Friday, 14 March 2014

"Bits & Buttons"

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Well folks don`t know about you guys, I went to bed on Monday night and woke up this morning .... it`s Friday!!!!  I know with the longer evenings and the past few brighter days means more is getting done round the house.   Come on!! who took Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday away???? or was it them that passed in that flash I saw??
Met Hazel this morning, we caught up on all the chat we missed out on with not meeting up on Wednesday.  
Had my friend/neighbour Isobel over last night asking me to show her how to use her new Grand Calibur.  I am sure she could have worked it all out for herself but we had good fun playing.  She went home with loads of Die Cuts she cut from some of my dies, she only has a few of her own at the moment.
Elaine comes this evening, she usually comes Thursday but was Baby Sitting last night.  It has all worked out fine.  Good job John is so easy going and always finds plenty to do in the evening even if it is reading or watching television.
Nothing exciting planned for the weekend as yet!!  in this house one phone call can lead to lots of things!!!!
Was tidying away bits and pieces from playing with Isobel, plus bits of card & paper used at the classes on Tuesday.  I managed to make a card with some of it.

Base card 6 x 6
Pink card stock ...  bits
Papers printed from a CD
SB Blossom Five for the Roses
SB Foliage for the leaves
Buttons from my button jar and some pearls

That`s it for today
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I have added this to a button

Patricia   xxx


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

"No card today"

Hello Blog friends, followers and all who call into my little corner of Blogland.  
Thank you for doing that, I love having you here, I do like to read all your lovely comments.  For all who pop in, leave lovely comments and don`t have a Blog where I can return the favour I thank you.
Did not meet Hazel today she is full of the cold and feels a bit miserable.
So busy day here at the Ranch.  The sun is shining and showing up how dirty the windows are. Got a lot of them done till I ran out of Battery Power in the Window Vac so still have a few more to do.  Tell you what!!! wooden floors are great but you don`t half see the dust on them even though they were vacuumed yesterday. 
John decided to tidy up some books ... yes! he still reads books even though I bought him a Kindle for Christmas a year past, he prefers to turn the pages. Bags of books ready for the Charity Shop.
A few people have commented how lucky our boys are when they are here.  They have a wonderful "playground" they also have similar at there own house but you know how it is............!!!!! 
Here are a few pictures of where they play:-

They are so safe we can hear and see then at all times

First place the head for is the "burn" down the bank in the above picture

Or just riding their bikes up and down the drive.  This is also where they play Commando's, much better hiding place when the leaves are on the trees

No card today will have no time to play.

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Patricia  xxx

Monday, 10 March 2014

"Two cards for tomorrows class"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any one who pops in to see what I get up to.  You are very welcome and I am delighted to have you here.
A very quick post for today.  We got a phone call this morning from John Jnr ...."mum" Oh! when I get that voice I know what is coming!!!!  Can you please pick the boys up from school and give them their tea??  Audrey is working, John was working from home but has been called away to a meeting in Edinburgh.  He will be back but not early enough to get the boys.  Run to Forfar to stock up on plenty milk plus white bread (we only use brown) and something for tea.  Grandpa has just left to pick them up.  It is a nice afternoon, the bikes are all out and ready for them to go for a run before tea.
Not had much time to "play" I have been getting packs made up for the Card Class tomorrow.  The ladies wanted cards suitable for boys and girls.  Elaine said she would do the boys, that left the girls for me.  The LOTV pre-printed images are the perfect solution.  Hazel and I bought a few Art Pads on Saturday, they have been put to good use already.  Looks like I might need to get some more.
Here are 2 cards I have put together to give them ideas.  I feel these could easily be used as "Mothers Day" cards as well.

Both cards are approx 5 x 7
Elaine and I always do two cards as samples, we give them enough card, paper, bits and pieces so they can do their own take on the project. 
White card blanks
Lilac & Pink card stock
Papers printed for a CD
LOTV images
Cheery Lynn Die for the Bow

That`s it for today

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Patricia xxx

Sunday, 9 March 2014

"Not a lot of goodies here"

Hello everyone welcome to my Blog.  Hope you are all well, if not here are a few (((((hugs)))))  I am fine, still not 100% but as I told you John said I never have been.   Nothing to worry about there then.
Thank you for popping by today, I love to have you here.  Also thank you for your comments on my Mothers Day Card.  It will be going to a good home, I gave it to Isobel my neighbour to give to her mum on the day.
No Mothers day card needed here.  Our mum died very young at the early age of 43 leaving Hazel 20 years, me 23 years.  Worse still there was also Jackie 6 and Fiona 3, same parents just a big gap.  Hazel and I have always maintained there must have been lost babies that we never knew about.  Hazel got married shortly after and took the girls to live with her.  In a new marriage she was looking after 2 children for a couple of years before her eldest daughter Gillan was born.   At one point Hazel and Charlie had 5 children .........!!!!!
Well folks we went to the Hobbycraft Show at the SECC  .....  what a BIG disappointment!!!!   We did actually have a great day, the journey through and being in the company of good friends was a delight, sharing lunch with Wilma (scottishcrafter) we all enjoyed that.   The show itself was not so good.  We have gone on a Saturday for years simply because some worked and that`s the day that suited.    Always kind of dreaded it as it was so, so busy.   Elbows at the ready to get through the crowds.  Some stands you just could not get near........ not this year.  Plenty space to move about, Wilma even managed to find us in one of the isles just before lunch.   I have counted till now approx 12 Companies that were not there.  We were talking on the way home about whether it would really be worth our while spending the money to go down to Birmingham in November.   Don`t know if we would even bother going to the Glasgow show end of October.  Will need to have a good discussion on that. 
So here is my "haul" of goodies.  Hazel and I have shared some  LOTV Art Pads splitting the images between us. We got lots of Pearls they were 6 for £5 and shared colours.  Hazel got more Organza Ribbon than me, I still have loads but needed more of that pink.  A small Britannia Die and a couple of bunches of Stamens.  Hazel asked me later why I needed the Stamens.  When I explained she said Oh! maybe I should have got some,  just shared mine there are lots in a bundle.

So folks I came home with money in my purse and the Credit Card had never saw the light of day.   I know I said I did not need anything but I have never come home with so little in my bag before
That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it.  Please call back soon
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Patricia xxxx