Friday, 30 August 2013

"A BIG Box"

Hello fellow Bloggers welcome to my corner, so glad to you decided to call in today.
I love that you come to visit.  Welcome to my new follower Ann, delighted to have you join me on my crafting journey.
Thank you all so much for your good wishes and advice on the "wonkey wrist".  Still using the support thing the doctor advised which really helps.
I was working in the Tearoom today and so far so good it held up.  John has some "magic cream"  for his knees that is made up by a lady who works with Hazel`s boss.  Hazels boss is a Pain consultant.  I have been rubbing some of that on and it really does help. 
Still trying to take it easy but the orders are flooding in for the Big Boxes.  I have been very good and used my eBosser to cut out all the bits and pieces.  I seems so slow when you have just 2 maybe 3 little Dies to be cut.  I gave myself a pat on the back yesterday for being so good and having such Patience   ......   here is the latest box.  The lady picked this one up today and was delighted with it.  It is the first time I have actually been in the Tearoom when the customer picked up any of the Big Boxes.  I do them, hand them into Elaine who passes them on to the customers.  Working today I saw the lady and felt really good when she went into raptures about it.  I love doing this sort of thing.

The box is BIG but gives you loads of space to work on
Painted with Cheap as Chips emulsion paint inside and out and left to dry
I stencil Butterflies, also use some masks to create texture on the out side 
Cut out some Cheery Lynn Doilies popped them on the top to give a bit of definition
Make "loads" of Roses mostly from papers I have got as Freebees on and in magazines.  I like a lot of them but never seem to be just what I want to use on cards.  Now all being used up, I feel they look good as Roses
Roses made as usual with SB Blossom Five Die.   SB Foliage Die for the leaves 
A rosette made with a piece of lace from my stash and a large Pearl Dazzler
A few butterflies I found in a box.  I added some pearls to the bodies

I came home with an order for 2 Ruby Wedding Cards plus a box for another lady to give to her friend for her birthday.   She said any design but she is into sewing.  I might just have rummage about to see what I have that would be appropriate. 

That`s it for today, thank you so much for calling in I really appreciate it
Have a Great Weekend

Patricia  xxx
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

"That Box" a different way

Hello friends and followers, welcome to my little corner of Blogland. 
Glad you decided to drop by today
I hope you will leave a comment so I know you called.  I really love that you come to visit.  
Met Hazel this morning, have not seen her for 2 weeks.  We have chatted every day but it is much nicer to meet up and chat.
Not getting much crafting done my wrist is really rather painful.   I am right handed but my! goodness! I do use my left hand far more that I ever thought.  However I did manage to use some more of those Die Cuts that made up the boxes I showed yesterday.  Here is another way to make them up.  I saw this idea somewhere while Blog Hopping but I really can`t remember where I had stopped off!!!! you ever do that??  I do far more Blog Hopping with my iPad than I ever did on the PC.  It is great fun but you can use up so many hours.

My Box today is made using some Kraft Card and the Heartfelt Die from yesterday
Scraps of paper from my Heartfelt Creation Delicate Aster Collection pad
I have also decorated the back but not the sides
I decoupaged the Flower & Bud, I popped some Micro Beads in the centre of the flower.  I decoupaged the Butterfly for the top
Hung a little Padlock Charm on
So there you go, another way to use the Heartfelt Creations Die
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

"Two little Boxes"

Hello Blog friends.........
Sorry I have not been commenting on your Blogs.    I promise I will get round you all soon to see what I have missed.
I am still alive and kicking, well almost.
I have had a horrible weekend, I developed a UTI in the early hours of Saturday morning.  Have drunk Gallons and really mean Gallons of water, diluting juice, tea.  At one point I felt I was floating about rather than walking.  Why do we always get these things at the week end???    I also have RSI in my left wrist from doing too much Die Cutting.  When I am Die Cutting I hold on the the machine with my left hand that`s where the problem has stemmed from.  I have an eBosser but who wants to use that when you have only one or two "little" dies to cut.  I grab my Cuttlebug for that, my favourite piece of kit.
I had the makings of these boxes cut out for a class.  I decided to make up a couple as plain as possible.  The ladies at the Card Class saw one I had made for selling in the Tearoom and they want to make one.   I made these very plain so that they will do them, get them finished to take home with them.  We will progress onto fancier decoration once they have been coming for a few weeks.  There is only one lady who comes that has done any Card Making or Paper Crafting.  I have to bare that in mind when I am doing things for the classes ..... we all have to start some where.

Boxes made using Heartfelt Creations Gift Ensemble Die.  I cut them from Tilda Paper Stack, Kitchen Garden.  these were two odd sheets I had left in one of the stacks I have.
Great Die, the only down side is to make one box you have to cut  the Die 4 times.  ( I feel cutting out all the bits did not help my left wrist)
Butterfly from Les Papillions Two
Organza ribbon from my Ribbon Box 
Butterfly for one and a daisy for the other.    The makings for the daisy were left over SB Asters I had popped in my Die Cuts Bits Box.
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by I really do appreciate it
Till next tiome

Patricia   xxx

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