Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland. 
Thank you so much for all the visits and wonderful comments, I love reading them all.
Some of you have asked for a Tutorial for the Bags. There is one but you will have to scroll back for it.  I think it is the 4th November 2012.  It is just before the Roses one.  If I was clever on the computer I could get the Tutorials on my side bar.  I am not so I am afraid you will just have to scroll back......sorry about that!!!
This is a very quick Post today I really do not know where all my time has gone but it has certainly flown away.
Week past Monday Robert phoned to tell me I had to send a reply to the School for the invitation we had been given. We had not seen the R.S.V.P. on  the invitation.  It was to view their Project  "School in my Granny`s Day" at the school, which was last Friday.  He wanted me to make a card for the Acceptance it is:-

Base card 6 x 6
I embossed my card in a folder I had.   I think it was a Darice one from Crafters Companion although I am not 100% sure on that
I wanted something kind of school like and it was the only thing I had
I distressed it with a combination of Peacock Feather and Vintage Paper TH Distress Ink Pads
Matted the Acceptance onto brown card and popped that on the front

I thought this combination might be quite good as a quick "man card" for maybe a man whose job or hobby included measuring.  
Nothing exciting but that it for today
I am working tomorrow at the Tearoom.  The boys are coming for a sleepover so goodness knows when I will be back with a Post or find time to comment on your Blogs.  Please forgive me I will get round you all as soon as possible.
Thank you for calling by today I really appreciate it
Have a wonderful weekend

Patricia  xxx


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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

"Now some Bags"

Hello Bloggers, there are a few out there not keeping so good just now.   Can I ask you to keep Anne (Redanne) Rita (RMG Creations) Hazel (BasketsOf Joy) in your thoughts and prayers.  Anne especially needs them at this time.  She has had a rather nasty fall and broken her hip.  Rita and her hubby are going through the wars at the moment.  Hazel has not been so good since she got back from her epic trip to Canada.  She has to get better we are off to Birmingham next week.....come on Sis!!!  I know there will lots more and I send you some (((((hugs))))).   The people I have mentioned are the ones I know about.
I have had a few questions and extra comments about my "Roses" on yesterdays Post.
Desiree can I ask you to e-mail me on where I can go more in depth to your question re:- pricing.
Susan, keep going with you Rose Creation Die it makes really nice Roses.  The only real difference between Blossom Five and it is the hole in the middle..................honestly!!!
Nattyboots keep at it you will get there
Oh! My! I have just noticed I have another new follower.  You are so welcome, I hope you enjoy what you see and call back again soon.
Went to Perth today to meet up with Hazel (who had to cancel) and a few of our friends.  We meet on a Wednesday for a few coffees and a good old Chin Wag.   My goodness it started out that everyone  had a problem, some real problems at that.    However once we had all talked them over we had a lot of laughs and we all went away far happier than when we first arrived.  See!! that`s what friends are all about.

No card again, just a few of the Bags I have made for our Craft Fair 
These bags are made from the card that Lidl were selling.  Hazel and I bought loads between us.  Very reasonable and excellent quality to work with.  They are bigger than A4, multiple sheets of each design, perfect for Bags.  Only downside is they are not double sided....but Hey! Ho! they still make wonderful projects.
The waste bits make the Roses.  I cut Roses out of all the waste bits, and just randomly used 3 on each bag.  Leaves are cut using a Crealies Die I got from Joanna Sheen`s website 
So far I have made and completed 11 Boxes using 12x12 card/paper from my stash
There are 6 Bags complete plus another 10 made up that need Roses made for them and attached

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by and leaving all your wonderfull comments.  I really appreciate that you take the time to do that
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

"Origami Boxes"

Hello and welcome to this little corner of Blogland.  There is a BIG world of Blogging and wonderful Crafty talent out there.
Thank you all for calling round and leaving all your lovely comments.  I read each and every one.
We have had the most beautiful sunny day here today.  Cold, but who cares the sun was shining.
It was also Card Class day today.  Went very well, Elaine had organised an Iris Folding Christmas Bauble Card.   Glad it was her and not me.  I am really not into Iris Folding, really do not see the reason for it.  Tell you what, it kept them very quite for a while.  My project was using pre-coloured LOTV images from one of their Christmas Pads.  They were glad of that one after the epic of the Iris Folding.  Asked what they would like us to prepare for them the next time  ..  more Christmas Cards, Aaahh!!!!  You can get rather sick of making up kits for Christmas Cards.......when will it all be over???? 
My projects over the weekend when I managed to grab some time was making things for our table at the Christmas Fair at the Tearoom 17th November.  I know it seems ages away, the way time is flying by it will be here before we know it.  Hazel and I are away for a few days next weekend.  The next week the boys will be with us Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday while mummy and daddy go to Buckingham Palace.

