Friday, 23 August 2013

"Now a very simple Christmas Card"

Hello and welcome my Blog Friends.
Thank you for calling by, I love to have you visit.
For my loyal followers without a Blog I say  .... Thank You  for continuing to support me.  I feel a bit guilty that I can`t link into your Blog, see what you do and leave a comment like to do for me. 

Once again another very quite day in the "crafty" house.  John and I popped up to Blairgowrie this morning to do a couple of things at the Bank.  Imagine having to go 8 miles to to that!!!  We had a branch of RBS in Coupar Angus(where I worked) 3 miles along the road.  I  left to look after John when he got home after his accident.  A few people commented that once Pearl and I left they had to close it, It did not function with out us!!!!   Sounds good but the real reason was to save money ..... Banks save money  ... right!!!   Anyway there is not that much in Blairgowrie so did not spend anything which is good for me.  
I am scheduling this, Elaine will be here soon.  This is our Thursday evening get together supposedly to do some Crafty things.  We spend more time chatting and laughing and drinking tea. .  However we have had orders for more Big Boxes so we will be cracking on with them.
My card today is another of "my personal" cards to send out for Christmas.  I will not be making many cards to sell in the Tearoom.   I feel people buy these boxes of cards at the supermarket and send those.  I do get "specials" to make for friends and neighbours.   A few regulars at the Tearoom have asked me about personal ones which I said I would do .......  we will see what comes of that.

 Base card 4 x 6 white card
White card embossed with a Sizzix Door folder which I cut round.  I placed that on a piece of Purple card
I cut a wreath shape using 2 of my small SB Classic Circle dies
Punched out Foliage using a Martha Stewart Punch and stuck that round my wreath
I attached that to my door then to the base card.  I used small dots of glue round the wreath and sprinkled with some glitter.  Tied a bow with some very narrow purple silk ribbon.   I was going to add a few pearls on the wreath but wanted to keep the cards as flat as possible for posting
Popped a peel-off waste, silver dot, for the door handle  
Have made 12 of these.  All in all I have most of my cards made.  I need to add some Greetings, do the inserts, pop them in the envelopes, stick the stamps on.  I do not actually address the envelopes yet, things can change between now and when I would post them.......if you get my drift on this!!!  At the moment another PHD!!.    I just hope I remember where I put them (somewhere safe) when it comes time to get them posted.  I still have all my "really special" ones to make

That`s it for today folks
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate that
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Well folks I did say I was sheduling this and it did not work!!  ....I forgot to press  "publish" Oh! silly old me.......  Have a Great Day

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

"Very simple Thank You"

Hello Blog friends great to have you pop in.  I love that you come to visit and leave all those lovely comments.  I read each and every one.
Not a lot going on here today.  Did not meet Hazel this morning, she is suffering a bit with a very sore ankle.  She is not able to drive far so did not chance driving all the way to Perth in case she would not make it back.  We have done plenty chatting on the phone though!!!!  
 Had a very pleasant lunch with John Jnr today.  He baled out of his house, Audrey had a few friends in for lunch so thought his mum and dads would be the better option.  We don`t often get him on his own these days.   It was lovely to get all his news without interruptions.   When everyone is here there is always something else going on.  They go off home when you remember you have forgotten to tell them something....oh! the joys of family.
My card today is a very simple Thank You Card

The card is away and I can`t remember the exact measurements
I think it was about 4 x 6 white card
Pale pink card
White card
Pretty paper that was in my box
A Clear Stamp Set that was in my stamp box, I am afraid it is (nameless)
I used a Quickie Glue pen on the flower heads and sprinkled them with glitter
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx
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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

"Working on my PHD!!!"

Hello and welcome to my creative corner.  A rather L O N G !!!! post today.
Thank you for taking the time to call in today.   If I can inspire just one person with the things I show it will make me very happy.
Today was the first ever Card Class along at the Tearoom.  When Elaine took over the premises there was one barn that had all the facilities for a Tearoom.  Other than that the first thing I saw was this wonderful space that could be used as a Workshop.  The barns are modern, the Workshop has fantastic natural light from large Velux windows in the roof space.  Never for one minute did I think I would be doing these classes.  I gave up doing all that a couple of years ago to just be able to "Play".  So between helping at the Tearoom and now doing classes I will be kept rather busy.  I have told Elaine that I will do it for a while but to keep her eyes open for other people who might do classes.  She has actually got one other who does very different work using Mixed Media.  She is the Scottish Representative for Barbra Gray`s Clarity Stamps.  You never know we might even be able to get Barbara to the Workshop.
There were 7 ladies today, we were quite happy with that for the first day.  They all want to come back in two weeks time for more.......   There were another 5 on the list but for various reasons they could not make it, they are coming next week.  That`s fine, I will just do the same things with them.
Today`s card was a bit of a "Flop" but I thought I would show it anyway.  I did actually use it for Hazel`s daughter Gillian for her birthday last week.  Gillan is a Gem and will forgive me!!!

