Wednesday, 13 August 2014

"Little Christmas Cards"

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Welcome to my Blog, I hope you like what you see and pop back again soon.  For all my followers a BIG thank you for all the support and comments.  Without the imput from all you wonderful people none of this would be worth while.
I would also like to welcome two new followers, thank you for pressing the "Follow this Blog" button I really appreciate it.  & have both decided to join me in the past couple of days.  Pop over and see the lovely things they have to offer on their Blogs.  
Myra left a comment about my Tablet saying her mum used to make it along with pink & white Coconut Ice.  That`s one thing I have never managed to master.  Our mum used to make it, it was so yummy!!!  Can still feel the coconut sticking in my teeth.  For all you ladies worried about how fattening Tablet is ..... make it try it and share it out.  Nowhere on the recipe does it say you have to eat it ALL yourself.  Some weeks ago  Jules from posted a Christmas card on her wonderful must take a look there.  It reminded me I had the Penny Black stamp she used.  I bought it in the States a few years ago, I only made a few cards with it.  I found it a bit big, used it on DL cards (long ways)  rather than up and down.  Well the stamp has been found and used today.  When Jules used it she split the scene, she`s one clever lady that Jules.    I have done the same and made little cards.  This is one I will use for Batch Cards it is such a nice little scene  ...  well I think so anyway.  Here are my little cards:-

Here is the actual stamp

 I cut the 4 x 4 cards from A3 sheet PMD hammered card
Penny Black stamp
Image stamped and mounted on Black card
Backing paper a download from NitWit Paper Collections
Computer generated Merry Christmas
I am going to take another leaf out of Jules book and make the envelopes using the Memory Keepers Envelope Maker I bought at the weekend

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

"Tablet Recipe"

Hi folks hope you have all managed to get through the storms of the last few day.  We have been so lucky compared with others in the North East of Scotland.  We had torrential rain a bit windy but that was it, thank goodness.
Margaretcorgieowner asked what Scottish Tablet was that I mentioned in my last post.  Others asked if it was like shortbread.  It is very sweet but oh! so yummy!!!
Here is the recipe:-

2 oz of "BLOCK" butter ..........soft spreadable is absolutely no use
You could use Block Stork but butter is better
1/2 pint Full Fat Milk
2 lbs of Sugar
1 Tin Carnation Condensed Milk (as far as I know you only get one size)

Place the butter and milk in the pan, heat till the butter has melted
Put in the sugar and gently heat till all the sugar has melted
Bring to the boil, turn down the heat till you have a gentle simmer and simmer for 15mins.
Keep stirring as it will burn, stick to the pan if you don`t.
After 15 mins of simmering put in the can of Condensed Milk.
Bring gently back up to the boil, turn the heat back down to the gentle simmer and simmer for 10 mins.  Remember to keep strirring.
You should now start to feel it thicken slightly
Remove from the heat using a "HAND" blender with metal blades start whipping the mixture in the pan.
If you don`t have a hand blender you just have to use "Elbow Grease" and beat.......................
After approx 3 to 4 mins it will definitely start to get thicker.
Beat till thick, but mobile enough to pour from the pan.
Pour onto a well greased baking tray.
Leave the tray of tablet standing on a cooling rack to cool
When cool score into squares.
The texture should be firm......................I really do not know how to put this into words.
Don`t laugh.............  like biting into the crust on a nice apple pie, then it just melts in your mouth

I have a few things I am busy with at the moment.  Unfortunately not crafty but they are keeping me rather busy.
Hopefully later tomorrow it will all settle down and I can have some playtime.

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

"Origami Gift Box"

Good Sunday morning folks, hope the weather is fine where ever you are.  So far so good here, considering what they have been forecasting.
Thank you for your visit and comments on my "oldie for Friday"  Since telling you about "Robert and his socks" I have discovered that I obviously don`t get out enough.........this is a fashion amongst the young ones......wearing odd socks, not by accident!!!!   I am also hearing, since the World Cup they are even going into wearing same shoe style but two different colours. (that can only be good for business)   Some footballers were wearing Puma boots and that`s how they come in the box one orange and one turquoise. 
Yesterday Hazel, Elaine and I went to Perth to meet up with Kate (culliesocks) who came down from Inverness (a 2 hour bus trip for Kate)  We did not have long but boy! we packed a great amount of chat and laughter into that time.  The 3 of us are hoping to get up to Inverness before November, time seems to go so quickly.  We all have a few things in the pipeline, it might not be achievable, we will see.  However we will be together in November for our trip to NEC in Birmingham.
My offering for today is an "Origami Gift Box" you can find a wonderful easy to follow Tutorial here:-   You will find a link for Video Tutorials on the left of Christina`s Blog page.  The Tutorial is headed Origami Gift Box.  Once you have made one you are up and running, there are so many wonderful things you can do with this box.  

Card used is from a Tilda Paper Stack, I love these Stacks they contain such pretty papers.
They say Paper Stack but it is more card than paper approx 220gsm I think 
SB Blossom Five for the Roses
SB Butterfly Die
Foliage Crealies Die
Ribbon, lace and pearls all from my stash

I make lots of these boxes, fill them with "homemade" Chocolate Truffles & Scottish Tablet
I keep thinking about the expression of pleasure on Sue Wilson`s face when she was asking about the Scottish Tablet.
Hazel and I had made and given Sue one of these boxes.  Julia a Gift Bag filled with treats when we met them in Aberdeen.

That`s it for today folks I am going over to meet Hazel.  The Craft Shop near her is having a Demo Day with Crafters Companion.  Off to see what is on offer and support Adrian the shop owner.
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
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