamps.
After Lunch I had some time to play.  I decided I wanted to make one of Izzy`s Bags.  I CAN read!!!! although I do find reading instructions rather difficult ... show me once and I am away but read Oh! no!  John gave me a talking to, told me to just sit down, read the instructions through then read them again before starting.  I am so impatient I think that`s why I don`t get it when I read things. Well blow me I managed  fine, I have done it.
Izzy is a follower of Sue Wilson.  She had made and sent some bags to Sue to show her what she had done with some of Sue`s new Dies.  Sue actually showed them on her Shows at C&C last week.  Izzy has done a Worksheet of Instructions which can be found on Sue`s Blog along with some picture of the bags.  :
Here is my first Izzy Bag:-
They hold a lot
All these Mini products:-
I am going to give this to my friend Isobel who is going off for the weekend next week

Here is my second one
Once I started they were actually quite easy, I just loved making them.
Guess what will be going in my cabinet at the Tearoom!!!
I used Centura Pearl card and it worked a treat.  For me it was a perfect weight
I only have the one SW Die at the moment, however using it in different ways gave me the two looks
Hazel and I are off to SECC in Glasgow for the Hobbycraft Show on Saturday ... guess what I will be looking for???

That`s it for me at the moment, off to tidy up the mess
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx

STEPH:- answers to your question.  I created the inked background first then stamped.
However I found fantastic YouTube Videos, the chap from Scenescape Stamps does the stamping first then does the backgrounds.   Next lot I do I will be trying it that way