Friday, 31 October 2014

"Oldie for Friday"

Good morning Blog friends, followers and anyone who just happened to have pressed a button that took you here.  Welcome to my little corner in the wonderful world of Blogging.  I love to have you call by and hope to see you again soon.
I have a few followers who do not have active Blogs so I can not return the favour of commenting.  Thank you and everyone else who takes time to comment I really do appreciate each and every one.
Margaret  - Corgie Owner:- sent me a wonderful link to   for a brilliant little project which you will find in their "Inspire Blog" it`s a Gift Card for TicTac Mints.  I am not saying anymore go have a look at this FUN post.
nattyboots:-  thank you for your comment on my Blog regarding   
They are a wonderful company with a fantastic range of wools, yarns, kntting and crochet equipment.  I always buy from them, order one day and delivered beautifully packaged the next. "Oldie on Friday" was started by Erika:-
This does NOT have to be cards.  It can be anything you have produced and want to show from past is what we want, so here`s mine:-

Now, the thing about these "oldies" is:- I have forgotten exactly what I have used ....... it`s an "age" thing!!!!  Me and the card ...... LOL!!!

White card embossed with a folder  .... not a clue witch one!!!
Leaves look like SB Foliage Die
Flower SB I think
MS Foliage Punch for little fronds I see.  I know that one!!  I am using it at the moment on Christmas Wreaths for cards.

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by, I love having you here
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

"Preperation for Card Class"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any who just pass through.  Welcome!! I hope you enjoy what you see and pop back again soon, I love to have you visit.
Looks like winter has arrived here in the North East of Scotland.  This morning we wakened to a thick white Frost, blood red sky filled with hundreds of Geese making an almighty racket.  Will have to look out the UGGS, get my NEST ready for "hibernation" ....... I am serious I don`t do "winter"   However I will wait till after next week when Kate (cullisocks) Hazel and I fly down to Birmingham for NEC.  We are meeting up with Ang (Mrs Duck) and Christine (Christine's cards & Gifts) for our dinner in the evening.  Nothing fancy just the Harvester near the Airport Travelodge where we will be staying.  We went there last year, got a corner to ourselves. lots to eat, loads of laughter and plenty noise.  Just hope they don`t realise its "US" again.... they might say they are fully booked ..... LOL!!!
Yesterday was spent preparing for next weeks card class.  I had to prepare 12 kits for this card:-

I cut out all the Striplets.  Last time we said they would do all the Die Cutting themselves we had great problems both with the Dies and the Machines. .  However this Sue Wilson Die is a dream to cut out.   I also cut all the Poinsettias.
All done and dusted and the floor cleared of all the "BITS"

Base card is approx 8x8 PMD Hammered card
I use A3 so manage to get most layers cut out quite economically.  I give them all the usable bits away with them.  There is usually enough to make a small card.
Green and Red card I got at the Papeterie in Aberdeen
Merry Christmas Stamp a freebie in a Magazine
Pearls from my stash

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it 
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Sunday, 26 October 2014

"I am not lost"

Hello Blog friends, faithful followers and passers by.  Thank you so much for continuing to support me, I have been a really bad Blogger.  I have tried to get round you all, if I have missed anyone I do apologise. 
I am not lost, but I tell you this, my Mojo missed the flight home from Florida and I am really missing it........!!!  Since getting home I have done absolutely NO Papercrafting.  I have not been lazy I have been doing some Crocheting.   A few weeks ago I showed you a shawl I had made.  I used cheaper yarn as I had never done anything like that before.   Since then I have bought some Debbie Bliss Wool from Love a fantastic company.  Order before 10am and I have it delivered here "out in the sticks" by the following day.  Comes in a lovely Organza Bag and even a few little sweets thrown in for good measure.   I have decided that most of my female friends will get one of these for Christmas.

Here is the one I have just finished.  Needs to pressed then its ready to be put away for Christmas.
Dont know who it is for just yet.

Went tthe Hobbycraft Show at the SECC on Friday with some of the ladies from my Card Class.
They had got me a ticket and a seat on the bus even though I was away when it was all decided.  I thought that was really nice of them.  
I was rather dissapointed in the show, bought very little.    I did get a couple of 12x12 Paper Pads for Hazel, large Cosmic Simmer Glues for me.   Kate (Culloisocks) Hazel and I are going to the NEC in a couple of weeks.  We have limited baggage, getting these for Hazel saves her weight for all the other goodies she might want to buy.    The Glues for me, are more than 100mm so would not have got them in my Cabin Bag. 
Off to check if my Mojo is back, I really doubt it......LOL!!!
That`s it for today,
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx