Friday, 18 July 2014

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and all who come to visit.  
We had a fantastic day of beautiful weather here yesterday.  Went out in the morning to stock up on Bread & Milk after a call from Audrey.  She was working night shift, John was to be working from home to let Audrey get a few hours sleep afternoon but got a call to be in Aberdeen.  The boys arrived after lunch (one less meal) were here till 7.30 when dad came for them, they really wanted to stay over.   They were away in the afternoon with John on their bikes, took enough with them for a "feast" they only did a 7 miles round trip .... nothing but papers and empty bottles in the bag when they got back!!!!
My Oldie for Friday is something Hazel and I did a few years ago.  Re-cycling or Up-cycling, we made and sold quite a few of these.  We filled them with various Goodies, for men we did dark coloured ones popped small bottles of Red & White wine and chocolates.  For the ladies we did various things.  Lots of little Travel items, another was a small bottle of Wine, a glass, face packs, small hand & foot cream, sweets all for a "Good Night In"  We also sold them empty for people to do their own thing.

From this:-

To this:-

Boxes covered with white copy paper, left to dry.
Covered with Mulberry Paper, left to dry
They then become very hard when the glue dries
Beaded handles added and decorated

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Patricia   xxx

Thursday, 17 July 2014

"Sue`s Bevelled Glass Striplet Die"

Good morning Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Welcome to my Blog, hope you are all well. We are having a sunny start to the day thank goodness.  We had rain yesterday till approx 2pm, sun appeared till 4pm then we had the most horrendous Thunder & Lightening storm.  
John got his "clearing of the Corpses" done, not too many just the ones that had managed to escape when James pumped the chemical into the nest.   He even manged to run a few trains later in the day, couple of slight de-railments when engines hit dead wasps on the line.  
After I had played with a few more of my purchases from the weekend I decided to tidy some away .....  well, where to put them???   Die boxes rather full, need to go today to buy another couple.  Card boxes full to overflowing ...... why! Oh! why! did I buy so much more stuff???  I really need to have a sit down and think about re-arranging some things ..... job for another day though.
At the Workshop with Sue she did her Fire & Ice technique.  I had never done this before and really enjoyed it.  My card is today is using the Gilding Flakes but Micro Beads rather than the Ice Crystals.
The card looks better in real life, but here it is:-

Base card approx 8x6 PMD A3 card
Black card pierced round the edges
Dull Gold Mirri type card
Bevelled Glass Striplet  Die cut twice 
Double sided sticky sheet and Gilding flakes
Micro Beads
SB Poinsettia Die
Computer generated Happy Christmas
I took the inspiration from Sue`s card posted on her Blog 13th July

That`s it for today and the last Christmas Card I will show for a while.
I now have 26 cards in my Christmas Card collection.  This has never, ever happened before.  Must remember where I "put them somewhere safe" ................ !!!!

Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
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Patricia  xxx

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

"Another Christmas Card"

Good morning Blog friends, followers and anyone who just happens by my Blog.  You are very welcome I love having visits.  If this is your first time please leave a wee message so I know you called.  If you have an active Blog I can get back to see what you do.
Pouring rain here today, so dull, so horrible to look out.  However we are well, happy and busy so there`s the bonus.
John is up in the attic at his Model Railway .... he is on a BIG clean up.  We had a young man (James) here late yesterday afternoon to get rid of a Wasp Nest!!!!  John had a couple of wasps flying about a few times.  He just used the spray on them, however Sunday evening there were loads, he was stung on the back of his neck.  That was it!! on the phone, James dealt with it very quickly and cleanly.  As you can imagine there are corpses all over the place.  On the rails, in wagons, all over the floor which have been vacuumed up, all this is curtailing his "playtime"   Just told him to think how I feel having to do that all over the whole house most days (not the corpse bit).   How much "playtime" am I missing?? end of conversation.
I have been making a few Christmas Cards.  For people who do not know each other and will never be in the houses where my cards end up I "Batch Make"  I was an a roll and have done a fair few, I am rather please with myself.
Here is another "one off" I made with another new Sue Wilson Die.

Base card approx 8 x 6 PMD Hammered Card
Hammered card pierced round the edge 
Red Card from the Papeterie Aberdeen
SW Austrian Collection  -  Background Die
SB Poinsettia Die
Freebe Stamp from Creativity Magazine

That`s it for today
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Patricia  xxx

Monday, 14 July 2014

"First Christmas Card for 2014"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who has pressed a button to see what I get up to!!!   Welcome to my wee corner of Blogland great to have you here.
Have had a rather lazy day today.  House done, washing all out and dried before the rain came on.  Decided to play with some of my Crafty Goodies from Aberdeen.  Feel a bit guilty as poor Hazel has had to work, no time for her to open any of her packets.
Anyway, Sue`s new Dies are wonderful, everyone a winner.  Unfortunately I did not have enough pennies to buy them all.  Quite a few have gone on a "Wish List" something I don`t normally do.  If I cant afford it I just dismiss it.  By the time I have enough money to buy the thing, there are usually lots of other things I see I might rather have.
Sue`s Dies are not Christmas Dies, however when I looked at them I thought they might make quite nice Christmas Cards.   I made a few which are all very similar, I will only show you one today then maybe another later in the week.

Base card approx 7 x 7 cut from A3 PMD Hammered Card
Hammered Card
Green Card
Sue`s Tethered Heart Striplet Die
SB Poinsettia Die
Stamp, a freebe from the Creativity Magazine

I thought the open work on this Die was very generic and could be used for a Christmas Card ... what do you think???

That`s it for today
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Patricia   xx

Sunday, 13 July 2014

"Weekend Haul"

Hello Blog friends, followers plus anyone who just pops by.  Hope you are all well and have enjoyed a wonderful weekend.
Thank you for your comments on my Lace collection .  Since that photo was taken there has been loads more added.  The spools I wind my Lace onto are made from Loo Roll/Kitchen Roll centres.  I cut multiple Classic Circles with SB Dies stick them together to give very firm ends.  Stick the circles on the the roll ends, decorate, once dry I wind my Lace on.  Keeps it tidy, save ages trying to unwind the one you want from the jumble.
I am not long home, what a fantastic time Hazel and I have had this weekend.   A beautiful drive up to Aberdeen on Friday evening, lots of fun with Sue Wilson & Julia Watts at the Papeterie, Aberdeen, Saturday & Sunday.  Sue and Julia were lovely, wonderful and talented ladies. Sue had the full selection of her new Dies ...... Oh!! decisions, decisions!!!!
I have quite a few on my wish list but here is my haul from the weekend.  In actual fact it is not really bad, one of the pots of Gilding Flakes and a Mask are Hazel`s.  Hazel bought some Dies which she said she will try out but would not have time to "PLAY" with the Mask and Flakes.     Hazel has to work long hours with the girls she is Nanny to, they are now off school.   She lent me her Flakes and Mask so that I could have a play with them. 
Here is my haul:-

There was lots and lots more I could have bought.
I am going to try some techniques we were shown that I have never done before.
Once I have mastered them I will "treat" myself to more goodies for my achievement's .....!!!!!
Thank you for calling by, I really appreciate that you take time to do that.
Till next time


Patricia   xxx