Friday, 18 October 2013

"Happy Birthday"

Hello Blog friends, hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend.
If anyone has a birthday over the next few days this card is for you.
Thank you so must for popping by today,  I love when you do that.  I hope you like what you see and call back again.
My day at the tearoom was fun filled from start to finish.  Elaine and I have a wonderful relationship, she is more like a sister than a friend.  I know Hazel will not be offended by this comment she knows Elaine so well.  We started the day off by laughing about something silly that one of us did ......don`t know which one!!!!  All the customers were in "happy mode" today so it was all fun.  The Tearoom has built up a lot of regular customers who obviously enjoy the banter Elaine has with them all.
Finished for the day and Elaine handed me an envelope with my wages.  I always come home open it and pop the money in my box (I am saving for Birmingham).  When I opened the envelope it was empty!!!!  I asked John if I was being silly could he there is nothing there.  I text Elaine "Did I not work hard enough today.  My envelope was full of emptiness"  Within the hour she was at my door with another envelope and laughing.    Her quote was "this has just been the perfect end to a perfect day"  It started off silly and had ended the same way   ...   good job we are great friends!!!!

Todays card is very similar to the one Thomas and I made last week.
Base 6 x 6 white card
Slightly different selection of backing papers printed from CDs which I stitched
I folded over top right corner, fastened with a button from my button jar
Added flowers and leaves from Wild Orchid Crafts.  I twisted the stems I cut off round a cocktail stick to give the the little "twirly" bits
Happy Birthday is a rubber stamp matted onto card and cut into a Fishtail

That`s it for today, have a wonderful weekend
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it and all your lovely comments
Till next time

Patricia   xxx
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Thursday, 17 October 2013

"Just for You"

Hello and welcome to my little space in this wonderful world of Blogging.
Thank you all for your concern over my back.  A lot better today, I think it was more my Kidneys than my back once I got my head round the pain. I rushed out yesterday morning without the amount of water I would normally drink in the morning.  I was in such a hurry to meet up with my friends I ducked the last glass of water that was sitting waiting to be drunk.
This morning I followed John to his garage to have his car looked at.  One of the wheels was making a funny noise.  Only now and again but the car needs the 4 wheels......!!!   We knew we would have to leave it and did intend to do some shopping.  The weather was not good so we just came back home.  John will take me along to the Tearoom tomorrow, this is my Friday to work.  That way he has a car just in case he has to go somewhere.  It will not be far as mine is manual, John needs automatic for his wonky knees, so he wont use all my petrol........   Wonder what will happen in the Tearoom this Friday???   I have mastered the "coffee machine"    Last time I managed to "flood the floor"   just a little ..... hope I don`t spill soup on someone.....LOL all fun and games my day of working.

Today`s card  ended up totally different from what I had in mind when I got all the "gear" out.
I had a phone call from a friend who has had a few problems of late.  She is much better, she was happy, chatty, it just changed my mind on what I intended doing.  Funny how these things happen.

 Base card 5 x 7 white card stock
Centura Pearl Card embossed with one of Sue Wilson`s Folders
White card cut using SB Decorative Labels Twenty Two
Scrap of Tilda Card cut using next Die size down
SB oval to cut another piece of the Tilda plus same oval to cut a piece of Burgundy card.  I cut the Burgundy oval in half and placed it behind to give a little contrast
Stamped image from a Just-rite Stamp set
Rose SB Blossom Five Die  SB Foliage Die for the leaves

That`s it for today 
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate that you take time to come and leave all your lovely comments
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

"Engagement Card"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland. 
Hope you are well, if not here is a gentle (HUG) in hope that it helps.
Thank you so much for all your continued support.  That is what makes this all worth while.
Oooops!!! nearly forgot to welcome my new follower, thank you so much for joining me here, I am so glad you have decided to follow me.  I do hope you keep coming back.  Pop over and have at look at Cheryl`s Blog, great things to be seen there.  Some stunning pictures of her daughter who got married very recently.
Weather here has developed into a very miserable evening, thank goodness I do not have to go out.
Met my friends in Perth this morning for coffee, we all missed Hazel.  I am sure Hazel never gave it a second thought.  She is enjoying her trip over the "Rockies".  Hazel went to a Michael`s yesterday and was rather disappointed with some of what they had to offer.  However she did send picture of loads of reels of ribbon she had not all bad.
Keeping this short tonight I have a very sore back.  Do not know what I have done but it is certainly letting me know about it.
My card today is another I did for the couple that got engaged a few weeks ago.  I did one for one of the Aunts when one of the other Aunts saw it she wanted one made as well.  It was very last minute so nothing fancy.

Base card 6 x 6 white card
Cream card stock, I printed everything on to it.  I have not done this before but it worked out not to bad
Cream ribbon & narrow brown ribbon 
SB Heart cut in brown and a patterned card that was a backing from something I bought.  I liked it so embossed it and used it.
Very plain and simple but I think it works.  Customer very happy so that`s the main thing
Thats it for today
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

"Some Christmas Cards"

Good evening Blog friends, is it really Tuesday already???
Where is all the time going???  
Thank you so much for visiting me.  I feel I have not done very much Blogging lately, I just do not seem to have all the free time I used to have.  I am sorry if I have not been to visit you these past few days I do hope to catch up real soon.
Today I did the Card Class along at the Tearoom Workshop, this has been the best one so far.  There are two ladies who come, they are very nice "but"......... I always get the impression that they would rather be somewhere else!!!  However today they were actually laughing.  Elaine say`s that`s them getting used to our funny ways!!!!  Now I don`t know if she means funny Ha! Ha! or funny peculiar........LOL!!!
I don`t get much time to chat with Elaine after the classes, she has to rush off and start serving lunches in the Tearoom.  We catch up with all the gossip on a Thursday evening when she comes along.  Most of the ladies that go to the class have lunch in the Tearoom.  Elaine gets time to have passing conversations with them.  The ladies all seem to have fun, keep coming back so I suppose those two do actually enjoy being there.
Elaine and I have got our tickets for the HobbyCraft Show in Glasgow, we are going on the Thursday.   We were to give Glasgow a miss this year. we are flying down to Birmingham to the N.E.C.  Elaine wants to go to Glasgow and needed me to go with her.  It would be really rude to refuse a request like that??  We only have "Cabin Bags" for Birmingham, I know Elaine is worried about that, she just loves to buy.  It is not really bothering me, I like to go more to see what is coming onto the market.  I know you get bargains but sometimes once the shows are over you can get as good bargains on line.  Well that`s what I am telling myself and I am sticking to it

 Here are a few Christmas Cards I have done for myself.  They are basically flat and will go 2nd Class
All the cards are C6 size 
White card stock
Coloured card stock
LOTV Images from their Pads
Sentiment a very old wooden stamp I have had for ever
I have added some glitter here and there....................finished
Well that`s 9 done only about another 50 still to do.
Family and friends ones will be a bit more adventurous

By the way Oriel was delighted with her box of cards.  She said that are extra special knowing they were made just for her. 

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really apreciate each and every visit
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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