Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Wishes

Hello Blog friends, followers and any passers by.  Thank you for popping in to see what I have been up to ... not a lot these past few days.  Sorry I have been a very bad Blogger of late, I have been rather busy.  Just like most of you at this time of year.  All this crazy Hustle & Bustle for "one day" good fun and worth it ... I think!!!
We are off to a Wedding today, it`s all go, go go,!!!
I have taken some time out to say a big THANK YOU to all my faithful followers and visitors for their wonderful comments and support throughout the past year.  Without you none of this would be worth doing.
Today I have a quick post of how I wrapped some Chocolate Bars.  I like to have things like this at hand for any last minute gifts I might need.  Also for neighbours that I would not give a gift as such but don`t want to leave them out.
I got the idea from my friend Myra who was given something very similar.  Myra knew this would appeal to me,  yes it did, thank you very much.  
I think you can guess the one on the left is for the Ladies and the other is for the Gents.

That`s really it from me for today and till after the New Year.
Could I ask that you all remember those less fortunate than ourselves.
I have a friend who knows her beloved sister has a very short time left with loved ones.
Others who because of terrible weather, have had their Christmas turned upside down.
Those who have lost loved ones during the year and will find this Christmas very lonley
I am sure you all have someone who needs your thoughts and prayers

Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till I see you all again
Patricia xxx

Sunday, 13 December 2015

"Quick Cards"

Hello Blog friends, followers and passers by.  Hope you are all well, coping with the stress we seem to love to put ourselves through at this time every year all for "one day"!!!
The  frost here is so thick you would think it had snowed a little.  However it is not as bad as rain ... these poor people who have been flooded have so much to cope with, now that`s what I would actually call "stress".
Its Robert`s 9th Birthday today, where have all those years gone???  Ooooo!! that has just reminded me I did not photograph the card I made for him, best go do that before I forget again.
That`s it done ... a card to show later.
I have two of cards for today.  One just to let a friend know I was thinking of her.  The other a request by the old lady in the village I make cards for.  We are very isolated, no bus or shop.  I make and give a few of the older ladies and box of mixed cards so they have something if they need a card in a hurry.  I do still get requests, the one I got the other day was for one of these cards we really don`t like to make.

Both made using my most favourite set of stamps ever.  
They are from StampinUp  ... Stippled Blossom.  Unfortunately you can no longer get them
Very basic cards but look different using various shades of ink
Greeting on the first one is a combination of word stamps I put together for what I wanted.
Sincere Condolence  is a Phil Martin stamp

That`s it for today, thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Friday, 11 December 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who is just here to have a look in to see what is going on!!!  You are all welcome, if you have an active Blog I will get round to visiting, I promise.  I know we are all the same at the moment and it`s not the "Day Thief" that`s on the prowl it is the "Week Thief"
To day is "Oldie for Friday" started by Erika over at:-
Anything Crafty you have made in the past is what is wanted.  It does NOT have to be a card.  Go rummage in your files you must have something there you can show..
Here is mine:-

Some of last years "Batch" Christmas Cards
These are all LOTV Images matted and layered, flat for posting.
I posted some "FLAT" cards off to the USA the other day, Oh! My! Goodness! what a price!!!!  Thank goodness its only once a year. 
Off to get a move on I am way behind with House Jobs today.  Audrey phoned and we chatted for almost an hour ... nothing unusual in that but it has put me way behind.

Have a great weekend
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Sunday, 6 December 2015

"What a difference a Day makes"

Hello everyone, hope you are well, safe and have not suffered from the terrible flooding.  My heart goes out those people who will be out of their homes for quite some time.
Today we have "sunshine" I do hope most of you have the same.
Busy, busy here, I have lots of little requests plus a couple of bigger ones.  Off out to do some shopping first, then it will be head down and get on with it.  I have also been asked to go to a few things during the week in the evenings. 
Right!! I have a box to show you.  I think it was last week, Christine over at     showed a Tutorial for a really beautiful Box .... you all know me and Boxes!!!  I clicked on to see and had to have a go.  Christina`s Tutorials are always so easy to follow.  As much as tried I just could not get my GC to cut the card down the middle.  I am now the proud owner of a Spellbinder Platinum Machine ... guess what!!! Yep!!! it cuts beautifully "right down the middle"
Here is my box, it is the first but certainly will not be the last:-

A piece of 300gsm card from Papermill Direct
SB Die, Spellbiner Platinum Machine
 If you pop over to Christina`s Blog you will get all the measurements and you can follow her great Tutorial.

