Saturday, 13 September 2014

"Thank you"

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Welcome to my wee corner of Blogland.  Thank you for calling in, if you like what you see please call again soon.  If you leave a comment and have an active Blog I can pop to see what you do and return the compliment.
Thank You for all your Happy Birthday wishes I really appreciated them all.
I had a great day, met with Hazel in Broughty Ferry (outskirts of Dundee to the North)  had lots of Tea & Chat.   For my birthday from Hazel I got one of these Art Bins to store Dies plus a whole load of extra sheets.  I have sorted out some of my original Dies but have run out of sheets and that bin is almost full.  I am going to buy another one.  When I started using Dies I took them out of the packets, placed them on a piece of magnetic sheet and popped them in Poly Packets I got from LOTV.   No names on them or anything, that was long before I started my Blog.  Suited my needs then, however things change.  I now store my newer Dies in their original packaging in a set of drawers.
Birthday tea here with J, A and the boys was great fun.  Grandpa and the boys went off on their bikes.  It was getting near to 8pm and I could see John Jnr looking out the window.  Told him that they would not be long.  I said  "bet they are waiting till they can use their lights"   Grandpa had fitted lights to boys bikes, I knew they would want to try them out.  For safety reasons they have always been home before it gets dark.  Grandpa is very protective, does not like them out if it is getting dark.   However sometimes it comes dark so quickly.  They are getting older, go further, there is a chance that they could be held up. That`s exactly what it was, they were delighted to have been able to use the lights. 
My card today was a quick make from the "Bit Box".  Some pretty bits making a card to say "thank you"

Base card 5 x 7 PMD card
Pink card
Bits and pieces of Tilda Card.  Centre piece, folder inked and card embossed
My sewing machine that is not too keen on sewing paper/card
Roses and Die cut leaves from my Die Cuts Bit Box
MeiFlower Organza Ribbon
Lace from my stash
Hand written Thank You

That`s it for today 
Thank you again for all your good wishes and your visit.  I really appreciate that you take time to call in
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Friday, 12 September 2014

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any one who has just "landed" in my little corner of Blogland.  .  Great to have you visit, I love having you here.  Hope you like what you see and call again soon.
I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful weather,  we had a brilliant day here yesterday.  It did not get really warm till just after lunchtime.  However when the clouds parted we had a very warm sunny afternoon.  Great to have our afternoon cuppa sitting outside.  That`s twice this week, love it.
I am off to meet Hazel later this morning.  Goodness a meet up two Friday`s in a row ... great, plenty to chat about.   Next Saturday ( the 20th) Hazel and I  are off to Glasgow to meet up with Rita   ...  Rita has been a faithful follower of my Blog from the beginning.  She has also followed Hazel right from the start of her Blog.   We feel we know her but have not yet met face to face, really looking forward to that.
"Oldie for Friday" was started by Erika  To show off some old work.  Now folks this does not have to be cards.  We would be delighted to see any of your old projects, no matter what.  Come on join in ...... tell you what, see for next Friday keep the thing you were going to show, save it for another day.    Get into those files and look for something ... OLD
Here is mine:-

Made this for a gardener friend of ours
Base card was already printed with the wood effect
Little flower pots were from Diane Jackson`s website.   She used to do lots of Die Cuts for sale (don!t know if she still does)   I bought these before I was really into Dies
Computer generated "The Potting Shed"
Flowers Soft used for the flower arrangements plus a few other Die Cut bits

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by and for leaving all your lovely comments, I really do appreciate them
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

"Thinkingof You"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any visitors who have popped by.  Hope you are all well if not today`s card is for you.
I would also like to welcome Bibiana from lovely to have you on board.  I am sure many of you will know about Bibiana, if you pop into her Blog you will see some of the amazing things she does.
Nothing much going on here at the moment.  After the carry on with the freezer on Monday I am glad about that.
Yesterday I had my Card Class.  Elaine and I usually share the projects but she had to be at the Doctors early so I had to do the lot by myself.......!!!!   Good job I always have spare projects bagged and ready "just in case".   The class want to do Christmas Cards just now so won`t bother showing any of them.  I feel you get rather sick seeing them, the time will come soon enough.  Well I know I get fed up seeing and making them.  
Here is my card for today:-

Base card approx 6 x 8 PMD card stock
SB Grand Labels for the frame
SB M-Bossibilities Folder
Marainne Die for the small frame
Old punch for the flowers
MS Punch for the foliage
Computer Greeting on a hand cut banner
Pearls from my stash

