Friday, 25 October 2013

"My Granny"

Hello and welcome to my Blog.
Thank you so much for popping in to see what I have been up to.  I love that you do that and leave all your wonderful comments.  I read each and every one.  I do try to return the favour, if you don`t have a Blog I thank you for visiting.  Thank you all for your continued support, without you all this would not be any fun at all.
Today we were along at the school to see the "Project" children from primary 1 to 3 have been doing since they went back in the summer.  "School in my Granny`s day"  We had a great afternoon looking at all their wonderful work, the research they had done and how they had done it.  Lots of information was gathered together from Granny`s, Grandpas also Great Granny`s.  There were photographs of some of the Grandparents/Great Grandparents who had actually gone to that school.  There were picture of old cars, tractors, a selection of old toys and games. They even had an old "belt"  We used the "belt" in Scotland rather than the "cane"  The children had done loads of work, they made lovely biscuits for the cup of tea as well.
They all had to write about their Granny.
Here is Roberts bit about "ME"

It is very out of focus, it was high up, I would have had to stand on something to get a better picture.  I have written it out for you to read:- not that I am proud Granny or anything!!!!

My Granny 
My granny has blue eyes.  Sometimes she wears dresses.  She always wears necklaces that she has made.  I love making cakes with her and I love putting the topping on top of the cakes.  I get mail with her and help her look at it.  I often get the newspaper too.  Sometimes she gives me chocolate and lollipops.  She spoils me but I don`t mind.  She takes me to the park with Grandpa and Thomas to play cricket it is fun.  
Granny makes me feel happy

by Robert P3

Robert is a wee darling BUT we have our moments, he is very untidy........!!!  Drops things at his tail and walks off, does not get away with it in this house.   The one thing I don`t give them are lollipops......I have this awful fear about if they fall it would go down their throat.  His father never got them either so don`t know where he got that one from.

That`s it for today I will be back soon with a quick card I was asked to do today......needed for tomorrow!!!!  I had to get out the "magic wand" give it a bit of a polish.  I have a few cards to do for Hazel`s daughter, they are not needed till Wednesday, thank goodness.
Thank you for calling by today I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

"Just a little bit Bright"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland.  Hope you are all well.  Today we started out very wet and miserable, however by lunchtime it developed into a really beautiful sunny day.  Rather windy but Hey! Ho! we can cope with that if the sun shines, well I can anyway.
Have to welcome my two new followers, thank you so much for choosing to join me on my Crafty Journey.   Also a big Thank You for all my regular followers who always pop in and leave me such wonderful comments.
I met up with my friends for coffee this morning, we still miss Hazel.  However she is back in Bonnie Scotland after their epic trip.  Really looking forward to hearing all about it.  I will not see Hazel face to face for a while yet.  Would you believe they are off on their travels on Saturday.  They are flying down to Birmingham to attend a Dinner then flying back Sunday.  Not that long till she will off again, this time she is not getting away without little old me!!!!  Hazel, Elaine, Kate (culliesocks) and myself will be on our way to NEC Birmingham.  My goodness it seems to have come so suddenly.
Elaine and I are going to Glasgow Hobbycraft Show tomorrow.  Early to bed tonight, up early and away from here at approx 7.45 am. 
If I buy anything (now I am sure I will just have to) I will let you see that tomorrow evening if I have any strength left.
Today`s card is just a bit on the BRIGHT!!! side for me, however it is made.  I will pop it along to the Tearoom with a few others, it "might" sell we will see.

White base card approx 6 x 8 
Pink Card Stock
White Centura Pearl from my Bit Box
Pink Card Stock embossed with a Crafters Companion Folder I found in the Boys Craft Cupboard. 
Cheery Lynn Butterfly Die (I think)  ....   it is a purple Die
Memory Box Die for the Swirly Bits
Flowers are waste from a Die
Tiny butterflies a Tonic Punch I have had for years

That`s it for today, hope your eyes are still ok!!! after all the brightness!!!!
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate that you take time to pop by
Till next time

Patricia  xxx
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Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Good morning Blog friends, how are you all today??  Well I hope, if not here are some (((((hugs))))) in hope that they might help a little.
So glad to have you visit I really enjoy that you pop in to see what I have been up to.
Well this is Tuesday BUT where the heck did Monday go!!!!!  I did mention this to John who informed me that we were rather busy yesterday.  Monday is cleaning day here at the Homestead!!  OK that done we had to both go to the Dentist.  Nothing to get done thank goodness, a wee clean and polish for both and off we went.  We went to Perth and did a bit of Christmas Shopping yes I did say Christmas!!!!  We had been discussing who would get what, decided that none of it was really Christmasy so we would get it now and that`s it done before the rush.  Got what we needed and home once again.  
The boys went back to school yesterday.  We had a phone call from Robert, he was rather concerned that we had not accepted our invitation to the school this Friday.  We were given the invitation done by the children of primary 1 to 3 when they did their Harvest Concert.   We did tell the Miss Crawford their teacher that we would be there.  However we did not see the R.S.V.P. at the bottom of the invitation, they all have to be in before Friday.  Robert was on the phone to say I had to make a "nice" card and could I please Bring it along right I can do a quick card but not quite that quick.  Made the card and took it along after we had our Dinner, the wee soul was over the moon.  "That will be the "best card Granny, thank you"  ....   one happy chappie!!!!  Will tell you more about Friday when we have been.
Today`s card is very similar to one I did a few weeks ago.  It is for the same lady, she liked what I had done before and wanted the same again.  I did tell her I do not do "sames" I always like to do a little different.  Oh! that`s OK as long as it is the same!!!!!!  I think you will all know what she meant.

White base card approx 6 x 8
Pink card stock
White card embossed with a Sue Wilson Folder, Lattice Hearts
SB Dies Timeless and Radiant Rectangles 
Sentiment computer generated 
Flowers SB Blossom Five using scrapes of card from my Bit Box
Leaves SB Foliage Die also using scraps

That`s it for now folks
Thank you so much for popping in I really appreciate that you do that and leave me such lovely comments
Till next time

Patricia  XXX

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