Friday, 4 October 2013

"Engagement Congratulations"

Hello Blog friends, hope all is well with you today.
Our weather started out quite miserable first thing this morning but by mid afternoon we had a beautiful day.
Thank you so much for popping by today I really love that you choose to have a look to see what I get up too.  
I had a nice comment for Janice Wallace who commented and told me she does not have a Blog.   Carol Yates I mentioned the other day, she told me she has a Blog but unfortunately I cant get to it.  It is one of these Google ones, that does not link you or should I say maybe it is me just being stupid.  Maggie who goes under the Blog name of French also called in, thank you for that.
Well folks another very busy day in the Tearoom once again.  Managed the coffee machine fine today although I did flood the floor a little bit when I left the Water Urn on filling a Teapot.  I turned to answer Elaine on something, when I looked at my pot, the water was flowing over the top. Just a little bit but there you go, always something.  Other than that everything was just fine.  Lots of nice customers, we managed to have a laugh with most of them  There were 3 older ladies came in, they were a bit grumpy.  We had run out of Carrot Cake    .....   they always have Carrot Cake when they come in.  I told them that maybe they should try something else as all the cakes are really good.  Two of them did have something different but the other only wanted Tea!!!!  You cant please all of the people all of the time!!!!!
My card today is one a friend ordered for her Nephew who got engaged the other week.    I had not a clue what to make. I made two cards this is the one she chose and is delighted.

Base card white 6 x 6
Piece of white card stock, I embossed the centre with a SB Die
Embossed a piece of Kraft Card with a Cuttlebug Folder and cut out a circle using SB Classic Circles Die.    I rubbed it with some Gilding Wax and popped it in the centre
Rose made using SB Blossom Five Die plus some gold cord I found in a box
Computer generated greeting cut into a fishtail mounted on some Kraft Card and added under the rose
I did make a Box using Kraft Card with the centre of the front cut out, sorry forgot to photo that 

That`s it for today thank you so much for calling by today I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

"Now the Box"

Hello Blog friends, I hope the rain has not been too bad your way.
We did not have rain till late afternoon, it was just down right miserable from early morning.
Thank you for coming to visit, I know you are all busy people.  I love that you take time out of your busy day to drop into my Blog space.  I read all your lovely comments and really enjoy popping over to  your Blogs to see what you have been up to. 
Went to Perth this morning to get my hair cut so  -  a happy bunny again.  I was going to do some shopping but that all changed.  Audrey phoned to remind us about the School Harvest Concert this afternoon.  Remind us!!!! she had forgotten to even tell us...........typical just typical of our darling Audrey.   We spent from 1.45 this afternoon at the school.  The "performance" started at 2pm Oh! My! Word! some of the children were so funny.  Bearing in mind there are only 20 children in the school, they did extremely well.  They have 4 children who play Bass Instruments, not that well, but they did their very best.  The children had spent the morning baking Apple Muffins and an Apple Tray Bake to serve with the teas and coffees.  The apples came from the trees in the School garden.  All in all we had a good afternoon.
I did intend making a card to post on my Blog tonight but I ran out of time.  You just have to put up with the final part of the Gift Box of Cards  ......  the box itself.

The original box I  made did not have the panel, frame or butterfly.
I saw the beautiful box that Ang, (Mrs Duck) had made for her card.   I decided I had to make an effort and do something better than a "plain old box"
The box measures 7 x 91/2 x 11/2 inches made with Lidl card.  A heads up from (Mrs Duck) thank you so much for that.  I used plain brown card for the base and patterned for the top.  The 12 cards are set out two lots of 6 side by side
I make all my boxes using my Ultimate Pro
Die Cut panel done using a SB Die
Frame using SB Matting Basics Dies
Organza ribbon and pearls to finish off

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for visiting today I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Bed early tonight I am working in the Tearoom tomorrow, then it is the weekend again!!!

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

"Last of the Trio`s"

Hello Blog friends, not such a nice day here today.  Rather dull to say the least.  Coming home from Perth, it was so dark and it was only 2pm.  Mmmmm!! did not like it.
Thank you so much for calling by today.   I love that you come to visit.   If you leave a little comment then I know you were here.   If you have a Blog I can link back, see what you get up to and return the favour by leaving you a comment.   I would like to welcome Donna my 110th follower, hope to see you here again soon.  Also Carol Yates I have not seen Carol for a while.  Carol does not have a Live Blog,  I am so happy you popped in, please call again soon.
Met Hazel and our friends today, had a good chat, laugh and sorted out some of the worlds problems   ....   Oh! I wish they were that easy to sort out.   I will chat to Hazel every day till she goes away.  I will not see her now till nearer the end of October.   Thank goodness we will still be able to message each another using Apple Messaging.  
This has been another week of hardly being in my own house for very long.  Thank goodness John does not mind his own company.   He certainly can not depend on me for company that`s for sure, I am not here that much.   I am off out again tomorrow morning to get my hair cut.  I will be in Perth, might have some spare time so it will be silly not to use it it do some shopping if I do!!!! 

This is the last of my Trio`s
Oriel`s Gift Box will contain 12 cards.  I have popped each one into a "cello bag" to keep them clean and fresh
Anniversary cards this time, Silver, Ruby and Gold.  Maybe I should have popped in a "general" one!!!
No!!! one of the White on White ones could be used for that I am sure
Gold and Red is card from my stash.  Silver is also from the stash, I embossed it with a Butterfly Folder
SB Dies used for the Shapes, Butterflies, Flowers and Leaves.  A few were already cut and in my Die Cut Bits Box
Pearls from my stash, computer generated greetings
All in all these cards have not cost much to make apart from time.   I just hope they will be useful

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for popping in and leaving such lovely comments I appreciate each and every one
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Must remember to press the "publish" button tonight  ....   !!!!

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

"Trio of Baby Cards"

Hello Bloggers hope it has been a good day for you all.
Quite a nice day here considering it is the 1st of October.  My goodness where has the year gone?? 
Actually where has today gone??  Does not seem that long since I got out of bed, it will soon be time to climb in again!!!!
Have you noticed how quickly the trees are turning??  I love seeing the beautiful colours but I am not keen on this time of year as it heralds the winter which I do not cope with very well.
I usually go into total "hibernation" I really mean that.  Last year Hazel made me promise to meet her one day every week which I did.  Other than that one day I really did not go out.   I will certainly have to go out more this year.   Still meeting up with Hazel and our friends on a Wednesday.  I have the card classes to do, I also help Elaine in the Tearoom every other Friday or when needed in an emergency.  It will be a very different winter for me. 
Did our card class today, ladies all managed the cards.  Some really struggled with the folds for the "Diamond Top" card however they all got there in the end.  Next hurdle was teaching them to tie "multi loop bows" using a Bowmaker.   I find this very easy but I know from experience so many people just don`t get it.  The ladies have decided that it will be part of every class in the future to tie a bow before they leave the building..

Here are the next 3 cards in my Gift Box collection
All the cards are cut from an A4 sheet of white card.  I fold the sheet in half the cut that in half giving a 4 x 6 card approx.  They can be made up landscape or portrait 
Baby everyone needs Baby Cards.  I included a yellow one which will do for either sex
Yellow, Blue and Pink Card stock
Papers were printed from Creative Crafting World CD "Perfect Paper Companion"  I like Backing Paper CDs or papers downloaded from NitWit collections.  You never run out of backing papers with a CD
SB Die Cuts for the shapes and a Memory Box Die for the little pram
Pearls on the wheels from my stash
Computer generated greetings

Thats it for today
Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to call by.   I really do appreciate each and every visit.  I read all your lovely comments, I am so grateful for you leaving them
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Monday, 30 September 2013

"Another Trio"

Hello and welcome to by Blog.
I think I have managed to catch up with all your Blogs.  Well I do hope so, if I missed anyone please let me know and I will get to you A.S.A.P.  
Up early this morning, beds stripped, washed and out.  Got the house done before John and I went off to Perth.  He was very badly needing a haircut, to the extent that when he came out of the barber shop he looked like a totally different person.........I kid you not!!!!  John wears his hair very short but Man! Oh! Man! he left it almost 10 days longer than normal.  I was a right proper mess. 
I need not talk I go to get mine cut on Thursday in preparation for going away next week, mine is also far too long.
I have had a rather quite day today for a change.  No rushing hither and tither, most unusual, actually took bad having a bit of time to think!!!   However Card Class tomorrow, Elaine is coming tonight to help finish off preparing the projects.  I have done most of the preparation for the cards I am doing.  The ladies wanted to do a "Diamond Top" card.   Elaine made 150 of this style for her daughters wedding invitations.  She reduced the size and made all the Name Cards for the over to Elaine on this one.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Trio of White Cards.

Here are another 3 cards that are in the Gift Box of Cards for my friend
I made the 2 brownish ones to be used as "man" cards but really think they could be used for both
The Lilac one is definitely for a lady.  They have been made with some "bits" as well as prepared pieces.  Fish tail banners I cut myself, Dies used are SB Classic Circles and Oval.  The Aster is cut from scraps, the SB Lattice was cut some time ago and never used
Pearls, gold Dots from Peel-offs and a button to finish off

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate you take time from your busy day to do that
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Sunday, 29 September 2013

"A Trio of White Cards"

Hello Blog friends, how are you all??  ... Well, I certainly hope so, if not here are a few (((Hugs))) to help.
Thank you for coming to visit me.   I have to apologise for not commenting on some of your Blogs.  I did try to get round most of you but time just kept running out.
What a week last week was, I barley had time to draw breath some days.  Thank goodness it is over.
You know something??? I really do not think this week is going to be much better.........we will see!!
My car needed new front Brake Pads and Disks to pass its MOT other than that it passed thank goodness.  Now going like a dream after its service, I am happy it did not cost me too much.     Oh! how I need my wee car.
Thomas and I are off  for a few days to Ballywater in Northern Ireland a week on Tuesday.   We are visiting my friend Oriel and her husband John`s Dairy Farm.   Flying over, travelling "light" just cabin bags.  I was trying to think of what to take as a wee gift.  I always send flowers once I get back home but also like to have something to give when I get there.
I got a "handmade" card from Oriel for my birthday.  It was made by one of the ladies that goes to their church.  It was really more "homemade" rather than "handmade", had a thought and decided  I would make 12 cards for all occasions, also make a box for them as my gift.  
Here are the first 3

I have kept them all approx 4 x 6 
Folded A4 card stock then cut that in half
I have made these all white on white that could be used for anything
As you can see I have used some Dies and embossing folders
I have kept them mostly flattish so that they go in envelopes for posting
I have done all the rest, I will show you these during the week
It will give me something to post while I try to find time to draw breath!!!! 

Thought you might like to know that the school have made £2,400 from their Charity Shop in Coupar Angus
There are 24 bags of clothes that they will take to one of these "cash for clothes" places
They also have a few donations to come in from people who got things before the shop actually opened
Not a bad "haul" from a load of cast off clothes, books, toys, games and other peoples general junk!!!!!

That`s it for today
Thank you for taking time to pop in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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