Thank you for your visit, love to read your comments, I really appreciate them.
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

"A Thank You Card"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any one has just popped by to see what is on offer.
Thank You for your lovely comments on Roberts "goodies" I will let him see them all when he come along.
 My goodness it's hard to believe it's December ... yesterday it really was like "mid winter" .  Thick snow, snow ploughs struggling to cope ... opened the curtains this morning there was absolutely nothing.  It is crazy, it's so much warmer today the sun is shining as well.
I am having problems being able to get access to my Pictures.  I keep getting told to sign into Google, when I do it tells me there is an error.
Will try once again!!
Managed using my IPad
This is a quick Thank you Card I made for a friend.
StampinUp Stippled Blossom Stamp Set (no longer available) 

Thank you for calling by today I really appreciate it.
I am signing off in case this disappears
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Monday, 30 November 2015

"Robert`s Makes"

Hello Blog friends, followers and folk who felt the bump when they pressed the wrong button and landed here!!!  How are you all?? well I hope, if not here are a few (((hugs)))) to help.
Thank You for all your visits and lovely comments, that`s what makes Blogging all worth while, that and being able to click on an Active Blog to see what they have to show. 
As a lot of you know our Grandson Robert is a very keen Crafter.  He loves nothing more than a pad of paper, pens, pencils and a pair of scissors.  I remember when he was about 2 years old, Hazel came to visit .... he was using a pair of scissors.  They were metal but had very rounded ends to the blades.   Hazel just about had a "heart attack"  Being a Professional Nanny she would "never" have given a 2 year old child  scissors, she did the cutting out for them.  All I ever did say to the boys when they had scissors was "mind your fingers" ....  never had a cut finger yet.  Every time I see Robert wielding scissors I think of that day.  
Anyway here are Roberts makes from his last visit.  By the way when it is just him and I it goes non stop.  You hardly get time to draw breath.  When you do there are "goodies" to enjoy.

Penguin Cards, Robert cut out the Ovals & large heart using his scissors.  Used a MB Die and CuttleBug for the orange hearts.  He took one home for his mum, I have the other.
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Shortbread Biscuits 
What was left of the cake after our "Taste Test" and 1/2 the Shortbread went home with him.
 Audrey is on a Diet and was not too pleased, she HAD to try them!!!
That`s it for today folks
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time 
Patricia xxx

Sunday, 29 November 2015

"Yesterdays Makes"

Hello Blog friends, followers and passers by.   Thank you for calling in, I love that you pop by to see what I have been up to.  If you have an active Blog I do try to pay you a call as often as I can.  Life keeps getting in the way just now I know most of you are the same and fully understand.  This time of year is manic, it happens every 12 months and we still get in a "Tizzy".  All good fun though ....well I do think that`s when we sit down and realise just how much we have achieved. 
Hazel and I do lots more Charity things plus work for the schools at Christmas.  Mine for the boys school, Hazel for the school the girls ... well just Beth`s these days, plus the Chemo Unit .... and usually who ever asks!!!
Hazel has a Table at Beth`s School Christmas Fair next Friday.  Hazel helped me with things for my table at the boys one.  Yesterday I managed to get time to make things in return.  I had the bits for the Three Wise Men Lantern`s and T-Light Holders all cut out last weekend then ... one thing after another put paid to getting them made up.  Never mind nothing disastrous just life in general.  People looking for a little help, sick boys and not too well husbands needing attention. 
Here are my Crafty Makes for yesterday:-

The Three Wise Men Lanterns made using  Sue Wilson`s Striplet Die
T-Light Holders made using  Heartfelt Creation Lacy Border Die
Poinsettias from Wild Orchid Crafts
Roses SB Blossom Five Die, foliage SB Die

I have been making the T-Light Holders round ..... then I discovered they make brilliant "square" ones as well, so guess what???  Yep! that`s what a few more will be make like.

Right best go, have lots of things in my mind for today .... will they get done ... we will see!!!!

