Friday, 31 January 2014

"Pretty little Box"

Hello fellow Bloggers and friends, well here we are again at the weekend.  Where on earth did the week go???
Thank you for taking time to come visit I really love to have you here.   Just wish we could all sit down and have tea/coffee and cake together it would be great fun.  I will just have to raise this mug of tea and say "cheers" and thank you for your friendship.
Thomas has had a ball on the Ski slopes this week, enjoyed every minute.  They missed out on Monday because they had closed the Snow Gates.  Hopefully they will get a day next week once they  get a bus organised.
Up early again this morning, along the road to be with Robert till school time, this time was organised Mum & Dad did not forget about him!!!!   What fun we can have in that hour, just the two of us.  John will pick him up from school, tea here, playtime with Grandpa them back home.  Its the weekend I have a funny feeling we may have an overnight visitor!!!!   If that`s the case Grandpa will have to deal with him tomorrow morning.  Hazel is coming over, we are going to a Stamping Up Day along at the Tearoom.  Really looking forward to that, have never done one of these before.  I like some their stamps, will definitely be buying some of them.  Love the fact that everything they do colour co-ordinates.

Pretty little box for today.  
This is what I am doing with that ladies at the next Class, plus a little gift card to go with it.  Would you believe that 2 of them don`t want to do it.  They said they did not have anyone to give something like that to.  Sorry, could not hold my tongue................. "are you honestly telling me that there is not just one person you know that would not appreciate this little box"?????  Pop a few sweets in it and give to someone who is feeling a  bit down that would certainly cheer them up.  No moving them, Elaine will do a couple of cards with them rather than the box.  I feel, they think  it is "way out" of their comfort zone and don`t want to feel embarrassed.  I really try hard to help the ones that struggle and I certainly would never make anyone feel they could not manage.  Well, no changing their minds...............there you have it................what would you rather do???

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping in to see what I have been up to.  I really appreciate it, hope to see you again soon
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

"Re-Cycling or Up-Cycling"

Good evening friends and followers, hope you are all well and keeping dry.  What about this weather???  OMG!! when will it ever end???  I live surrounded by hills and miles and miles of open fields.  Went to Perth to meet Hazel this morning and it looked like we live on a sea coast line.  The fields for miles around are flooded.  The road to Blairgowrie  at Coupar Angus 3 miles along the road from here is blocked.  A back road to Blairgowrie at the top of our village road is blocked.  No access to Blairgowrie other than a 30 mile detour.  I feel sorry for people who left for work this morning and will struggle to get back home this evening. 
On a brighter note Thomas got off  Skiing yesterday and today.  There is plenty snow up in the hills, he has had a ball and loving every minute.  Tired, in bed and sleeping very early last night, up bright and early for another day of fun this morning.  Last week John & Audrey had made arrangements to go on the Tuesday to help with the children, leaving the house at approx 8.00am.  Fine, good of them to help, but guess what they forgot?????   Who would be there to put Robert to school in the morning!!!!!  Talk about clever parents, I wonder I really wonder!!!!  I got a call on Monday evening asking what we were doing Tuesday morning, could one of us possibly be at their house for just before 8.00.   Granny to the rescue once again.   Oh! Wow! my brownie points are fairly mounting up!!
Thank you for coming to visit today, I love having you call in.

 This card is made from a bag of "bits" of cards my 90year old neighbour brought along the other day.  She did not want to throw them out and thought I might be able to use some.  Now wonder where she heard about me always using up "Bits"..................
Had to use this wonderful piece of embroidery isn't it just gorgeous??
I had a BIG problem earlier trying to upload my pictures, Hazel to the rescue, Thank You Sis.

Thank you for popping by today, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


Monday, 27 January 2014

"Very simple using a few Snippets"

Hello and welcome to this little corner of Blogland.  
I do hope you are managing to stay dry and are not effected by those horrible rain storms once again.   
We have had lots of rain, there is "snow" on the hills to the front and the back of us.  
After the cleaning was done here at the Ranch we decided to go shopping.  If the snow comes down to this level we could get snowed in.  This is the time we get our winter snow, we have a 4x4 but the snow can beat that as well.  We bought in lots, Oh! My! Goodness! it took me absolutely ages to get it all sorted out and stacked away.  Should have enough to keep us going for quite a while whether the snows come or not.
Poor wee Thomas was all excited to be going on his first Ski with the school today....................Snow Gates closed late last night/early this morning north of Blairgowrie so no access to the slopes.   Hopefully they will get away tomorrow.
Thank you for taking time to come visit me I hope it has been worth while.

No need to tell you that this card is made using all snippets of pink and white card stock
An Air Dry Clay heart decorated with a few pearls and that`s it
Card approx 5 x 5 

I only bought a small packet of Martha Stewart Clay, it is all finished.  I have had great fun, it is so therapeutic.  Pressed the button on an order for more I just hope it does not take toooooo!! long to arrive.

I am popping this over to
For their challenge

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate it
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Patricia xxx

Sunday, 26 January 2014

"Another for a Sketch"

Hello and welcome, hope you are all well, dry and warm.
Thank you for calling in to see what I have been up to.   Not a lot of card making so far, I have been playing with.........Air Dry Clay!!!  I bought some and a few animal moulds for Robert for Christmas.  He has had so much fun I thought I might have a go.  I will show you some of my efforts sometime soon.   Weather here has been absolutely awful most of the day, plenty time for playing once the boys went home after lunch.
My card today has been added to the  Did not make it for that but thought it might fit in.  I really do not do challenges.   However when you do one and see your name mentioned it fairly spurs you on.

Base card 6 x 6
SB Die to emboss round the oval
SB Classic Oval
SB Blossom Five for the Rose
SB Foliage
Craft Cord
XCut Butterfly Punch
Heart Brad
Organza Ribbon

That`s it for today off to visit some Blogs then play some more with my Clay!!!
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx