Saturday, 10 January 2015

Roberts calendar & My Annie Sloan Pieces

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Welcome to my little corner of the wonderful world of Blogland.  Great to have you here, hope you like what you see and call back again soon.
I do hope you are all safe and have not had any damage done to your properties. 
Did not sleep again last night, don`t like the wind.  Sat up, kept the fire going all night which was actually good thing.  We had a power cut at 2.45am so no heating would come on.   Power back on approx 10.15 so not too bad.
Will give you little laugh (well thought it was funny at the time) 
We are all prepared for "Powers Cuts" candles strategically placed with lighters at the side of each set. We have a gas hob and a little whistling kettle at the ready.
There I was sitting wrapped cozy in my Slanket .... (a big blanket with sleeves so your arms are free).  Feet up, fire blazing, telly on comfy as could be ....  ping!!! lights went out.  Well the chair is electric so there was me all wrapped up and could not get my feet down.  Try unwrapping yourself with your feet in the air.  Then of course "smarty pants" never thought about keeping a torch at hand did she????  Eventually got untangled, got my feet going then had to find my way to the lounge door. I knew where the torch was but how many electric switches did I press on the way???   When I finally got organised I sat down and had a laugh to myself.
Right enough waffle:-
Here is Roberts Calendar, I mentioned he had made one and a few asked to see it.

Not a fantastic picture it was sent from him to me. However it lets you see what he did.  Not bad for a first attempt with Distress Inks.  I showed him what to do and left him to it.  I gave him very little help, I know he is MY grandson but I am very proud of his efforts.

Now my Annie Sloaning:-  Sorry I had a few of you confused because I did not explain that Annie Sloan is a maker of Chalk Paint.  It is magic stuff, you can paint over old "brown furniture" without having to sand it down.  Just slap the paint on, once dry you wax it and there you go.  Here is what i was doing:-

From this to:-

This and this:-

I did sand them back a little doing a bit of distressing, not too much though.
If you look at the top of the second one you can see the lovely sheen you can get after you wax the pieces and buff them up.
They were two chests that sat out in the garage doing nothing.  They are now in place either side of the the bed in the guest room.  The only thing is the Headboard will HAVE to be done.  Not a problem for me but John is not too keen on it being done.  He is off out to meet his friend on Monday ... guess what I will be doing!!!!

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time 
Stay safe and warn, remember to keep a "torch" at hand in case you get a power cut!!!

Patricia   xxx

Friday, 9 January 2015

"Oldie for Friday

 Hello Blog friends, hope you are all well and survived the storms.  It was horrendous here overnight.  It has calmed down now but they say there is more to come. Did not sleep much last night so might just have to have 40winks this afternoon.
I am in a bit of a muddle, I am Annie Sloaning a couple of little chests of drawers that have been out in the Garage for a few years.
I suddenly remembered it was Friday so here I am with a very quick Post.

I imagine the card would have been approx 5 x 7
SB Edge Dies for the Zig/Zag
Marianne Doily Die
This is an old card,  look at the "Roses" ... they are bought ones from Wild Orchid Crafts
American Seam Binding from them as well
Sentiment from Pink Petticoat
Bakers Twine for the little bow

A few of you have asked about how I make my "Roses"
I have a "very crude" tutorial back on 4th November 2012   I have spent absolutely ages trying to get this as a link ...  sorry no luck.  I am so hopeless on the computer it makes very angry with myself.  I definitely need to go have that lie down NOW!!!  My Annie Sloaning will have to wait till I fully recover from this trauma....LOL!!!

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by and for your patience with my ignorance
I really appreciate that you take time to come visit me
 Look after yourselves stay safe in these horrible winds
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Hi again, I thought to calm myself down I would do some commenting  ....  well another annoyance added.    I just cant get my comments to publish....AAAHHH!!!  Sorry folks I  "AM" looking and admiring.    Hopefully things will sort themselves out later.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Back to those Roses again

Hello Blog friends, followers and casual passers by.  Thank you for calling in I love having you here.
Please remember all those who need our thoughts and prayers just now, especially Rachel:- Fisherscards&  Rachel`s husband Shaun lost his battle after a massive Heart attack then a Heart Transplant.
Early post from me today, off to meet Hazel this morning.  First meet up of the year, lots of things to chat about.  We do talk every day but its not the same as a "face to face" conversation. 
I mentioned in my last post Thomas had phoned to ask if they could come for a sleepover that evening..... Sunday.  Great fun was had by all, plenty of food eaten and milk drunk.  Monday morning Robert was up, fed and ready for crafting.   Would you believe Robert has found the "fun" of Distress Inks.  Robert LOVED using them, wants to do more with them very soon.   He had seen the calendars I had made and asked if he could make one for his dad.   He went off home clutching his Masterpiece as though it was a Rembrandt!!!!  What fun we had colouring, blending, stenciling and Oh! the "spritzing" that really appealed to him.  He was off in the car when I remember I had not photographed it.  Will try and get a photo when I am along at their house.
Once he had gone and the place was "ship shape" I decided to clear out the "Bit Box" I made quite a few cards using Bits!!  Here is one I made using my favourite embellishment ... a Rose:-

Base card approx 6x6 PMD Hammered card
Piece of Freebie Pink Paper
I did a little bit of stenciling in the corner plus some Faux stitching
A scrappy bit of paper that was rather Dog Eared before I made it worse!!!
SB and SW Dies for the foliage, scraps of green card
Marianne Die for the swirly bits 
Rose made from another piece of Pink paper
MS Butterfly punch

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate that you take time to call in
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Sunday, 4 January 2015

2015 Calendars

Hello Blog Friends, followers and anyone who has just popped in for a wee look!!!
Welcome, I love having you here.    For those of you who don`t have an active Blog,  I thank you for all  your visits and lovely comments. All my other Blog visitors and followers, I thank you as well.   I always try to visit your Blogs, to see what you have been creating and return the compliment.
Bit quite here these past few days.  John, Audrey and the boys were here for our New Year Meal on Friday.  Great time was had by all, ate too much yet again  ...  however that`s it over.  We still have lots and lots of sweet things in the cupboards.  I can resist them no problem, I do find it hard to resist  ...  cheese.  Most of the cheese is gone so I have started my "healthy eating" regime.  Must get lots of weight off before the wedding, that`s for sure.  Hazel and I have a trip away in March/April.  We both have holidays in June then the Wedding.  After that Hazel and I can go off on our annual holiday and eat what we want!!!!!
I gave a few of my friends a 2015 Calendar as a "First Foot Gift" along with other goodies.

This is how they stand  ... I think they call it a "Tent Card"  They look rather bent they are OK honest
They will be used for a month then I am sure they will be forgotten about.  However I enjoyed making them and the people that got them seemed happy
That`s it from me for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time
That`s Thomas just phoned to ask if they can come tonight for a sleep over.  Better go see what food we have .......!!!!!  Will not be so quite here this evening that`s for sure!!!
Patricia xxx