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxxx

Friday, 27 November 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any casual passers by.  Welcome to my wee corner of Blogland where I have been a very bad Blogger lately.  Sorry about that, family and life in general keeps getting in the way.  Nothing drastic just "life" .... some people think that if you don`t go "out" to work you sit at home with your feet up all day.  Oh! how I wish !!!!!
Anyway Friday has suddenly come round again and its time for an "oldie"
This was started by Erika over at:-
Anything Crafty you have done in the past is what is wanted. 
Here is mine for today:-
A Stippled Blossom Card using a StampinUp Stamp Set.
These stamps are no longer available unfortunately.   I just LOVE them and use them lots, they give a wonderful effect and are so forgiving for someone who likes the thought of stamping but is not that good at it ... namely ME!!!
That`s it for today folks.  
I will try to get back in during the week, at the moment the schedule does not look too crazy .....  note I did say "at the moment"  
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia  xxx


Friday, 20 November 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello everyone, can you believe it  ... it`s Friday "again" how did that happen!!!
The weeks are fairly whizzing by.
Hazel has taken a Sales Table at Beth`s school Fundraiser.  I offered to make a few of the Three Wise Men t-lights holders for her.  I am busy but it is with things you have already seen.  Nothing to show you for a few days I feel  ....  mind you with me you never can tell!!!
Anyway here is my "Oldie for Friday" started by Erika over at:-
It does not have to be cards, anything you have crafted yourself is what is wanted.  Go rummage through your files I am sure there is something you can show  ... just think, that post you had ready to share will do for another day.  It`s a "win, win" situation.
Here is mine:-

A Gift Bag using SB Grand Labels One
12x12 paper ... a mystery!!!
Roses SB Blossom Five 
SB Foliage Die
Meiflower Organza Ribbon

That`s it 
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate you calling by
Have a great weekend
Till next time
Patricia xxx

For anyone interested I do have a Picture Tutorial for this Gift Bag

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Thank you so much for taking time to call by to see what I have on offer.  An extra BIG thank you to those of you who do not have an "active" Blog so I can return the favour of a comment.  I really love that you still leave me comments which I do appreciate.
WELL!!! what about this horrible weather???  This is the time of year I go into "hibernation" I do not go out unless it is absolutely necessary.  The one good thing about it is I find more time to "play".  Once all the House Duties are done it is all Me Time!!!
Boys here after school yesterday, snacks their first thought when they come through the door.. Thomas has school dinners and although Mirriam the Dinner Lady always gives him the first offer of seconds Thomas is always hungry.  Anyway after the usual round of snacks and slice of cake Robert spotted a tub of Pringles which was almost finished  ... it was finished by the time they went home.  John spotted the tub and said "now there`s a thing I am sure you could do something with".  "Actually one of those Candle Bundles you sell would fit in there nicely and make pretty gift".  
You know me always up for a challenge so here is the result:-

Sorry about the picture it is so dark here today.
For a Sales Table Hazel and I bundle 3 candles, tie with nice ribbon, they sell very well.   
I think I would do 4 if I was popping them in the Tub.

Pringles Tub
Pretty Paper
Lace, Ribbon and some Bling on a String.
Off to see if there are any more tubs of Pringles in the cupboard.
Thank you for your visit, I really do appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia  xxx

Monday, 16 November 2015

"Successful Day"

Hello Blog friends, followers plus anyone who pressed the wrong button and just happen to land here.  You are all most welcome.  I do hope you can stop a while to see what I get up to.

Yesterday I spent most of the day along at the Village where our Grandsons live and go to School.   The school were holding a Soup & Sandwich Fundraiser in the Village Hall.
There are only 14 pupils in the school, they need to hire a Bus for their Skiing Trip in the New Year. 
Audrey decided they had to do something to raise the money.  She came up with Soup & Sandwich idea and just got on with organising it.   It was all hands on deck from the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and whoever!!!  Saturday she was panicking that no one would come because of the shocking weather.  Weather was still shocking yesterday, believe it or not they had to put out extra tables & chairs....!!!
Hall all set out beautifully (all the pictures I took were way out of focus) there were 8 Sales Tables round the room.  We all seemed to do OK, I did fine and sold lots.  I sold most of the T-Light Holders I had made, took orders for some made with Sue Wilson`s Three Wise Men Striplet Die like these:-

I had made some all white or all black, they sold really well.  The best sellers were the ones that I cut out the "Three Wise Men" in opposite colours and attached.  See the one on the "left" above.

I sold most of the T-Light Holders I showed in my Posts last week.

 Also sold a few of these:-
And these:-

The money Hazel and I raise from the sale of the Pendants goes to the Chemo Unit where she had her Treatments.
 That`s it for today.
Once the house jobs are done I will tidy away some of yesterdays things, then start on the orders. 
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate that you take time to comment
Till next time
Patricia  xxx

Friday, 13 November 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any Poppers By!!!  Welcome to my little corner of Blogland that I deserted for a while.  How silly of me, I feel I have missed so much.  Life was very hectic and filled the time.  Live is even more hectic ... in a good way at the moment. 
I am so glad to be back and joining Erika over at:-
Erika started "Oldie for Friday"  way back when!!! a chance to show off your older Crafty projects.  I does not have to be Cards anything you have made in the past is what we want to see.
Here is mine:-

A Tissue Box Cover.
My friend Pearl asked me to make 2 of these for her mum who had gone into a Nursing Home.  Pearl wanted her Mum`s room to look nice.
I used a StampinUp set of Stamps "Stippled Blossom" (no longer available) to decorate.

I am still busy making things for my Fundraising Table. 
I will show you some of those next week.

Have a great day
Thank you so much for calling in I really do appreciate it.
I am trying to visit you all when I get a few minutes now and again
Till my next time here
Patricia  xxx

Thursday, 12 November 2015

"How Too"

Hello Blog friends and followers, hope you are all well.  If you are ill or a bit down here are a few (((((hugs))))) to help.
Still keeping busy with makes tor the Fundraiser Table on Sunday. 
When Hazel and I did Craft Fairs we always had "Stock" just in case ...!!!  However when we decided to stop we "sold, gifted, gave away or just used ourselves" any stock we had.  This has meant "everything" and I do mean "everything" on my table will be Hand Made.  
As long as the school make money I will be Happy.  
Some of the children are going Skiing early next year.  This is to help raise money to pay for the bus.  I just hope the company they hire from this year takes into account that when hiring a bus to go "skiing" they might just happen to encounter "SNOW"  Last year the Bus Company cancelled the bus one day.  There had been heavy snow overnight, the roads were open.  Police & AA Reports were good but the Bus Company did not do SNOW!!!  The Head Teacher hired a Mini Bus and drove the children herself.   They had lost a couple of days but did get them back the next week.
Thomas is going, he loves Skiing.  Robert he`s the Footballer has decide he would rather have new Football Boots...each to their own.
Here is a quick Tutorial on how I make the T-Light Holders.
Remember these are for Battery Operated T-Lights only.

Heartfelt Creations Lace Border Die.  I do not have the packet, it`s a very old Die I have had for years.  I do know Iconuk.Co.Uk have it, a friend of mine ordered it on Monday
Circles are each a set of Dies ...  again old Dies.  You have to judge which to use for what size you make your Holders.
One Die Cut joined as close to the edges as possible makes the smallest Holder.  Cosmic Shimmer Glue is definitely the BEST for this ... how do I know!!!  One of the small Battery T-Lights fits in there beautifully.
Two Die Cuts with this piece removed from each, then overlapped on each "window" panel makes the "Medium" size.
Two cut, and overlapped on the "Window " panel makes the Large size.  I made different sizes just to give variations on the Table.  Some people have less room than others as well.
Hope you understand what I did.  It is easy doing it yourself and "showing" others but doing this is a bit more tricky.

Right best get going, more things to make and others to finish off.

Thank you for your visit I really appreciate you taking the time to do that
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

"T-Light holders with Roses"

Good morning Blog friends and followers.  I am lucky to have so many of you looking in and commenting after me being missing for so long ... Thank You very much for your loyalty I really appreciate it.
I will get round to you all A.S.A.P.
I am still busy making things for the boys school Fundraiser on Sunday.
Hazel has made me up some little baskets.  Thank goodness for great sisters, Hazel was not good last week but Wow! she bounces back real quickly.
A few of you said you would like to see the T-Light Holders with Roses on them that I mentioned I was making.
Here they are:-

I used the same Heartfelt Creations Die.  I have other Dies but this is definitely the best one.
Roses made from "Cheap as Chips" 180gsm paper I get from a Printers Shop.  Well actually Hazel gets it for me.  She happens to have a Discount Card for the place.
Leaves are a mixture of foliage Dies I have.
Here are Robert`s makes for the table:-

Page Markers:-
They were shown how to make these by their Art Teacher.  He was so excited to come and show me.  Said "Granny I have a great idea for you"  Yes! it is a great idea.
I got Robert to make most of them, it is for his school after all.  I had to do the "hole" at the top we were going through lots of layers.  I also had to pop the Tassel's on.  They were a bit fiddly for his fingers.

Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate you calling by
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Sunday, 8 November 2015

"May I come in ... PLEASE"

Hellooooo!!! Bloggers, I know, I know it`s been a while.  
I have so missed Blogging, I think I am overcoming my fear of "Blogging"  Well not the Blogging part, just worrying about who is out there looking in and sometimes causing upset. 
That behind me I am "biting the bullet" and having a go once more.
All well here at the Ranch, trees almost bare and rather sad looking.  Crops lifted including the potatoes, Oh! the potatoes WOW!! you should have seen the muddy mess in the village ... the joys of rural living!!!
I am very busy at the moment.  My boys booked a table at their school "Soup on Sunday Fundraiser"  It is next Sunday but they only told me about it just over a week ago.  I was away last weekend with Hazel from Thursday till Sunday evening.  Well that was the theory, it was so late by the time we got back to Hazels where I left my car.   I was so tired I did not have the energy to drive the 50 miles home in the dark so had a sleepover.   I did eventually get home Lunchtime Monday having to wait till the fog cleared a bit before starting out.  
Here is a taste of what I have been making for my table.

I have been making T-Light holders for Battery Operated T-Lights
These are some of the Christmas ones.  I am working on the same idea with Roses (what else) so they can be used all year round

Base for these is Heartfelt Creations Lace Border Die
SB Classic and Lacy Circle Dies
SB and Sue Wilson  Dies for the foliage
Poinsettias from Wild Orchid Crafts

That`s it for today 
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it
Will be back again during the week when I can draw breath again
Till then
Patricia   xxx

Monday, 7 September 2015

Off on our "Sisters" Holiday

Hello Blog friends, I am rather excited today.  Hazel and I leave this evening for an overnight stay in Glasgow before we fly out for our annual week together.  We have decided we are getting too old to be up and on the road at 4am for early check in times at airports.  We save all year for our trips, the  bit extra cost to stay over is well covered. 
Case almost packed, passport and spending money in the carry-on bag. Clothes hanging ready to step into when needed.  
I made a start on some Christmas cards the other day.
I have really cut back on lots this year.   We seem to send cards to people we never see from one year to the next.  I am quite sure they will never miss our card.  I have told this story before.  We met a couple just after the New Year a few years ago now.  We don`t see them during the year but always sent a card.  As they were leaving the lady said Oh! Thank You for your beautiful Hand Made Card, love getting it every year.    Just thought, that`s funny I did not send them one.  Proves my point ... some people will never miss that card you decide not to send.

White Base card
Black card embossed using a Leather Look folder
Ribbon from my Stash
SW Merry Christmas Die 
Simple or what???

Will have my iPad with me. I am hoping Hazel who does all her Blogging from the iPad will show me what to do.  I have always used the PC to do my Blog Posts.  ...  Watch this space!!!! 

That`s it till I reach sunnier climes.
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time when ever that might be .... !!!
Patricia xxx

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Its that "Sneaker Again"

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Hope you are all well, if not, I send a few ((((hugs)))) to help.  Oh! My! Word! where are the weeks going???  We have had no summer and now we are marching rather swiftly into Autumn.  The evenings are drawing in and the early mornings are so dark!!!
Nothing much happening here at the Ranch at the moment.  Our neighbouring  farmers are "very" busy bringing in the grain.  The field of Potatoes out the back is almost ready for lifting.  I do hope they wait till I get back.  Once the Potatoes are lifted my friend Isobel and I go in along the edges of the field and pick up Potatoes they have not lifted with the machine.  That keeps us going for weeks.    I have been getting ready for my trip away with Hazel.  Every year we say we are going to "cut back" on the things we bring with us.  I have definitely done that but there still seems just as much as last time!!!
Today I am showing you those Sneakers again  ...  sorry!!!  These are based my "Converse" sneakers, I will be wearing them for my holiday traveling.  This will be the last you see of these for a while, bet your all glad about that.  
Just another idea for you:-

