Friday, 28 November 2014

Oldie for Friday

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Welcome to my Blog, I hope you are all well, if not please help yourself to some of these if you think they will help (((((hugs)))))
Thank you for all your lovely comments on Roberts Wall Art.  We had lots of "messy" fun making it.
Oldie for Friday was started by Erika over at
Anything you have made in the past is absolutely fine, does not have to be a card.  Please feel free to join in today, if not, how about next Friday we would love to see your creations.
Here is mine:-

A simple card using SB Butterfly Die
A quadruple bow using Meiflower Organza Ribbon, a Dazzlers coloured  with a ProMarker
Computer generated greeting

Yesterday afternoon John and I were here:-

Part of the Golden Wedding Gift, John & I received from my sisters ... Hazel, Fiona, Hazel`s two daughters and all their other halves was a Voucher for Afternoon Tea at Gleneagles.  In September the Ryder Cup was on, we went off on holiday.  We spent the Dollars that were also part of our gift on a super meal in a really nice Italian Restaurant in Florida.
John booked us into Gleneagles for yesterday and Boy! oh! Boy! what a treat. The Hotel is in a wonderful setting, however we did not see much for the dense "fog".  The Hotel inside is stunning and the service is excellent.   We have done the Afternoon Tea thing a few times, every time is special, we loved it.  
There were plates of beautiful sandwiches, scones and savories.  All just bite sized but so yummy.  We eat a few of the sandwiches, all the little savories a scone each and a couple of the cakes.  Here is part of the cake selection:-

We only managed a couple of the cakes even though they were just "bite sized"
We did eat the Trifle and Cheesecake that were in the glasses, we left all the cakes you see here
The waitress boxed them up beautifully, we took them along to John and Audrey`s as a little treat for them.  Guess what!!! Audrey had decided she was starting a diet and had gone off to join a Slimming Class!!!!  Boys were delighted, said "goodie all the more for us" that included daddy.

One of the many Christmas trees in the Hotel Lobby
The place smelt soooo!!! wonderful, that beautiful spicey, Cinammon, Christmassy smell  Mmmmm!!!  loved it.
We really did not need an evening meal.  Approx 9pm we had  ...  wait for it  ...  spaghetti on toast  ... what a come down, but it was good!!

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate that you take time to come and see what I have been up to.
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Patricia xxx

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Roberts Wall Art

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who has called by to see what I have been up to .... (not  lot these past few days) Welcome, to my little corner of Blogland. 
I have to apologise for being missing again, you know something, general housekeeping and "stuff" can be a right pain at times.  I don`t go out to work BUT where oh! where does all my time go???  We do not have the boys so much after school since John Jnr has taken up his new post.  I should have lots more "free" time, I must waste it some way but do not know how!!!   We still see the boys mostly at the weekends while they are at school.  However John really liked picking them up, we enjoyed having them here for tea a couple of times some weeks.   The food and milk supplies now last so much longer .....  LOL!!!
I mentioned that I sometimes use "Free" Digi downloads for colouring rather than buying stamps.
Stephanie Cotterill has asked where I get them...... I have to confess when I am looking in on Blogs where a "free" Digi image I like is mentioned I pop in and download it.  Here the bad part I never take note of where it came from  ...  naughty me!!   I know and I promise I will take note in future.  Stephanie if you contact me on I can have a chat with you.
Right I will show you what Robert and I got up to this weekend past:-

He did not want to make cards but wanted to "craft"
We used up the last of a Kitchen Roll clearing up something when he asked "what can we use this for" .... the cardboard insert.....???  I often keep bits and pieces like this, it is amazing the things they make from "bits" there were another 2 in their box.   Thinking caps on and this is what we came up with.
We cut the inserts into 1" pieces, stuck them together like flowers.   I suggested popping them on Kebab Sticks, Robert had the idea of sticking them all together.  "We have to paint them Granny!!!!  Another messy job needing cleared up.  Then of course he needed something to cover the holes in the middle.  Pearls for my stash were used for that.
After a lot of messy fun I now have a nice piece of "Wall Art" hanging in my kitchen.

That`s it for today folks off to see if I can make something to show you soon.
Thank you so much for your visit, much appreciated
Till next time

Patricia xx