 Here are 3 Boxes I made
They are made from various papers/card I already had in stock
The Tutorial for these boxes can be found over at
Click on the Video Tutorials, it is almost at the bottom of the Left Hand column under "Origami Box"
Once you have done one you are off and running, I love making them.  Most all I love the decoratingof the lids.
My usual.......Roses......made using SB Blossom Five Die.  Leaves SB Foliage Die
I try to make matching roses from the same card/paper as the box which means you need 2 sheets of 12x12 the same.  
Ribbon, lace, pearls and buttons all from my stash.

Nattyboots....Elaine  you will find my Tutorial for making Roses if you scroll back to 7th November 2012.  The one thing I would say to people is you must use good quality card/paper 160gsm absolute min weight.  You must also really mash the paper/card on your soft embossing/piercing mat with a large head Ball Tool. This makes them so much easier to manipulate

That`s it for today 
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Patricia Haworth.....I is a good job you do not live here at my house.  I am totally surrounded by "piles" and I mean "piles" of fallen leaves.  They are all over the decking/patios/drive and garden in general.

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Monday, 28 October 2013

"Free day at last!!"

Hello and welcome to my Blog.
Hope you are all safe and well during these terrible storms.  We have been lucky so far here in the N.E. of Scotland.
Grandpa won the Paper Aeroplane game on Sunday.  Thomas was second, Robert 3rd and Granny last.  i used all my energy making the blooming things!!!!!
Thank you so much for calling by and leaving me so many nice comments today, I love that you do that.  I have had a few new callers who have left me lovey messages.  I will check them out soon, hopefully they have active Blogs so I can return the favour.  Have you seen the beautiful tribute to me has done.  Pop over and have a look he has some fantastic work and wonderful Tutorials on his Blog.
I actually have a "whole day FREE",  not had that for so long.  When I say free I did do the Monday cleaning, washing, ironing and cooking here at the Homestead.  What I mean by free is no appointments, no classes to do (projects done for that tomorrow) no working, no boys, (not that they are any bother), no shopping.  So all in all I had some time for "little old me"
I am in the process of making lots and lots of Roses for Gift Boxes I have been making for a Craft Fair at the Tearoom next month.  Hazel and I had decided not to do any Craft Fairs this year however we could not refuse to do this one.  I really enjoyed just leisurely playing away this afternoon.  I also made this card.  Not for any reason just felt like making it.

White base card approx 5 x 7
Pink card embossed with Sue Wilson`s Lattice Heart Embossing Folder
Strips of white card from the Bit Box with ribbon round them
White card cut using SB  Opulent Oval Die.  Smaller Die from the same set to cut the sentiment which is computer generated.  I drew round the small Die to place behind the sentiment 
Roses made using SB Blossom Five Die.  Foliage SB Foliage Die
Roses and leaves are lightly inked with TH Seedless Preserve

 That`s it for today

Thank you so much for taking time to visit I really appreciate that
Till next time

Patricia xxx

I have entered this card into-:   ttp://
I have never done anything with a "sketch" before,  I suppose there is a first time for everything

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

"On Your Special Day"

Hello and welcome to my Blog.
Thank you for visiting me and leaving all your lovely messages regarding Robert`s writting about his granny  -  ME!!    It did bring a big lump to my throat and I had a tear in my eye when I read it at the school.   I do try to return the favour of commenting on the Blogs of all who come visit me.   If I have missed anyone over the past few days I do apologise.  It`s life in the Fast Lane here at the moment.
When John Jnr got the Job he has we knew there would be times when we would be called on to keep the boys.  Today was one of these occasions.  Mum a Midwife was working. John should have been off but was called away to a meeting. He dropped the boys off at 11am  picked them up at 4pm.  No problem we love having them.  Thomas is a great one for making up games.  Today I got the request to make "paper aeroplanes"   Now that`s one thing I have never been good at niether has their Grandpa.  However between us we got them made.  We then had a competition to see who's plane would fly the furthest down the hall.  Thomas laid out markers, we got points for distance.......Oh! its all fun and games in this house.
Today`s card is one I made in a hurry on Friday.   Got a phone call needing a quick card, how quick?  Well its for a wedding we are going to tomorrow!!!!  People amaze me they have all that time from the when the invitation comes in and they leave things to the last minute. So very plain and simple, customer delighted, that`s the main thing.

White base card 5 x 5
White card embossed with Sue Wilson`s Lattice Hearts Folder
I stamped the JustRite Sentiment before cutting with SB Lacy Squares Die
White Organza ribbon from Mieflower for a triple bow.  Their ribbon ties the best bows IMO

That`s it for today catching up with some orders that have to be in the post for Tuesday morning.  Plus I have to finish off putting together Tuesday`s class projects.
Thank you for popping in today I really appreciate it
Till next time, stay safe from these storms that have been predicted

Patricia   xxx

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