Saturday, 6 September 2014

"Happy Birthday Card"

Good morning Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Hope you are all well if not here are a few (((((hugs))))) in hope that they might help.  Thinking about Rachel (Fishers Cards) who`s hubby has had a stroke and is very ill.  Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.
Woke this morning to another very dark morning.   OH!! the dark mornings and evenings are creeping ever nearer.  Will soon be time for me to go into "hibernation", No!! I am not joking I do not cope well with dark days & nights.  However the day has now turned into a beautiful sunny one.  Will potter about outside in the garden while it lasts.
Met Hazel yesterday, we had a great old chat and catch up.  Met at 10.15 before we knew it 1.00pm had come and gone.  My goodness we chatted all that time and still had things to message about in the evening.   We had little money things to sort out.   I was owe Hazel for things she had got for me. We save every month for our holiday which I pay into the bank.  Hazel was owe me for that, at the end of the head scratching and working out it was all another cup of tea was needed!!!!
Nothing much happening at The Ranch today ...... that we know about at this point in time.     However that could all change after Robert finishes at his football, Thomas returns from his friends.  Got plenty supplies in so no worries on the "feeding/eating " front. 
My card for today was part of an order which has now been delivered.

Base card 5x7 Centura Pearl style card
SB Background Die (think it is called Butterfly Delight)
SB Matting Dies to make a frame
Quadruple bow using Meiflower ribbon (this is the best ever ribbon for tying bows) 
A dazzler coloured with Promarker Pen
Computer generated greeting with a little bit of glitter on the 50th

I was told the person to receive the card did not like "flowery" just hope she likes "bows" ........!!!

That` it for today folks, have a fantastic weekend
Thank you so much for your visits and lovely comments I really appreciate each and every one
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Friday, 5 September 2014

"Oldie for Friday"

Good morning everyone, hope you are all well.  Welcome to my wee corner of Blogland. Oh! My! Word! it is so dark at 5.30am these days  ....  don`t like it!!!!
Welcome to my new followers Joe & Margaret, thank you so much for joining me, hope to see you back soon.  I mentioned on my last post that I was curious as to who was looking in.    Nosey!! that`s me, when I looked at how many people looked in on my Blog and how many actual comments, there was such a BIG difference.  I was not fishing for extra comments although I appreciate every single one.  It was just got my mind going as to who these people might be........!!  Thank you to those of you who have now left a comment.   I am really delighted, I can get back to thank you and see what you get up to if you have a Blog.  If not I thank you anyway.
I am off to meet Hazel this morning so its all go here at The Ranch.  I like to get things done before I go out.  I hate coming back from something to have to catch up with what I did not do.  Because of one thing and another I have not seen Hazel face to face for almost a MONTH!!!!  We do chat every day and message each other most of the evening, but it`s not the same.
Here is a card for "Oldie for Friday" started by  It gives an opportunity to show things you have made in the past.  It does not have to be cards, if you have something please let us see it, come and join in.

Here is my card:-
Base card 6 x 6
Backing paper from a Rob Adam`s CD...printable Gingham, Polka Dot, Check & Tartan Backing papers.  It is a old but great CD, I still use it lots
Bits from my Bit Box
Those flowers are really old, made using a Crealies Die. It was one of those Dies that had foam for easy release.  Its long gone it actually fell apart with use!!!!  The same thing happened to the Foliage Die as well.  These Dies were used when I first started making Roses or any flowers for that matter
Sentiment was from a pack brought back from the States many years ago
Pearls from my stash

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for your visit I do appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

"Special Day Card"

Hello Blog friends, followers and visitors.  I had 3 new visitors on my last post ....... Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans, Vic & XxJULESxX  thank you for commenting.  Thank you everyone for your sweet comments, I do read them all.  It is actually nice to see comments from visitors.  When I see the amount of visits I get they are "way" more than the actual comments.  It gets me thinking about who these people are!!!!  Its one of these things, you trawl and get carried away.  I would be in front of the screen 24/7 if  I commented on all the Blogs I visit.
Anyway enough!! This is a quick post my computer is playing up.  My Post keeps disappearing, and I loose my cursor.  Managed to get it back twice will not temp fate any further!!!
Here is my card for today:-

Base card 5 x7 Centura pearl
Pink backing paper I printed some time ago and did not use
SW Background Die cut in white card
SW Pretty Petals Die  (flower left over from Elaine`s card)
SB Heart Dies cut into a frame.
Memory Box Foliage
Cheery Lynn Banner Die
Computer generated Greeting

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate you take the time do that and also leave your comments
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Monday, 1 September 2014

"Birthday Card"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who has landed while Blog hopping.  Welcome to my wee corner of Blogland, great to have you here.   I know I land in some wonderful Blogs.  When I visit  Blogs I follow I sometime see a name I don`t know and click on it.  My goodness doing this can take you on a wonderful journey.  Once I have looked at the work on that Blog, I click on another name to see what they do........then on and on.  I look at the clock to find I have been doing that for ages but have seen some fascinating work on the way.
Tell you what folks, John slept really well last night.  Two bike rides, one 7 miles, Thomas and John set off for that approx 11.30am.   A long walk through the woods after lunch,  then other bike ride approx 5 miles at 4.30pm.    John had a very lazy morning/afternoon, in preparation for a very busy evening.  We had a Birthday Tea for Thomas along at J & As.  After a very hearty meal all the boys were out in the garden playing football, showing off the new Football Strips Thomas & Robert got plus a new Football.  Fun, fun, fun, Audrey and I had a good old chat while clearing up, getting things back in order in the house. We were making plans for when the boys are off school for "half term" in a few weeks time......... OMG!! how time is flying by!!!
It was my friend Elaine`s birthday on Friday here is the card I made for her:-

Base PMD card approx 5 x 7
SW Austrian Collection Background Die
SW Finishing Touches Delicate Daisies - open petals
MB Foliage
Waste from Dies and punches for the little flowers
Computer generated greeting on the banner (don`t know the Die)
Pearls and heart from my stash

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit and all the lovey comment you leave, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx


Sunday, 31 August 2014

"Happy Bunnies"

Hello Blog friend, followers and any one who is on a passing visit.  Great to have you here I hope you like what you see and will pop back again soon.
Busy here today, Thomas will be 10 tomorrow he is with us on his own to get his big birthday gift.  Mum, Dad & Robert are coming along later.  We bought Thomas a new bike for here at our house.  My regular visitors will know that John and the boys cycle at lot.  Thomas had outgrown his bike that we thought would have lasted another couple of years .... we are sure he sleeps with his feet in a "grow bag" 10 years old and 5`2"   Here he is with Grandpa both Happy Bunnies.  Thomas delighted with his bike, Grandpa pleased he liked it.  Robert will get Thomas`s old bike and has been promised he will get a "brand new" one on his 10th Birthday.  Thomas and Grandpa have already done a 7 mile "Road Test" trip.

Here is my Crafty offering for today:-
Really just to show you that my "Oldie for Friday" is still in use.
I love to have it just beside me, all the things I need are there at hand.
Off to get some more food for the boys, they have gone together to get some more logs that have been cut.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx