Friday, 14 February 2014

"A Husbands Request"

Hello Blog friends and followers great to have you here once again.
Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to come visit me.  I love that you do that and leave all your lovely comments, I read every one.  Without your wonderful support this Blogging lark would be a total waste of time.  I am sure you all feel the same when you see and read all the comments you receive on your lovey Blogs.
If anyone has found my Wednesday and Thursday could you send them on to me please.   Usual jobs in the house have been done, meals cooked and eaten, washing done and ironed but goodness knows where the time went.  I really seem to have lost those two days somewhere along the line........LOL!!!  Here we go it is the weekend once again, loosing those days has brought that quicker than ever.  
Boys here tomorrow, Mum working, Dad has things to do in the house that will get done quicker if the boys are not there.  Hope it stays dry then we can all go for walks through the woods.  Seems ages since we have done that.  Only downside will be the mucky "wellies" when we get back.
My friend Wilma phoned the other day asking if I would make a card.  She had her friend Margaret`s  Hubby at the door asking "will that girl that makes the beautiful cards make me one for Margaret" ................. now with a request for the "girl" to make the card there was only one answer............Yes!  of course.   Feels great to be called a "girl" at this stage in the game.  So with an extra spring in my step here is what I made:-

Base card 8 x 8
Multiple layers of White and off White card
Signature Die from Joana Sheen to cut out the leaf shape backed with a piece of Tilda paper/card
Leaf  Die Cut used in the bottom right corner
SB Blossom Five Die and Tilda paper/card for the Roses
SB Matting Basics Die to create the frame
Sentiment done on the computer
I made and decorated the box with corners cut from the Tilda paper/card

Delivered this morning Margaret`s hubby delighted.  They don`t do Blogs or computers so I feel I can show it.

 I have entered this into the .......  Hand made flowers

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping by, I really appreciate it
Till next time
Have a great weekend

Patricia   xx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

"Simple Black & White"

Good evening Folks, hope you are all well, dry and warm.  I feel so sorry for all the people affected by the weather.  I seems like it is never ending.  I do hope the Government keep their promise and these people get all the help they need.  I know how much it has cost my friend Pearl to get her house back in order, that was one house.  Multiply that by the thousands that are affected ....that`s lots & lots of money.  
Thank you for popping by and thank you to Suzie for becoming my latest follower.   Delighted you decided to join me, I hope you continue to visit and leave comments.
Did the Craft Class today, came home very happy, I can assure you that`s a first for a while.  My ladies made their box and a little gift card to go with it.  The atmosphere round the table was fantastic.  Frantically busy but happy at the same time.............they want to do more boxes!!!!!
The ladies making the box were all at one table.  The "rebels" 4 of them were at another in the corner of the workshop.  They were making two cards with Elaine.   At the end of the class the ladies who did the boxes told the "rebels" that they liked doing things like that.  One lady stood up at the end of the class and said to the rebels   .....  "there are more of us so we hold the "ace" card and want do more boxes and different things" ......... that is exactly how she put it.   Was I bet LOL!!!
Weather shocking, snow right down here, not just on the mountains.  We will see what tomorrow brings, we have parked the 4x4 at the end of the drive just inside the gates.  Hopefully if we need to get out we will manage.  Country living has its drawbacks but we would not change it.

Today`s card was an order, customer delighted,  just heard the person who received it was also delighted.
Base card 5 x 7
Black & White card stock
Paper printed from a CD   Printed in black & white rather than colour
SB Blossom Five for the Roses
Corner is from Memory Box it is Hazel`s purchase which she lent me
Cut it out twice and used it as the foliage

That`s it for today, it is early but I am off to get my PJs on, put my feet up and do some knitting
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Was going to enter this into  I am hopeless on the computer, unfortunately did not manage.......stupid or what!!!  However if you get time pop over and have a look there are some fantastic cards posted there.

Patricia xxx

Monday, 10 February 2014

"My take on SU make"

Hello friends and fellow Bloggers, hope you are all well.  I hope anyone who is suffering in these terrible floods has had a nice day like we have had here today.  You could certainly do with some dry bright days.
Thank you for calling by, I love having you here to share what I have been up to.
Busy day here at the "ranch" Monday is big cleaning day.   John and I also wanted to pop up to Perth for a few things.  Up very early, cleaning done, had to tip John out of the bed to get the sheets!!!!!  Got all the washing done and out before we left.  All dry when we got back, it now needs to be ironed.  John had to go get his hair cut. More important we needed a new tube for one of the lights under the run of units in the kitchen. That`s where I work, thank goodness there are three lights, I just had to move up a bit last night.  Smelt burning, discovered the plastic over one of the fluorescent tubes had melted and was burning against the actual tube. Thank goodness we never leave the lights on if we are not in the house.
When Hazel and I were at the SU Workshop we made a few projects.  Hazel showed her take on one of them yesterday (hazelsbasketsof   I am now showing you "my" take on another.  The projects we did were rather simple for me but I did learn a few things.  I feel you often pick up little hints & tips no matter how experienced you are.  You are never to old to learn that`s for sure.  We did little 3 x 3 cards and popped them in a pr-made bag.  I made three 4 x 4 cards and made the bag to pop them in.  I will do a few and give them to some of my friends and neighbours  for Easter.  Other than Elaine and Hazel none of my friends make cards.  A few cards in a box or in this case in a bag are always handy to have.

This is the SU project
This is my take on it.  
The cards are made from my "bit box"
Cheery Lynn Die for the bows
This is them in the bag, all tied up with ribbon from my stash
So from SU to my version ........ very easy and a great idea

Paper printed from a CD
One of the cards has the same paper printed.  I thought I was being smart printing on "fast" but look at the difference in the colours.  Will not be doing that again, paper is fine for the little bag though
Had a laugh at all your comments on my "ladies" especially the "rebels"   Will see all their happy smiling faces tomorrow morning.........LOL!!!   I will let you know how I get on and what the "rebels" reaction to the ladies makes of the boxes.

That's it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate that. 
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Sunday, 9 February 2014

"5 hours work"

Hello friends, fellow Bloggers and followers, how are you???   Well I hope and not effected by the awful weather.  We have had a nice day here, very cold but hey! ho! the sun was out.  Hills I see out the kitchen window are thick white with snow and look beautiful in the sunshine.
Thank you for calling by today I love having you here.  
Wow! I have another 2 followers Rhonda from bumblebee creations and  Debbie from debscrafty creations.  Welcome to you both, thank you for deciding to follow me I do hope you like what you see and pop in again soon.
I have been very busy these past few days.  Hazel and I had super "day away" on Friday.  Just the two of us, hours of chat, buying, lunch more buying then home. 
I got back home just before John brought the boys in from school.  They had taken the long way home, John took them to a little "old fashioned"  sweet shop in Kirriemuir.  If you have read Peter Pan by J M Barrie  that`s where he was born ..... Kirriemuir.   It is a round trip of about 12 miles ........ to get sweets!!!    They did not eat many, the rest are still here.  It is the thrill of going to the shop that makes them happy. 
Yesterday I spent 5 hours making up the "Box Kits" for the Tuesday Card Class.  I cut and scored the base and lids, printed out all the papers.  Die cut all the bits that had to be cut, even made little Air Dry Clay embellishments for them.  After the 5 hours of preparing I needed nearly an hour to get the place cleaned up!!!!!  Just hope they are happy, actually the ladies that are doing the boxes are the "nice" ladies.  I would not have given the "rebels" an option but it is Elaine`s business and she saw money walking out the door so told them she would do cards.  I for one would never have done that money or no money.

All the Kits laid out ready to go to the workshop.
Ooopps! I tucked my Ultimate-Pro off the table but I can see it.......!!
Some of the embellishments for the boxes

That`s it for today folks 
Thank you so much for visiting I really appreciate you take the time to do that.
Till next time

Patricia  xxx