I stamped the image onto floral paper and cut out the sides of the sneakers.  
I stamped the image on white card and coloured it in.  I then decoupaged the floral bits on.  Used the graffiti stamps on the background, mounted the whole lot onto an easel card.  I used the same paper to decorate the easel that I used for the Sneakers!!!
That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate that you take time to call by
Till next time
Patricia xxx

Friday, 4 September 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends followers and anyone who accidentally pressed a button that landed them here .  You are all very welcome, please stay a while if you can.
It`s Friday again, they come round so quickly.  Today I am joining Erika over at   Erika started this idea some time ago.  
Oldie for Friday is when we share cards, or any Crafty project we have done in the past. Have a rummage in your files I am sure there is something you could share, it`s just for fun.
Here is my offering for today:-

DL card ... do you remember when this size was very popular???.
Backing paper was probably from the Bit Box.  Two SB Corner Die Cuts which look like they have been embossed with Gold Powder.
Rose made using SB Blossom Five Die.  SB Foliage Die for the leaves
Lace from my box with some Organza ribbon threaded through.
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Till next time
Patricia xxx

Thursday, 3 September 2015

"Birthday Card for a Brother"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who clicked on to see what I have been up to. You are very welcome, I love that you come visit.
Tuesday 1st September was Thomas our older Grandsons 11th Birthday.  We were along for a Birthday Tea and had great fun.  Early tea, Robert was playing football at 7pm.  We stayed on, I had a great chat with Audrey while Thomas and Grandpa entertained each other.  Thomas got a "large" Lego kit as one of his gifts from Mum & Dad.  He tipped all the bits out of the bags and started building, Grandpa sat with him, they chatted away together while Thomas built.  Grandpa looked on in amazement as to how quickly thousands of "bits" were transformed!!!  
The footballers returned, discussed the Saved goals and the one unfortunately missed.   Robert is the Goal Keeper.  More to eat and drink then it was time to head home.
I thought I would let you see the card Robert made for Thomas.  Robert was rummaging in a box of images for something to use when he found "the perfect one" as far as he was concerned.  Right Granny, the image is good but the background is boring!!!  We need a sun, the sky and some grass.  This is what he came up with.  I did show him what to do, the rest was his work.  Most of my regular followers know Robert is quite a good wee crafter.  I just give the things he needs, help if he asks for it, and he is happy.

I forgot to photograph it at our house. I took this at J&As its rather pale but you get the idea.
The topper, from Flowersoft, was printed with the two boys but Robert filled in the white background.
The Birthday Boy:-
Thomas and Dad setting the Commemorative Watch Grandpa gave him.  Thomas is very fond of the Steam Engine Flying Scotsman.  The engine is going through a major refurbishment.  They hope to have it back on the rails later this year.  They are fund raising for all the work.  One of the things on sale is a Limited Edition Pocket Watch which Grandpa just had to buy for him.  Its something that he will keep, not a toy or to be worn just yet .  Dad is 6`4" Thomas at 11 is only one foot shorter, we keep wondering what height Thomas will end up!!!  John and I remember John Jnr was tall at 11 ...  but!!! was he as tall as Thomas is now??
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by, I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia  xxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

"Making the Box"

Hello Blog friends, followers and passers by.  Welcome to my little corner of Blogland.  Thank you for taking time to call in.  I really appreciate all your lovely comments, hints & tips. 
Talking of Blogland, Hazel and I met up with two ladies who do not have Blogs.  They comment regularly on my Blog, Hazel`s Blog and a few others.  We have met before, Norah & Jess don`t live too far away from Hazel and I, it was nice to catch up with them again. Spent 4 hours chatting, laughing and sorting out the world.  We all had sore "cheeks" in more than one place!!! the seats were rather hard to say the least.
On Monday I posted  a Tutorial for the Flower I have been using lately.  I hope you understood it all.   
Today I am showing you how I make my Boxes.  This works for me I am sure lots of you out there have your own well trusted method.  A few people have mentioned they "just can not make boxes" I am hoping this might help.
I am showing you how I measure and make, using Crafters Companion Box making Board on their Ultimate Pro.  They have worked out the measurements for the base & lid, you just need to remember to turn the board!!!!  If you use any other board you have to take a "Slither" off  2 sides of your Box pieces.
Right here we go:-

