Friday, 16 August 2013

On the Tiles Again"

Hello and welcome, great to have you visit.
Before I continue I have to apologise to anyone I have missed out today.  I try to comment on as many of my followers Blogs as often as I can.   
I was working in the Tearoom with Eliane today and by great were we busy or what!!!  
I am sheduling this as I know I will fall asleep as soon as I sit down and get comfy.  My feet are sore not really from working but from dropping things on both my Big Toes....!!!  I dropped my iPad on my right Big Toe on Monday evening.   Then  I dropped the thick "base" plate from my Cuttlebug on my left Big Toe on Tuesday.  They are both very sore but getting better.  Thank goodness it is summer and I can have my toes out.   As you will be aware you are not allowed to have open toe shoes or open sandals on in the Tearoom   ... Health & Safety rules.  Well my poor big toes were aching by the time I got home.  I did take my open shoes with me and had to put them on in the afternoon luckily we did not get any visitations from an Inspector.
So this will be short so I can get my "feet" up, I am getting too old for this working lark.

Base card is 5x5 white scalloped card
I covered a piece of Lilac card with some very fine netting I found in a drawer the other day.   It was one of these circles of net for Wedding Favours.  You really do not see it but it is there
I then cut some 2inch squares of card.  Covered them with slightly smaller pieces of pretty backing paper.   I distressed the edges of these.
I did intend sewing these squares onto the Lilac Card   ...   the whole card was all put together before I remembered that I was going to do that....Duh!!!
Cut and embossed a SB Classic Circle and added that
Arranged some Wild Orchid Crafts flowers, SB Foliage and a Memory Box Die Cut
Made a banner and stamped Happy Birthday
A great card for using up bits of left over card and paper

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it.
I will get round you all I promise
Till next time

Patricia xxx

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

"Another Christmas Card"

Hello and welcome to my creative corner. Great to have you pop by.  If you have time please leave a comment good or bad or just even say "hello" so I know you came to visit.
Took the curtains back, absolutely no quibble.  I think they have had other complaints it was just so darned easy.  Did try to get some compensation for the amount of time and petrol Audrey had wasted  ....  no go an that. 
Did some other shopping, well we can`t be out together without buying something.  Went to TKMax, I got some of my favourite perfume at a great price.   I only manage to get this when I am in the States.  I have a few in reserve, Audrey and Elaine both brought me back some from their trips earlier this year.  Like shoes and bags you just can`t have enough of your favourite perfume.
Popped into the Tearoom for a coffee on the way home.  Elaine`s daughter Gillian told us she is getting married a year in  November.   So guess who will be helping with the Wedding Stationery??  Did the other sister`s so will have to do Gillian`s.  I feel quite honoured to be helping with it.  As long as there are not too many "bows".  I tied hundreds and hundreds for Jennifer`s and that was only 2 years ago the memories are still fresh!!!!
Came away with a few orders for cards, have done some, others still to finish off.  I am working with Elaine tomorrow so they will have to wait.

 I have made 10 of this card so far.   I quite liked doing them, I may do a few more.  Again I am trying to keep them as flat as possible for posting standard 2nd Class.  Counted last night how many cards I will make this year, it will only be 50.  Some will be handed over approx 30 to post, and a few extra special ones.   So other than last year when the money for cards & postage was donated to Charity this is a big reduction from previous years.

Base card white DL cards I have had for ages
Memory Box Candleabra Die this comes with the Die for the lovely candles.  I used Cosmic Shimmer Gold PVA to create the flames on the candles
I punched some foliage with a Martha Stewart Punch.  Poinsettia (or trying to be one) are the bits from my little flower Die once again
Star Die is another Memory Box Die you get this one and a smaller size in the packet
Greeting stamped using that Clarity Stamp I have for as long as I can remember mounted on silver card

That`s it for today
Thank you  for calling in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

"Gift Card Wallet"

Hello Blog friends, hope today has been a good one for you all.  If you feel bit down here are a few ((hugs))) that might help.
Welcome to all my new followers.  Thank you so much for choosing to follow me on this Blogging journey.   If you click on some of the comments left on my Blog that will take you away on a great journey of creativity.  There are so many talented people out there it always amazes me.
Met Hazel this morning along with another two friends.  We had coffee`s chatted, more coffee`s and more chat.  Tried to put the world to rights but I am sure like many others who try to do the same we have failed miserably.  However we had a good time catching up . 
I have been busy getting things up to date in the house this evening.   I am off out early with Audrey tomorrow morning.  Audrey will drop the boys at school then come here to pick me up.  We are off to Perth trying to sort out the continuing saga with her curtains.  I love my DIL to bits, we get on so well in general.  The one time we could fall out is over curtains.  She is a very clever girl but just does not grasp the concept of measuring for curtains.   I kept telling her she would be better buying the material and my friend would make them.  I used to do all the curtain making.  I stopped that when it became too much of a strain on my back, lifting the yards and yards of material we need to cover our windows.    Convinced having them made would be too expensive she bought some.  It has been a total disaster.   Expensive curtains, poor quality material when they were hanging on the windows.  They were changed for something totally different, these new ones the material is coming away from round the eyelets, they are not even hung up yet.  Bearing in mind we live 22 miles from the the shop where she bought them.  She has been back and forward so many times the price of petrol would have gone a fair way to the cost of them being made.  Anyway enough said we will see how things go tomorrow.

I was asked by Hazel`s daughter Tammy to make a Gift Card Wallet.  They wanted to give a gift but the couple seemed to have everything.  The Gift Card would allow them to buy whatever they wanted.
I used one sheet of 300gsm white card stock
Scored the card in a Tri-fold using my trusty old MF scoring board that I have had for years.  This was my first ever scoring board and wow! does it usage show!!!
Used a combination of SB Border Dies to cut the edge.  Decorated it with flowers.  They are made with bits from a Die.  I pop them on my embossing mat and form them with an embossing tool. Easy Peasy!!
I cut a bit off the height of the inner layer of card and stuck it down along the outside edges to hold the Gift Card
Added Organza Ribbon to tie a bow to close.
I buy all my 25cm Organza Ribbon from Mieflower I just love their rolls of this ribbon it ties beautifully and is not expensive.

That`s it for today
Thank you for visiting I really appreciate it 
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

"First Christmas Card"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the wonderful world of Blogland.
I receive so many kind messages and comments thank you very much.  I truly try to respond to every single one. 
Nothing exciting here at all today.   Boys back at school after great holiday with hardly any "indoor" days.  I think they had one day where they went to the cinema with Mummy because it was horrible weather.  
Well folks I have actually started  ....  making my Christmas Cards.  I made very few last year, we decided to donate all the money we would have spent on materials and postage to a Cancer Charity after all the treatments that Hazel had.   I had a few phone calls from people wondering if we were all OK.   So from sending out over 100 Christmas Cards I have now decided that I will drastically cut back this year.  The people who phoned are top of the list.  They obviously noticed the did not get a card from us.  Other than the ones who did get one last year that will be it for me.   I tell you people get so many cards, they open them, look to see who it is from then forget all about it.  They might notice that yours was missing if they look through them again before getting rid of them.
I made 6 very similar to the one below. I have kept all my card flattish so the will go standard Second class.
 A few of you mentioned that yesterday`s  Sympathy card design could be used for other occasions.   I took that on board, and came up with this.

Base 5 x 5 white card  
White card embossed with an embossing board I borrowed from Elaine.
White card
I covered the join with Stamping Up Ribbon
Embossed a small SB Bauble and popped that on
Tied a triple bow with some Bakers Twine which I ran across a Victorian Velvet Ink Pad
A Memory Box Star.  This set comes with two sizes this is the smaller one
Stamped sentiment using a Clairty Stamp I have had since the year dot!!!

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for popping by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx 

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Monday, 12 August 2013

"Sympathy Card"

Hello Blog friends, Hope you have all had a good start to the new week.
Our weather here has been rather "hit or miss" ...... you are either get hit with rain of you manage to miss it!!
I popped along to the Post Office approx 4 miles away.  I had left rather a lot of washing out , the sun was shining.  On my way back I caught in a terrible shower.  Thinking my washing would be soaked I was angry at myself for not taking it in before leaving.  Turned off the main road, down approx a mile to our village   ...   no rain and the sun still shining!!!
All in ironed and put away.  I usually do my ironing at some "silly o`clock" in the morning.  If I don`t sleep it does not bother me I can get so much done in the "wee small hours"
Today`s card is one of these ones we do not like to have to make, unfortunately they are needed.
This one is for a friend of Hazel and I who`s mother of  86 has died.  The lady has had a good life and she herself was ready to go.  Her daughter will miss her so much.  She lived with her daughter and her husband for the past few years.  The funeral is private at the ladies request.

Base card is A4 folded white card
White card embossed in a Darice Folder from Crafter`s Companion
Piece of Black & White card
Black ribbon from my Ribbon Box
Cheery Lynn Die for the flower
Computer generated sentiment mounted on Black 
The sentiment was one I got from a card that was sent to us when John`s mum died a few years ago
I keep a lot of these as well as the verses inside 

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for popping in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx

Sunday, 11 August 2013

"Wedding Congratulations"

Hello and welcome to my Blog, thank you for stopping here. I do hope
 you like what you see. 
Welcome, welcome, welcome to all my new followers.  Oh! My! Word! this time last week I was celebrating I had 100 followers now I have 105.  Thank you so much for choosing to join me here.
Busy, busy here as always.  Where does all the time go??  Here we are once again approaching the start of yet another week.  Thomas and Robert go back to school on Tuesday, holidays over for another few weeks.  They have certainly had great weather this year with very few hours spent indoors.  
Have to tell you what that little tinker Robert and his friend Fergus who lives along the road did the other day.   Fergus`s garden links via a farm track to John and Audrey`s.  Fergus gets access by climbing the fence but only if allowed same the other way for Robert.  The other day Fergus was over and the two of them were having great fun with the garden hose (as children do)  Audrey was on the phone chatting, knowing Audrey that could have been a long time!!   When she had finished she went out to see what Fergus and Robert had been doing...........!!!  They had dug a hole in the lawn, filled it with water and were pretending it was a swimming pool.  Not too big a hole but one that has certainly made a mess of the grass.  It is at the back of the house which is not quite so bad.  I asked Thomas what Dad had said.  He said "Daddy was very, very angry but did not actually say anything".  I feel John would have blown a Gasket if he had started.   Robert has some punishment that has to be fulfilled, don`t know what, never asked..........Boy`s......!!!
My card today was one requested by Tammy (Hazel`s daughter)  Tammy likes Plain & Simple

No Idea the size of the card its away, I forgot to measure
Base card white
Navy Card rounded at the corners
White Card also rounded
A Memory Box Heart Die
I have a Die that gives little "Waste" bits that I often use to make tiny flowers.  
I cut some in navy, I had some white in a pot which I also used as accents on some of the flowers on the Heart Die
Computer generated wording as Tammy requested

That`s it for today
I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead
Thank you for visiting me I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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