Tuesday, 19 November 2013

"Tonic Butterfly`s"

Hello and welcome, hope you are all well and managing to steer clear of the coughs & sneezes doing the rounds.
Feeling so much better today.  Probably thanks to the good "nursing" I got from John ... please don`t tell him I said that.  
I actually feel "normal" today.  Well!!! to be honest I have never really been "normal"  ..... tried it once.  It was rather boring so I just went back to being me!!!!!
Drove John to Perth this morning to have that tooth removed.  He did say he did not need me to be with him.  I left him to go to the Dentist himself while I did some food shopping.  Tell you what I know he was glad I was there to drive him home.  He is feeling a wee bit sorry for himself.  It must be quite sore I have do doubt about that.  John has really good teeth, they are big and this was a back tooth. He has been sitting very quite this evening watching the telly.

Nattyboots:-   you asked me how to make the boxes I had on my Blog yesterday.
Today Christina from Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls also Card-Making-Magic has a Tutorial on her Blog.   Please pop over and have a look.  Her Video Tutorial is absolutely brilliant, she really does a fantastic job showing you what to do.
For anyone who has not tried these boxes yet, you must have a go.  They are very easy, once you have mastered one you are up and running. 
My card for today uses up some bits & pieces I had lying about from previous card makes.

Base card is approx 41/2 x 61/2 white card stock  .....  an end from something I had done
Card embossed with Sizzix Rose embossing folder which I inked with TH Victorian Velvet Distress ink.
SB Opulent Oval and Classic Ovals used to form a frame.  Should have made the frame much deeper/thicker.    You "Live and Learn"
My new Tonic Butterfly Die.  I bought it at NEC Birmingham, the packet opened for the first time today.
It is the Mazarine Blue Butterfly Die Set.  In the set you get the base Die plus a Big and Small Butterfly also a flower Die to give added dimension.  This is my first Tonic Die and I LOVE it.  Cuts beautifully, falls out of the Die with no waxed paper necessary. 
John and Audrey always struggle for something to give me at Christmas.  They usually ask, the past two years I have requested Dies.  Think that might be the request again.  Whats the bet they will have found something this year

That`s it for today folks
Thank you so much for calling by.   I love that you take time to do that.  I hope you manage to get a little bit of inspiration now and again
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Monday, 18 November 2013

"Sorry it is Boxes again!!!"

Hello and welcome to my wee corner in the wonderful world of Blogging.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on John`s O.B.E.  Glad you did not think I was "Blowing my own trumpet" we are so proud of his achievement.  
I am still feeling "rubbish" this is a very quick Post tonight.
Elaine has roped me into doing a "Parcel Wrapping" talk to a Ladies Group on Wednesday Morning....that really should have been one for Hazel.  I have done this before, still have all my notes and some bits and pieces.  Tomorrow I will get everything ready when I get back from the Dentist with John.  He has to have tooth out.  Says he won`t need me, I am sure he will not but I also have shopping to do.  There is a Supermarket round from the Dentist.  While he is having his tooth out I will do the shopping.

A couple of the boxes that sold yesterday.  We sold loads of these as well as some Gift Bags.  The Triangular boxes filled with sweets did go as well as we thought.  However nothing lost, they will be used as Teacher Gifts next month.  
Right must go that`s John ...... Laying down the law, I have to get ready for bed............Oh! he is so manly!!!!!   I hate when he tells me what to do.  However he is only looking after me,  I think!!!    I am sure he is just fed up watching and listening to me with this "Runny Nose" & "Sneezing"

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate that you take time to do that.
Till next time

Patricia   xxx
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Sunday, 17 November 2013

"The O.B.E"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland.
Hope you are all well.
Thank you so much for continuing to support me on my Blogging Journey.
Welcome to my new follower Mary, so glad you have decided to join the happy band.
Please keep calling by, I do hope you enjoy what you see.
Hazel and I did our Craft Fair along at the Tearoom today.  I was very busy, we did very well.  As usual the things we thought we would sell did not.  Hazel had done a couple of "BIG" Gift baskets, they sold almost immediately.  Sold lots of the Origami Boxes, some the Gift Bags, pendants and a few other bits and pieces.  Oh! my Homemade Truffles went very well, especially the ones with the Bailey!s Irish Cream in them.........................!!!!!
I thought I would indulge myself and be the proud parent.  Hope you don`t mind, this sort of thing does not happen every day.
Here are John & Audrey at Buckingham Palace with John`s O.B.E

Right folks I am off to bed, I am full of the cold.  Do not know where it came from but it is here "full on".  I have not had a cold for about 4 years.  I think they have been gathering and have come all at once.
I might be gone for a couple of days the way I feel at the moment.  I felt it while we did the Craft Fair but it has really hit me since I got back home.
Be good till I get back
Thank you for calling I really do appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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