This is my Recipe:-
I still do this for every box.  It is so easy to forget from measuring to getting the card to the Guillotine:- 
 My finished box base will be 3"square with 4" high sides .  The lid will be 3" square with sides 1&1/2" deep
Pieces cut and ready to score
Pieces scored all round
Now to cut out the "bits" to get the box to go together
I always start to my right.  For the LID I cut out a small "V" up the creases on the first fold.
For the Base I cut a bigger V to the crease then chop a bit off the "flap"  If you don`t do this there will be excess card when you come to join the sides up.
Rotate and do the same with the next crease/fold to the right
Rotate and do the same all round
Apply glue (I always use Cosmic Shimmer Glue) and tuck the flap under the side
I pin the sides as I go along.  Got these little Clips in the Pound Shop
Lid done, do the base using the same method
That`s your Box done!!!
Now to decorate
Finished and decorated Box
Think I overdid the Distress Ink on some of the edges.  It actually does not look so bad in real life!!!
I hope some of what I have shown you helps
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by, if this was not for you I am sure something later in the week might be of interest.    I appreciate you visit.
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Monday, 31 August 2015

"Flower Tutorial"

Hello Blog friends, followers and passers by.  Hope you all had a good weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead.
Monday Morning again, its amazing how this year seems to be going so quickly.  Maybe it`s because we are all still waiting for "summer" to come.  
I am very lucky I have a week in the sun to look forward to.  Well I hope it will be sunny.  Hazel and I are off a week tomorrow for our annual week away together.  We go to Dalyan, Turkey where John and I lived during the summer months for 7 years,  We know so many people there and find so many things to do and places to go.
A few people have asked if I would do another Tutorial on my flowers.  I have done one before but here we go for another.  This is a different flower, does not use any tools other than the Machine you use to Die Cut and a pair of tweezers.  
This is very picture heavy, you might need a cuppa to keep you awake!!!

Die I used for these flowers:-

There are 3 Flowers Dies in the packet.  I cut 3 large, 3 medium and 1 small for each Flower
I spritzed them really well with warm water.   Squeezed them just using my fingers.  I try to get as many little folds in the petals as possible.  These I made using 240gsm card.  I have used 160gsm paper ...  never, ever use any less than that, it just tears when wet.
I leave them to dry overnight.  When they are dry they are actually quite hard.  tease them out, not too much you want some texture in each petal.
Now to start shaping.  With your tweezers (I use long nosed ones from Joanna Sheen) wtist each petal as tight as you feel you want them.  I try to leave what I will use as the base layer quite loose.  Then tighter as I go up the layers.
All shaped and ready to assemble one Flower, using the 3 largest Flower pieces first.  We are going to build this flower from the "bottom" up
Sorry, this is way out of focus, but you get the "drift"   Plenty of Glue on the "bottom layer"  remember we are building from the bottom up.  I only ever use "Cosmic Shimmer" glue.   I have tried others but it is the best for me.
Next layer still using the largest pieces
Keep going till your flowers gets to the size you feel is right for your project. On this flower I have used the 3 largest pieces and only 2 of the medium, I feel that`s enough for the project I have in mind.
I made another flower using the same amount of layers.  The bits left I made into a smaller flower.
I use a Kebab Stick to poke in the middle of each layer to get them to touch the glue. Once dry you can twist and shape the petals if you feel you have to.   When dry the flower is hard and will take a lot of playing around with.  
All you have to do now is to use it for your project.
Here is what I made my flowers for:-
Two 3" x 4" boxes I have filled with "sweet treats" for friends I am meeting up with today.
I have just noticed that there is a mark on the bottom of one one the boxes.  I just hope it is glue and not a crack.  I used card with a shine on it from Crafters Companion.  I like the designs but I certainly do not like the feel of the card.  Will not be buying that again.  Reminds of Hunkydory Card Stock  ... Adorable Scorable .... I find it cracks when you score it, you have to be very gentle.
I do hope you find the Tutorial useful and make some flowers.  I f you make some please let me know how it went.   By the way any flower Die will make you nice flowers just have a play .... its only card and paper.!!!

Right folks, I started doing this last night.  That`s it finished, I am going to have my shower, breakfast then off to meet Hazel in Perth.  We will then travel on in Hazel`s car to meet our friends.  Hazel does not do being a passenger!!!
Right better get a move on.
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx