Friday, 2 January 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

 Hello Blog friends, followers ad passers by.  Welcome, so glad to see you.  Hope you have all had wonderful New Year.  Very Quite here, being "out in the sticks" has its advantages!!!  There are no street lights down this end of the village so I think people get "scared of the dark" and don`t come this far along......!!!!
John, Audrey and the boys are coming along for New Year Dinner later.  Everything organised as far as I can get it for now.
I would like to welcome Lynda  .. who has joined as a follower.  Thank you so much for that, delighted to have you on board.
Stephanie asked if I have set days for posting on my Blog.  Stephanie, when you live in a "crazy mixed up house like mine" nothing is set or regular!!!! There is really just John and I but we don`t do regular ... every days a bonus so we just live it as it comes.   I used to Blog every day but what do you do with all those cards and projects???  OK! some I obviously use, some are orders, some I sell BUT what do I do with all the rest.  I have boxes of the blooming things.  I used give some away to people who were running Stalls for fundraising.  However I found out some were selling them for something like 50p each.  I have stopped doing that, my cards are maybe not every ones taste, I do think they are worth more than 50p.
Anyway here is my Oldie for Friday started by:-  Erika over at
I don`t know if she is keeping it going this year or not.  The idea was to see things you have done in the past.  It does not have to be cards, anything you have made and would like to share, go ahead we would love to see it,

A Tag I made simply to use the Sentiment.
The Tag still hangs over the edge of a mirror in the Guest Bedroom
To me it is a reminder!!
Flowers are made before I had any of the  Rose Dies ..  I used SB Classic Circle Dies, divided each layer to form petals. 
SB Foliage Die
That`s it for today better go check that I "do" have things under control.
Thank you for your visit I really apppreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Thursday, 1 January 2015


Hello Blog friends, followers and all who come to visit.  Hope you are all well, if not I am sending some (((((hugs)))))     Please remember all who might not be celebrating at  this time and need our thoughts and prayers.
We had a wonderful Christmas Day, at one point we thought we might have to delay it.
John Jnr and Robert had the Flu/Cold Bug that was going about.  However both were well enough to celebrate the day.  Ate far too much, got lots a nice goodies, had great fun with the boys (young and older) and all their toys.  Audrey and I had a good old chat while we were getting the meal organised and after while the boys were all playing.   Robert has lost quite a lot of weight with the bug.  Hes a skinny thing anyway, we had bought them new Snow Boots for when they go Skiing.  He tried them on while he had on a Football Strip which had Orange socks  .....  what a laugh we had.  His wee legs looked like orange "sticks" in these great big boots.
We are very fortunate and have had a Celebration in the family.  Hazel`s elder daughter Gillian got engaged on Christmas Day.  Gillian has always been "career minded" that was till she met Andrew last year.  It is amazing how when you meet "the one" things totally change.....!!!! we are all so delighted. 
Then of course there is the sad news, John`s uncle died 23rd December.  Funeral was Tuesday past. He was 88 and had become ill recently, thankfully he did not linger or suffer too much.
I have made a card to Thank You all for your friendship over the past year.  I look forward to sharing 2015 with you, seeing all your wonderful creations, all your news be it good, bad or just downright funny.

Not really a typical New Years Card
I wanted something to suggest what I think we all hope for .... a nice bright year with plenty of Sunflowers in our lives.
Well the house is cleaned within an inch of it life...tick!! Washing basket empty...tick!!  ironing basket empty...tick!! off to put my feet up and have well earned cuppa.

Thank you for you visit I really appreciate it.  
I have enjoyed every minute of my Blogging in the past year, It is all down to you guys....Thank You very much for supporting me

That`s it for this year folks
That just leaves me to say have a Very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year.
May it bring you everything you wish for

Patricia xxx

HAPPY 2015 one & all