Thursday, 14 November 2013

"Craft Fair Goodies"

Hello fellow Bloggers and Crafty Friends.  Hope you are all well.
Thank, you for popping by, at least I am here with something today.  Sorry I have been missing, very busy here at "The Homestead"  
I would like to welcome my new followers, sorry the welcome is a bit late.  Better late than never as they say!!!  Thank you for choosing to follow me, I do hope I can give you some inspiration and maybe a few ideas.  Please keep popping in I love to have visitors.
John and Audrey had said they would be at our house Wednesday evening to pick the boys up on their way home from London at approx 7.30/8pm.   I could see Thomas, a terrible worrier for a boy of 9 years old getting a bit agitated.  I had to check that their flight had arrived in Edinburgh on time.   He was worried about his mum and dad, when they phoned to tell us they were just a few miles along the road, the relief on his face was amazing.  
We got to see the O.B.E all shining in its silk lined box.  Boys went away home very excited and Oh! Boy! did we miss them this morning, the house was so quite.  
I do have some photos on my iPad that I will show you once I get instructions from Hazel as to how to get them on my Blog.  Talk about "stupid" well that`s  me.  If Thomas had still been here I am sure he would have been able to tell me.
Hazel and I said we were not doing any Craft Fairs this year......however!!!  Elaine is having a little Craft Fair at the Tearoom on Sunday.  It is to help raise money for a Trip to France for her Grandsons class at Perth Grammar School.  Certainly could not refuse to do that one.
I have made lots of Origami Boxes, other Boxes, Wallets to hold a bar of Chocolate (last years big makes).   We have a few pendants and other necklaces as well, we will see how it all goes. 

Here are few Triangular Boxes I made up today.
I have filled them with Roses Chocolates from one of the big tins.
I hope to make some Tablet and Truffles for some of the other Boxes.
The boxes are from Fabulous Giftware CD by KatySueDesigns
Printed onto Neenah Card from Crafters Companion

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in and for all the lovely comments you leave, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia    xxx

Sunday, 10 November 2013

"My Haul from the NEC"

Hello and welcome fellow Bloggers and visitors, hope you are all well.  If not I send you some ((((hugs)))) in hope that might help.
Hazel, Kate, Elaine and my self had an absolute "Ball" over the weekend.  Travel arrangements went off to a T.  We met up with the lovely Christine Harrop, and wonderful Ang AKA Mrs Duck on Thursday evening for a meal.  I think the waiter could guess we might be a little "loud" he settled us in a far corner "The Naughty Corner" well he called it that anyway.......really do not know why!!!!
We had a fantastic evening, all ending far too quickly.  We were a "little" bit loud but there was a group of ladies far louder than us  ...  well we thought they were louder!!!!
The NEC was a great experience, lots bigger than Glasgow, far more bargains and a much bigger "buzz"   We were very restriced as to what we could buy.  We canny Scots got cheap flights and went for just "Cabin Baggage" which was free up to 10 kilos.  Thank goodness they did not weigh the bags coming home......................enough said.  The down side of that was they were rather heavy to lift into the overhead baggage compartments and no strong men came to our aid...........where were they all when we needed them????  I had to help Elaine who is petite, I had 2 bags to lift and handle. Kate and Hazel seemed to manage themselves................maybe they did buy so much.   Oh! yes! they! did!  We saw Kate off on the bus to Inverness.  Poor Kate still had a 2 hour journey up through the snow covered mountains before she got home.  Kate did get there she text to tell me.  All home safe after a great weekend.
Hazel suggested that we might try for Ally Pally next year.  We all said that would be good, we will see.  Hazel and I have started saving for that by putting what money we had left aside and earmarked it "Ally Pally"................Yes!! we had money left.  If we had had bigger bags no chance.  If we do go to Ally Pally we will go on the train....................................!!

 Here is my haul from the trip.  There are few Dies there that you cant see, just a few really
I bought the cotton yarn to make a lacy shawl.  I will get it started when I wind the blooming stuff into balls.  Gosh how long is it since I had to wind yarn??
I bought the Giftware CD with intentions of making some "Bags & Boxes" for the Craft Fair at the Tearoom next Sunday.  Goodness knows when I will have time.  
We have the boys for 3 days, they will be at school but we will then we will be Clock Watching and Feeding!!!!  John and Audrey are off down to London to visit the Queen.   John Jnr is being awarded his OBE on Tuesday morning.  
He is very pleased he is getting it this Memorial Weekend.  His Grandfather he never knew but heard plenty about (hubby John`s dad) was killed in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp.   He is dedicating the award to him.  Without him he would never have been born and done the things he has managed to do.  OH John was born, his father knew he had a son but did not survive to ever see him.
If I am not around for a few days you know the reason why.
I will get round you all as soon as I can, please do keep in touch. I will be looking in on you just wont have the time to sit and catch up with the commenting bit.
I am going to try and play with some of my goodies later today.  Apart from the washing which there was not that much of,  the house was "gleaming bright" when I got home.  So nothing much to do today apart from make the dinner and prepare myself for the boys coming.

That`s it for now.  Thank you for calling by I really appreciate that.
Till I get round you all

Patricia  xxx

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