Asked John to get out some potatoes for the dinner last night.  He came through and said " Patricia I am giving you my heart"  and presented with this potato........!!!!  Ahhh! and after all these years

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit and comments I really appreciate each and every one
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

OOOOpppss!!!!  Seem to have lost all my awards .............. must have pressed a button somewhere.
Certainly not aware of doing it.  I am so hopeless with the computer might take me a LONG time to find them again.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Happy Birthday Roses

Hello Blog friend, followers and poppers by. Hope you are all well and had as nice weather as we have had today.  Sun shone till almost 5pm also nice and warm.  Had lunch outside, afternoon tea with Isobel also outside.. Washing all dried, ironed and put away.   
Now the down side of my day......!!!!
Because we live so far from shops we obviously fill the Freezers (2) and keep the fridge well stock (boys have to be fed).....LOL!!!  I divide my loaves of bread into packets of 4 slices and freeze.   This morning I went to get out some bread ....... it was soft!!!  Checked the fridge, the light was on but it certainly was not cold either.  I thought we must have had a power cut overnight, but no.   The blooming thing had the light on but nothing going.  Thankfully that freezer just had things like bread, rolls, pizza, fish fingers, homemade pies and apple tarts.  Fridge/freezer was approx 10 years old and had done well.  Mad dash up to Blairgowrie, new one bought, delivered, installed and now switched on.  It had to be left for 4 hours after installation for the gas to settle before being switched on.   We think the gas might have leaked out of the old one. Lots had to be thrown in the bin, fed to the sheep, birds, couple of apple tarts were taken along to J & As they will use them for pudding at tea tonight and possible again tomorrow.    Thank goodness all the meat is stored in the other freezer.
So that was my day but Hey! Ho! compared with what some are going through at the moment our problem was nothing.  Just darned inconvenient.
Here is my card for today, flowers were requested for this one:-

Base card 5 x 7 Centura style card
Piece of blue pearl cardstock embossed with SB Paisley Folder
Paper for flowers/flourish downloaded from MCS Floriogrphy CD
SB Blossom Five for the Roses
Flourish I think is a Cheery Lynn Die it is a pink/purple Die
Stamped Happy Birthday

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Sunday, 7 September 2014

"More little Christmas Cards"

Hello Blog friends, followers plus anyone who happens to land here by "clicking" from other Blogs.  I love to trawl and "click"  to see what others do.   It is amazing which person/country you can visit and guess what  .....  does not cost you a single penny!!!
I have had visits from new people this week these are ones I have managed to visit they have some great work to look at.  Joe  ...    
Jules  ...  and Margaret  ...
Some who have visited and left lovely comments don`t have a Blog, thank you anyway I really love to have you visit.
For all my new friends/followers I would like to point out that although we call home "The Ranch" we don`t have horses or any other animals.  It is really just a house in the country surrounded by fields.  We are a very small close "family unit" we have one son also John, his wife Audrey and the boys Thomas 10 Robert 7.  They live approx 7 miles along the road in a very similar situation, they call their house "The Homestead"    When we arrange outings we use these terms as to where we will start off from or where we end up.  Some times it is "The Ranch" others it`s "The Homestead"   Might sound complicated but it works for us. 
I have been working on bits for Tuesday`s Card Class.  We had a disaster trying to Die Cut things at the class last time.  For this week they have all been done by me, here at the house.  Will not go down that road again.  I have decided that even though Elaine`s Dies were not cutting properly some of it was down to the Card Stock she was using.   I feel Dies are being churned out so fast, by the time the machine gets to the end of a run the cutting on the Dies is just not quite as sharp as the ones from the start.  
Here are a few more Little Christmas Cards I have been making.  These are all for my box, its coming along nicely.  I really only have the "specials" and a few for my neighbours still to make. They all still have to get their inserts put in.  That a job for a rainy day me thinks!!!!

All bases cut from A3 PMD card stock
Penny Black Stamp for the forest scene
The Robin is from one of the new LOTV Chrsitmas Art Pads
I was a wee bit disappointed in these LOTV are promoting them as XL images  .....  what they do not tell you is that there are 2 images per page.  The pages are the same size as the old pads.  The old pads have 1 image with lots of white surrounding it which means they are great to Die Cut.
Oh! Patricia enough moaning.......LOL!!!

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by, for all your lovely comments, I really appreciate them
Till Next time

Patricia   xxx