Base card 6 x 6 white card
SB  Floral Oval (Now this is where I made the BIG mistake)  I was trying to be economical with a 12 x 12 piece of white card that was the front cover of a Tilda Paper Stack.  I knew it had a design on the back but thought you would not see it "Wrong"......  you can see the reflection on the base card.... silly me....... teach me to be a Cheap Skate!!! 
The floral arrangement consists of  Memory Box Large Layered Leaf Die
Small Britannia Rose Die, Martha Stewart Punch for some foliage.  Some tiny flowers that I made from a small die.
I did add a Happy Birthday Banner at the top but forgot to photograph it before I gave the whole thing to Hazel.
I am not usually such a "Dizzy" person but lately I am beginning to worry about myself.  Bet your wondering how I could ever possibly do a PHD  ................................  well ladies no I am not that clever
I have been working on my "Projects Half Done" .............
I have loads of Lace which was all in a bundle.  I decided it had to be sorted.  I have been working on that for a couple of weeks, enough was enough and it had to be completed.  Here is most of my lace all nicely onto rolls.  Old Loo Roll, Kitchen Roll insides covered with paper, SB Classic circles for tops and bottoms.  When I was out this morning John went off and bought me a beautiful basket to keep them all in.

One roll there has to have its top and bottom added

 Now all in the basketThe box with the Roses is a box that John got some "smellies" in for his Birthday earlier this year.  It was white with writing all over it, I covered it, added some braid I had then popped some Roses that were in the Die Cuts Box on the top and sides.  It now holds some "little bits" of lace.

Finally some of the ladies just before they left to have their Lunch at the Tearoom.  They finished off the class by making one of the little SB Bracket Boxes.

You will now be glad that`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia  xxx


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Monday, 19 August 2013

"Happy Anniversary"

Hello Blog friends, well another Monday been and gone.  Where are the days going just now??
Thank you for popping in to see me, also for all your lovely comments on my Box of Roses yesterday.
We had a nice day here today.  I think the days of sitting in the garden are gone, however we are still seeing the sun now and then.   Got all the bedding washed, dried, ironed and put away.  The rest dried, that have to will wait till tomorrow to be ironed.  
I am teaching a "Card Class" at the Tearoom tomorrow morning.   I will be up bright and early as always.  I will get the ironing done then check I have all the bits and pieces I will require for the Class.
I did a tidy up of the left over Crafty Bits from last weeks makes today.  I also tidied up my "Lace Box" I will show you what I have done later in the week. 
My card today is for my friend and neighbour Isobel, it is there Anniversary tomorrow.  Their car has been away for a couple of days, I think they must have had a long weekend away. 

The whole card was made from bits that had to be tidied away from last weeks makes.
Base card approx 4 x 6 white card
Some spotty paper I found in the box along with most of the other bits
A Cheery Lynn Doily Die Cut, some banners I had cut using a Stamping Up Punch
Cheery Lynn Butterfly with a few pearls on the body.   SB Bitty Blossom Flowers, American Seam binding tied into a triple bow.  This was actually two pieces of ribbon I Hot Glued the ends together to give me a piece long enough for the triple bow   ...   Waste nothing me!!   I added a Pearl embellishment and some flower bits.
I also found a length of pearls that I have used along the top with a Lace Bow
Computer generated Greeting mounted on a piece of pink card
Oh! and a couple of tiny bits of lace I have tucked under the Doily Die just to use them up.
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

"A Box of Roses"

Hello and welcome to my Blog.  I hope you like what you see and come again for another visit. If you have enjoyed a peak at what I do  please leave a comment or just a quick "Hello" so I know you called.
Can you believe we are staring yet another new week.  I hope this one brings lots of good things for you.
When my friend Elaine and her daughter opened their Tearoom back in March I was given a cabinet to display and sell some of my Crafty Creations.  I am surprised how well it has done. I did a box similar to the one I am showing today which has caused a bit of interest.  I have sold 3 from the one Displayed in the Tearoom.  People want to do a "Workshop" to make one.  I have no problems doing that BUT it is a lot of work.  Talking to some of the people I feel sure they would struggle.  However rather than start with the Box, Elaine and I have decided that we had to start some basic Card Classes.  So Tuesday 10 til 12am will be our first venture.  I did lots of  classes myself a few years ago and they were very successful.  Hazel and I have seen quite a few of the ladies that came to them selling cards and other projects at Craft Fairs that we do.   Hazel and I do not take cards, there are so many stalls selling Handmade Cards.
Right folks ... there are a few pictures coming up!!!
I really should have taken a picture of the bare Box.  It is a rather big box measuring 13x9x4 inches.  They are plain "Bog Standard" Kraft Card Boxes which I cover inside and out with a Mushroom coloured cheap as chips emulsion paint.  I then use some of my Dies, Stencils, masks  and Distress Inks to to create a bit of a background, to break the plainness of the box.
I make Roses using whatever papers I can find either in Elaine`s vast collection of "Stuff" at the Tearoom or Freebe papers I get in Magazines (Not those horrible shiny cheap papers) nice quality absolute Min 160gms

Box finished and ready for delivery

Close up of the Top, they are always different, no two the same.  This one has 3 Doily Die Cuts using a Cheery Lynne Die as a base for the Roses.  Roses made using SB Blossom Five Die.  A few Pearls, a Dazzler, some beads a wooden Butterfly and a little organza Bow.

The edge of the box lid is decorated with some good quality Lace with Burgundy Organza Ribbon threaded through.  I tied a Triple Bow attached with Hot Glue and added a pearl.

Some lace I have ready for another Box waiting to be done.  I only had white which was far too stark, I tinted it by leaving it sitting in cold tea for a while.  I have tried using Distress Inks in the past but the results are always rather "Patchy" I like this method far better.

That`s it for today, I hope you are not too bored by now and will call in again soon.
Thank you for visiting today I really appreciate it
Till next Time

Patricia  xxx