Friday, 8 August 2014

"Oldie for Friday!

Good morning Blog friends, followers and passers by .... like nattyboots &  margaretcorgiowner who have left me lovely comments.  They do not have a Blog so that I can return the favour, I do love that you visit me.   Thank you all for calling by, hope you like what you see and call again soon.
Before I show you my "Oldie for Friday" I have to tell you the story about Robert, age 7 & his Socks!!!!
Picture the scene!! we are on the bus.  He is dressed very nicely with smart long/shorts, a bright blue T/shirt that made his blue eyes sparkle. Nice summer shoes and his socks  .... one blue like his T/shirt the other yellow pushed down round the top of his shoes.  I know things for kids are very different these days BUT  odd socks!!! .... "Robert are those socks a pair?" ... "think so Granny"  He bent down pulled up the blue one which came quite far up his leg, then the yellow one, it only came up past his ankle.  "Now Robert even I can see they are NOT a pair, what do you think"  "Well Granny I can tell you this, I have another pair exactly the same in my drawer"  Now there`s logic for you .... obviously one pair was Thomas`s and the other his.  I have heard about sharing but...!!!

My Oldie for Friday:-

A Bouquet of Paper Flowers:-
I got the idea for these in a magazine 
Just folded paper 
I made it with a longish ribbon so that it could be hung up
Thomas & Robert presented this to my youngest sister when she got married 2 years ago
Box made for transporting .
Audrey wanted something other than a Horseshoe

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Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
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Patricia  xxx

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

"Bra Planters"

Good morning Blog friends, hope you are all well.  Thank you for calling by to see what I have been up to.  To all who pop in and do not have a Blog that I return the favour, I thank you.   I really love that you take time to call in.
Have to tell you about my adventure yesterday:-
Boys arrived to be with us for a couple of hours.  Mum working Dad had to be at his Perth Office for a quick meeting.  I asked the boys if they had anything in mind for the time they would be with us.  Right away Robert said "Granny could you and I please go on a bus ride".  Robert had never been on a bus in this country.  With living rather remote neither J & A or ourselves live near a bus route, cars are an absolute must.  Coming out of our gates we are 3 miles either to the left or right before we see a Bus Stop or a Shop.
I phoned a friend to find out bus times, we had 20mins to get ready to be along to Coupar Angus to get a bus.  (they are only every hour) We left Grandpa and Thomas who were going to do some gardening.  We made it in time and headed towards Perth on a Single Decker Bus, great excitement.  Had a walk round some shops Robert spotted the window of "The Works" full of Loom Bands and had to spend some of his money.  We had a drink, some cake then headed for the bus back.  Wow! Granny it is a Double Decker, can we please go upstairs.  All empty upstairs,  the front seat was the place to be.  I really wish I could have bottled and kept, the excitement and the facial expressions of enjoyment  .......  all on a BUS!!!
We got off the bus and Robert spotted this:-

Bra Planters:-
Coupar Angus is all decorated for the entry into Britain in Bloom
They won it for this area last year and have really gone to town, hoping to win again.  There are wonderful hanging basket displays, fantastic window boxes plus lots of wonderful floral displays everywhere and this ........ Bras on hangers filled with plants.
What a novel idea and so pretty

Did not had time to paper craft yesterday I was finishing this

With being very busy during the day latterly and not in the mood for Paper Crafting when we get back.   I needed something to do with my hands in the evenings
I found some balls of wool, decided to put them to good use
I made this with thoughts of an old lady in the village.  I noticed one day I was visiting that her blanket was a bit "tatty" I hope she will like this one to replace it.  I know the one she has might hold memories but if it gets too bad there will be no memories to hold on to.

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Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time when I will tell you about Robert`s socks..........!!!!!

Patricia   xxx

Monday, 4 August 2014

"A Box of Roses"

Good morning Blog friends, followers and passers by.  Hope you are all well and ready to start another week ... where Oh! where have all the rest gone??   Enjoy every moment they are going so quickly.  
The day has started not too badly weather wise, not great but you cant have it all can you??  Nothing actually planned for today but you just never know who might ride up to the Ranch.....J, A & the Boys are always ready for anything. 
Hazel is home from her holiday, we had a long chat on the phone last night.  Much better than these short messages via our iPads.  Mind you what did we do without them???
Thank you for all you comments on my Tag, I really did not know what to do with that Rose, I  was not happy with it for some reason.  However once I saw in on something it looked much better.   Margaret corgi owner.......if you have looked in today "Thank you" for the information.  I am a follower of Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls but missed that "tip"
I had commented on Drakesfieldcards.blogspot (Tina)  that I could not get my embossing as good as hers.  Margaret passed on the tip of lightly spritzing your card before embossing.  Will try that later today if I get time.
My offering today is more Roses a whole Box of them.  Sorry the picture is not that great, kept getting reflections off the glass.  This was a gift for a lady from my Card Class I have become good friends with.  She has just had a Knee Replacement Operation, Elaine and popped along to visit her last Wednesday evening.  

Box frame  IKEA
Roses 160gsm Pink paper using Sissix Susan`s Garden Rose Die
Leaves SW Classic Rose Die
Butterfly cut from a SB background Die
Little Ladybug flew all the way from Turkey.  I bought loads of them from a little shop in Fethyie
(Hazel, Elaine & I) had a great afternoon rummaging in that shop.  It was like an Aladdin`s Cave full of  JUNK but mixed in were some real treasures ...... absolutely wonderful.
Scrap of Pink Petticoat Parer in the centre

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time 

Patricia  xxx