Saturday, 21 December 2013

"Merry Christmas"

Hello Blog friends, not long now.....just 3 more sleeps.
Hope you are managing to get through those lists.
I wish I could have sent you all a card, however here is my "communal" card for all my faithful followers
Thank you so much for your continued support though out the year, I really appreciate every visit and comment.
I will be keeping check on your Blogs but I will not be posting anything myself till the New Year.   I think I might get Dies as gifts for Christmas.  I was asked which ones I would like as well as any Tools I might need, so we will see.   I will hopefully get plenty time to play and have lots to share in January.

My card for you all is very simple, I like that
White Card, white matts, SB Tree Die, Pearls and organza ribbon and bow

 I wish you all 
A Wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy, Healthy, and Creative 2014
Thank you once again for all your visits
Till Next Year

Patricia   xxx
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Thursday, 19 December 2013

"Six in a Box"

Hello Bog friends, hope none of you suffered any damage in the storms overnight.   All good here, there is Snow on the hills I see out the kitchen window, I am not a great fan of "the white stuff" when it is so close!!!!
Are you all managing to get through the jobs your your lists??    I still have a list, I think I have it all under control.
Thank you so much for taking time to visit, I know time is very precious just now.   I am hoping to keep Blogging till the weekend then I feel I should "call it a day" till after the New Year.
Have been wracking my brains (what little there is of them) for a gift for Elaine.  I know, I know it is very late in the day.  This hunt has gone on for months.  Elaine and her family have plenty money, they just buy when they want anything.  I came to decision at lunch time  .........  I am taking her away for couple of nights (just her and I) to her favourite City as well as mine, Glasgow.   Elaine will have to set the date, she is a very busy lady.  I really think she could do with a few days away, they have been rushed off their feet in the Tearoom.  I will book the Holiday Inn Hotel near the Buchanan Street Bus Station.  That`s fine and handy for arriving and leaving on the bus.   No point taking a car, costs a fortune to park the blooming thing!!!
Decision made, I am now trying to word something.   I want to make a "Scroll" which I will tuck in a "kitchen roll inside" decorated like a cracker.

Today`s offering is 6 little cards I made and popped in a box.  I actually made 2 lots, Hazels request for gifts she needs
These cards are all 4 x 4
Made from "bits" I put in the bag for the school before Hazel put in her request.  Lucky it had not gone along to the school.
Most of the bits are from Tilda Paper Stacks.  I love these Stacks and use them a lot, there are always loads of bits left.
Middle one on the top was an experiment with a Justrite Stamp and silver embossing powder.  Turned out fine but never used the piece....used up now.
The Rennie Mackintosh Die Cut I got from my Blog friend Flora.  Flora has been off the scene for such a long time. I still keep in touch, she is well.  I do miss her very witty posts though.
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

"A Tartan Christmas"

Hello and welcome!!!!  Hope you are all well and not getting yourselves stressed out.
Remember it is only one day, how much food can we really eat????  I was in M&S this morning and you would have thought they were forecasting a "famine"..........................!!!
Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to come visit.  I have been trying to get round everyone.  If I have missed you, am really sorry it is not intentional. I keep remembering things to do, go off and do them then I forget where I was and who I had left a comment with.   It`s an age thing ..................LOL
Was out for coffee with our friends this morning.  Hazel did not manage, I missed her being there for just seeing her and catching up, she also keeps check on the time.  With her having to get back for the girls she leaves at a certain time, so I just go as well.  Hazel not being there meant I stayed way over. 
Spent a lot of time catching up with jobs to be done when I got home.  Why do men never see these jobs????
Cards, all written, posted or delivered, parcels wrapped.  Now all I have to think about is the food.  Most of that is in hand, just a few things to be baked.  I feel I am well organised, no doubt I will have forgotten something.  I still have plenty time to get that sorted.
Today`s card is one of a Batch of Tartan Cards  I did.

Base card 6x6 white card
Red paper free with a magazine, there was also gold which I used on some other cards same design
Tartan paper is our own Family Tartan printed from the computer (looks a bit dull there) It is quite bright when you see the actual material.  John Jnr has his kilt made with this Tartan
I saw this Die being used and suddenly remembered I had bought it at SECC in Glasgow. 
Red ribbon from my ribbon box

That`s it for today must get a move on
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx
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Monday, 16 December 2013

"Simple Baby Card"

Hello fellow Bloggers, hope you are all well.
Thank you so much for you continuing to follow this little Blog.  I really love that you keep calling and leaving such lovely comments.  
I have to say you were all very complimentary on yesterdays card.  I definitely saw a "witch" in that female character.  Come to think about it, Robert obviously had not seen it either otherwise he would never have used it on his card.
Change of plans here again today.  Boys here and sleeping over tonight.  Mummy was day shift and works 12 hour shifts.  Daddy was to work from home today but was called away to try settle a dispute down South.  That means staying overnight for at least one night.  Had to go to Tesco to stock up on extra bread and milk.  John picked them up from school, they like when they get Grandpa to themselves.  Well in actual fact they like that he takes a very long detour home via an old fashioned Sweetie Shop.  They get sweets, eat a few then they are left.  It is the thought of going to the shop that they like rather than the sweets.  That what comes of living in the Backwoods!!! even get a "thrill" going to a sweetie shop.
Today`s card is one for Hazel and is going off to Canada.  One of Charlie`s family has just had a new Baby Girl.  This is a long awaited for baby, everyone is so excited.   I have kept the card flattish for posting.

White Base Card approx 5 x 7
Backing paper and topper from a CD I have had for years.
Topper matted and layered 
Pink ribbon from my stash.  Just tied a knot, again to keep it as flat as possible

The CD I used is really, really old.  I keep thinking I should bin it.  Then I remember that image and backing paper are on it plus another for a little boy card.  Looks like it will stay on the shelf for a few more years yet.

As I was putting up my Post yesterday saying that I was saying "NO" to any further requests for orders or help, guess who had left me a message on my iPad.............................Yep! Hazel.  Needing 12 small cards in 2 boxes for ladies she likes to give them to.   However Hazel is the one person I do not include on my "NO" lists.   All done and dusted, ready to give Hazel on Wednesday.  I had just been doing some clearing up and put lots of "bits" in the bag for the school.  They were removed, I made all the cards from these bits.  I felt really good when I had finished.
Right folks off to put my feet up for a while before bedtime
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate that you do that. 
Till next time

Patricia   xxx
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Sunday, 15 December 2013

"Copying Robert`s Card"

Good Sunday morning Bloggers.  I am so sorry I have been such a "bad" Blogger.
I am not getting stressed about Christmas, but I have been rather busy.
It is just another day, a special one I admit.  We are such a small family unit, we do not fuss. 
Thank you so much for keeping in touch.  I have been busy helping other people with bits and pieces.  I just do not seem to get much time at home.  My answer to requests from today will be "NO"  ....... well that`s the plan ..... will it work???? I very much doubt it.
Yesterday I spent wrapping all the gifts.  That`s done, finished, the boys things "hidden" for now.  John has been very naughty!!!!!!   Every time he has gone out he seems to have bought things for the boys.  Little things he says, yes! they are little in size but some not so little in cost.  Some I had seen, I was there, we bought them together.   Others had been squirrelled away till yesterday.  Oh! Man! there are so many, I have to admit I think John himself was surprised how many things there were.   The boys spend a fair bit time here, we have divided things up a bit.  We will keep items that they can use and play with at our house.  We will have parcel opening here later in the week.
Now I have only some "Tablet" to make to fill some little boxes for my neighbours.  We do not have that many neighbours but there are a few that help us with things that John is not able to manage.  Although they are not looking for a gift,  I do like to give them a little "thank you" for what they do.
Today`s card is one of quite a few I have made since I saw the one Robert made for his mum & dad.

The card is 2 x  A6 cards stuck together making it a tri-fold I think you would call it
Music paper and a Die cut figure.  You do not see that I have actually used gold gilding wax on the figures
Red ribbon and a stamped greeting

Back image also gilded.  Ooopps! looking at that image she looks like a bit of a "witch"  Too late they are all posted/delivered.

Robert made his card the other week when he saw the sets of Carol Singers that had arrived in the post.  I bought them from eBay.  I liked the idea of them but knew I would never really use the Die.  I thought Robert`s card was rather clever.   I do hope the people who got them don`t see that figure as a "witch" ..................LOL
That`s it for today
I will try hard to be a better blogger.  Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx