Friday, 6 September 2013

"Another Big Box"

Hello and welcome to my corner of creativity.
Thank you for popping in I really love that come to visit, have a look at the things I do and leave your lovely comments.  Without the participation from you guys out there none of this would be worth while
Oh! My! Goodness! can you believe it is the weekend once again.  I was sure it was only Monday when I went to bed last night.
Do you ever do silly things???
Well here`s one I did yesterday  .....  I think you all know I craft in the kitchen.  John is so very patient and understanding, I really do not like to take a loan of the idyllic situation.  Yesterday I was desperate to get the Big Box I was working on finished I got rather carried away or so I thought!!!!!   I looked up saw the time on the clock, oh! my! goodness! is that time already!!!!   I finished off what I was doing, cleared away all my "stuff" then started to get on with preparing the dinner.  Most of it had been done earlier in the day.  There was just the veg. to cook, set the table,  get everything together in general.  That all done I shouted up to the attic where john was working on some of his trains  ....."dinners ready".   When he came down he looked at me and said " are you hungry this evening?"   Not really but I did not want to delay dinner any longer, I am a bit later than normal.    Well have another look at the clock sweetheart!!!   I had  prepared the dinner 1 hour earlier than usual.  That`s not silly that`s just plain DAFT!!!!
Here is the box I was so engrossed in when I did not read the time right.......

The request for for a pretty box with Pinks, Blues and purples.  The lady was giving it to her friend who did sewing but did not want it to be just a sewing box.  

The lid showing some of the sewing bits.  The whitish Rose is made from a paper Ikea tape measure

And the whole lid
Elaine took it away last night, the lady is coming to the Tearoom for it Saturday.
The three I did last week are all away to their new homes with delighted customers.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it
Have a wonderful weekend
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

The boxes I use are bought in blank cardboard boxes.
Elaine being Elaine got them at an auction, ended up with a bundle of about 50 so we have a lot to work on.
Hugs xx

Thursday, 5 September 2013

"Custard, Kraft & Classic Circles"

Hello Bloggers, bet you thought for a moment the title was for something to eat!!!!
Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to come visit me, I love to have you call in.
WOW!  I have had a visit and comments from 3 new people today. Julie Kichener sorry I was not able to link back to you.  You have this Google Circle thing that has me rather confused.  Ali Watson and Helen Owen  I was able to pop back to have a look at what they do.  If you get time click on their comment on my Blog, have a look at their brilliant work.  I think it is nice to look at other Bloggers work that you might not normally click on to.  Great ideas come from just Blog Hopping. 
My faithful followers will recall my episode with the Hairdresser or "lack" of Hairdresser.  Today I found someone who has cut my hair the way I like it  ....  I am a very happy bunny.  This girl was recommended to me, a tiny little shop just her in her own little business.  She is a beautiful person and a wonderful hairdresser.   A 50 mile round trip but who cares when you get what you want and are happy.
Customer for my card today wanted CAS and guess what  ....  Quick.
Just got back from Perth, she was on the phone, she had forgotten it was their Anniversary today.  Could I please make a card for her to pick up early afternoon.  I had a problem finding my "magic wand" but I managed to get the card done.   Been collected and she was delighted....thank goodness.
I have stuck to my guns and still used my "Old Dies" how simple is this:-

Base card approx 4 x 6 cut from Custard Card
A piece of patterned paper  (frebee from a Magazine)
Kraft Card I ran through a wood effect Embossing Folder
I then cut a hole using a SB Classic Circle Die  (I got the basic idea for this from John next Doors Post this morning)
I used the piece that came out, placed the next size down Die on it and cut that.  I was then left with a Circle Frame.  I have used the reverse side of the Kraft Card for a bit of definition
I lined up the embossed Kraft Card, placed the frame and stuck that down
Added foam pads to the Kraft Card and attached
Made a banner, computer generated Greeting added as well as a button threaded with Bakers Twine.

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

"Ruby Wedding card using Basic Dies"

Hello and welcome, hope you are all well. 
For those a little down I send you some (((((hugs)))))
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments.  I love reading them, it makes it all worth while.
Another day of fantastic weather here once again, actually very warm in the afternoon.  
Met Hazel this morning, had coffee and a great chat.  Some other friends joined us so we tried to put the world to rights.  Rather a difficult job at the moment the way things are in the world.    
One lady (Anne) who joined us needed some support today.  She has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she had a long chat with Hazel who was able to give her lots of advice and reassurance.  Anne said that the only reason she managed to join us was the fact that Hazel would be there and understand if she suddenly started to weep.  She was having her MRI scan this afternoon, we are all thinking about her and wishing her well.  We moan, we groan but there is always someone worse off, life can be rather cruel.
My card today is once again using some Dies I have had since I started using them.  I am trying hard to resist buying any more.  If we just look at what we have, try making designs using different permutations we could go on for a long time without buying any more ..... well that what I keep telling myself.
I have a selection of Anniversary Cards displayed in the Tearoom, people just say what they want, I make them to order.  Some people do want them there and then.  If that happens Elaine just phones along, I make another to pop in the cabinet.  

