Friday, 26 September 2014

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who lands here by chance or accident.  Welcome, I love having visitors.  Have a wee look at what I have on offer if you like what you see please call again soon. 
I have a very, very busy day ahead.  Boys are here, on an unexpected sleepover.  Mum night shift.  Dad should have been at home but called away and will not be back till later today........Granny & Grandpa to the rescue once again.     Will get them and Grandpa up soon, John will oversee the breakfast then take them to school.  They are very good at getting themselves ready now they are older.  I am sure they will keep Grandpa right rather than the other way round!!!!!
I have been getting myself organised,  I am off up to The Papeterie in Aberdeen.  Hazel and I were there when Sue Wilson was doing Workshops with Julia Watts in July.  They were selling Raffle Tickets which Hazel and I bought when they were going round with them.  We thought they were all for Sue & Julia` cards.  The Papeterie are having a big Crafty Retreat this weekend from Friday morning 9.30 through till Sunday afternoon.  I won a place for the Friday Workshops.   Have not a clue what I will be doing/making however I am sure I will enjoy it all.   Only down side is I have to be away approx 7.45/8.00 very latest, its approx a 180 mile round trip.  The journey from here to Aberdeen is not too bad once I get on the dual carriageway.  When I get to Aberdeen its the journey though to The Papeterie that`s the big problem, traffic is nose to tail right to the junction the Papeterie sits on.  I have always had company when I have done this trip before, this time I am on my own!!!   Hazel is working, Elaine on holiday another friend that`s quite crafty could not believe that anyone would spend £75 on a day Crafting that`s the cost for the Friday Workshops.

What about a "bag" for an "Oldie for Friday.
I have not made any of these since before last Christmas, Oh! My! Word! that`s almost a year ago......!!!
Tell you what it feels rather like Winter out there this morning.  Very cold and a funny looking sky, had it been later in the year I would have said it looked like it could "snow"

Tilda card for the bag from their Flower Garden Paper Stack 
SB Grand Labels One Die for the bag 
SB Blossom Five for the Roses
SB Foliage Die
Ribbon from my ribbon stash.

That`s it for today
Till next time

Patricia xxx

You can find my Tutorial for the Bag on my Post on

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Thursday, 25 September 2014

"Latest Project"

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Great to have you here, hope you like what you see and call again soon.
Thank you so much for all your wonderful Best Wishes on our Golden Wedding we appreciate each and every one.  John does not bother about my Blog, although he takes an interest in what goes on when I tell him things.  He was quite amazed at all the comments from people we really do not know.  However I did keep him right...........I do know these people and they are all wonderful.  MEN!!! they don`t get this Crafty Blogging thing do they??
Any way a wee bit slowing down round here, thank goodness.  It has been a very nice busy time though.
I have been working away on a project.  I am a knitter/sewer rather than a crocheter, I can do the very basic crochet but that`s my limit.  However always willing to have a go at most things I decided to try a bit more advanced crochet.  I say advance but really it it just "chain stitch" and how you put them into the design.  I found a Tutorial on YouTube which was very easy to follow.  There is also a web page  with another link to YouTube.  There is a written pattern and easy to follow pictures.   I know there are a few mistakes, this was a "learning thing".  I have bought some beautiful Alpaca Wool/Silk yarn for my next one.   I intend to make a few of these as Christmas Gifts for a couple of special friends.  
Anyway here it is:-

For all you experts out there please don`t Zoom in too far 
I bought my new stash of Wool from what a fantastic company to deal with.  Order in before 10am and delivered in a beautiful Organza Bag wrapped in Pink tissue and a Pink Heart Seal the very next day. 
That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Had a comment saying they could not get "Love Knitting"  ....  think I have fixed it
I am hopeless on the computer, however Rita gave me a few hints & tips on Saturday.  I hope I have not let her down!!!!!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

"I Love Buttons"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who just happens to land here. I love to have you visit, if you like what you see please try to pop back another time.
For all who need a (((((HUGS)))) here are a few.  I know there are quite a few out there that are in need of your Thoughts & Prayers please try to remember them.
I am so sorry I have been missing, I have not managed to comment on all the Blogs I normally do, I will get back in stride A.S.A.P   So,busy, busy here over the past two weeks.    The house at the moment looks like a cross between a Card Shop & a Florist........I love it.   All the Birthday Cards are relegated to the Dining Room, there are so many beautiful ones I just cant put them away.  The Golden Wedding ones are spread between the Hall & Lounge.   Looks kinda! like Christmas seeing all the cards. We have had some really wonderful gifts.  As most of you know we don`t have a big family, plus John and I are not people for Big Celebrations.  We are having a Celebration Event in a few weeks which I am keeping under wraps till after it happens.   I will hopefully have some pictures to show you.  We had a lovely meal with John, Audrey and the boys on Friday which was really nice.  Since then it has been busy with people popping in.
Saturday, Hazel and I met Rita  in Glasgow. We had a great day just sitting chatting, finding out about each other.  We had never actually met before but it was like we had known each other for ever.   Rita even told me how to "link" to other peoples Blogs, I hope it works.........LOL!!!  I am pretty hopeless with the computer. 
Just waved goodbye to my friend Pearl.  I stopped typing when I heard her car coming in the drive.  More flowers plus a potted plant and cards.
My card today was made using  "buttons" I have 2 Old Fashioned Sweet Jars filled with buttons.  I love to pop my hand in and roll the buttons about.

Base card 5 x 7 approx
Pink card SB scallop Die for the edge
Page from an old Turkish Dictionary  (better on the card, it was never any use when trying to learn the language)
White card lightly distressed 
SB Heart covered in buttons from one of the Jars
Ribbon and charm from my stash
Computer Generated greeting

The Pendant is one I made to go with a dress I have bought for Elaine`s Daughters wedding in November.  

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate that you take time to do that
Till next time

Patricia xxx