Base card cut using SB Grand Labels One
I cut this 3 times to form the Easel Card
Burgundy card cut using SB Circles Squares 
White card cut using slightly smaller Die from the same set
Roses cut using a more modern Die.   SB Blossom Five plus leaves from SB Foliage Die
I used some Picked Raspberry Distress ink round the edges of the petals
Banner made from some scraps
Computer generated Greeting

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling in I really do appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Hello and welcome, hope you are all well and enjoying this wonderful weather.
We have had a beautiful day, bit windy but wall to wall sunshine all day.....Bliss!!!
Was up at the crack of dawn, oh! my! the mornings are so much darker, Autumn is slowly creeping in.
Got all yesterdays washing ironed and put away. 
I was along at the Tearoom for 9.30am to get set up for the Card Class at 10am.  My ladies made 3 Christmas Cards, all went away very happy.  They said what they would never have thought of doing what we did.  They did the cards I posted a couple of weeks ago.........The Candelabra, the Door Wreath plus one very similar to what Sue Wilson ( had on her Blog this morning.  I had done mine in purples, the ladies chose to do their poinsettias in red.  I think purple was a bit too modern for some of them.  I don`t have a photo of mine at the moment, left the card along in the workshop at the Tearoom.
 I was looking for a stamp the other day, I came across a sheet of Sheena Douglas stamps that I had never opened.  I spotted this stamp and right away the image of the ornament came into my head.
 Robert keeps looking at this and saying "that man and lady have no clothes on).  They do actually, I have pointed it out to him but he always looks at me as though I am not telling the truth. 

Base card 6x6 white card stock
Kraft card
Printed backing paper from a NitWit collection
Odd piece of brown card cut using SB Lacy Circles Die 
Another odd piece cut using SB Classic Circles
Greeting stamped on cream card cut using next size down SB Classic circles
Leaves a Crealies Die from Joanna Sheen
Flowers and pearls from Wild Orchid Crafts

Heather (Heathers Happenings) mentioned we do not use our old Dies enough.  We always go for all the newer ones in our collections
Today I went right back to basics and used some of the very first Dies I ever bought. Tomorrow I hope do do similar.  I have decided to try and use as many old ones as possible in the next few days.

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for popping into visit today I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


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Monday, 2 September 2013

"Happy Birthday Thomas"

Hello and welcome to my little space in the world of Blogging.
 For anyone who has popped in for the first time, I hope you like what you see and come back again for another look sometime soon.   If you have time please leave a comment so I know you called.  
For all my faithful followers I would like to say a big Thank You for all the support you have given me.  Without your visits and comments none of this would be worth while.
Housework day here today, it is so much easier when the sun is shining.  Up early got lots done,  washing out, all before breakfast.  Then I had to pop into the clinic where Hazel`s daughter is based on a Monday, to get her to deal with my BIG toes.  Every now and again I need Gillian to cut the nails on big toes.   My left one gives me a few problems, dropping the Base Plate for my Cuttlebug on it did not help.  All sorted, I can skip about again.   
Today I am showing you the card I made for Thomas.  I always like to do something different for the boys.  Thomas is very much into Tractors and Farm Machinery which I have used in the past.  I felt he is getting a bit too old for that now so went for the music he got an MP4 player!!!!
Don`t know how many of these we have bought him.  He keeps putting them in his jeans pocket and they end up going through the washing machine.

Base card is approx 4 x 6
A piece of music paper......goodness knows what the music is, I don`t read music.  That often worries me when I use music paper for cards
Black card 
I had a pair of earphones that did not work, I used some of the cable.  I used a bit that still had the little label on.  I made earpieces using buttons
Cut a circle using SB Classic Circles, added a few pen marks to represent selection button, volume etc:- I also added a SU embellishment for the on/off button
Computer generated greeting 
Thomas was thrilled, great idea Granny, I really like it.  Next time you could do an iPad with the picture of a Tractor and Trailer on the screen ......... and I thought he was passed that stage. 
That`s it for today, off to finish another Big Box for tomorrow.
Thank you so much for calling in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Sunday, 1 September 2013

"Elaine`s Birthday Card"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland.  Thank you for calling in to see what I have been doing.
I really enjoy that you take time to pop in, I hope you enjoy what you see and call in again sometime soon.
Today is Thomas`s 9th Birthday, we were along at their house since early afternoon till quite late.  They had their bath, got into bed, John read to them.  We had "another" quick cuppa with John and Audrey then left.   Although Grandpa would have stayed on.  He say`s the boys having to go to school really curtails their "FUN" time ....... he would be the first to moan if they were not doing well at school!!!
Thomas did not want a party, said he was getting to old for silly parties.   Asked what he wanted to do he said, I would like have you guys (meaning mum, dad & Robert) also granny and Grandpa, could we please have Chinese for tea!!!!  Wish fulfilled, it was great, everyone was happy.

My card today is the one I made for my friend Elaine.  Her birthday was last week she now has her card so I can show it to you.
Base card is 8x8 scalloped card from Joanna Sheen
Dark pink card
Light pink card
Dark pink again then the image which is from an old Kanban sheet.  I still have a few of these which I find really handy.  I used to love when you could down to the Kanban Factory Shop and fill the boxes for £10 or £20
The verse  was also part of the sheet, I have mounted it on the same card as the main image.
Stamped Happy Birthday added a few flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

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