Friday, 9 August 2013

"Shoe Inspirerd"

Hello Blog friends, hope you are all well.
Thank you for calling in today, I really like that you take time to visit and leave all your lovely comments.  I read each and every one.
Sunday past I reached the heady heights of having 100 followers.  Never thought for one minute that I would ever get that many.  I did say I would put the names of all the followers who commented this week into a pot and John would draw out the winner.   Some commented almost every day, you had multiple chances. The name John drew out was Pam (Pamscrafts)   Pam if you forward your address to me at I will post your parcel out on Monday.
I was with a friend for coffee this morning.  I put on a pair of shoes I have not had on in ages.  When I look down at my feet I thought Mmmm!!! I see  "a card"
So folks here are the shoes

Now here is the card I madeNo reason for the card other than the shoes inspired me.

Base card approx 5x5
Navy card
Grey card
Flowers cut using a Cheery Lynn Die
Butterfly a SB Die
Ribbon Stamping Up I won in a competition earlier this year
Pearls from my stash
That`s it for today
Thank you for  popping by I really appreciate it
Pam remember to leave me your Postal Address
Till next time
Have a Great Weekend

Patricia  xxx

Thursday, 8 August 2013

"Late Birthday Wishes"

Hello and welcome, hope you enjoy your look round my Blog.  If you did and have a few minutes to spare, please leave a comment so I know you called.  That way I can link back to see what you get up to.
Busy day here today, we had the boys unexpectedly.  John Jnr phoned late last night to ask if could take them Audrey was working today.    He was to work from home to be with the boys.  Got a phone call to be at a meeting 10.30    ...   in London.  I sometimes think they forget how far north we actually live!!!
We have had a great day, exhausting but good fun.  John Snr had to have his eyes tested, of course you get these horrible drops in.  I had arranged that I would go with him to drive home.  The boys came with me we did some shopping for T-Shirts and trainers for our house for them.  Met Grandpa then went for a walk across the river Tay along a bridge that parallels the railway.  Great fun and they saw trains.  Very late lunch at the Tearoom where they get exactly what they want. Elaine is great at catering for the boys who are the same ages as her Grandsons.   Robert wanted of all things a "roll with Raspberry Jam"  All fed and watered so back to the Ranch to play till Daddy picked them up.  When daddy drew up the both said "I think we will just stay Granny" however Daddy decided he wanted them home, they are going off somewhere for the day tomorrow.
My card today is for my friend in Northern Ireland I went to school with.  When we were both 9 years old we started at a new school in Belfast on the same day.   Oriel had come in from the country I came over from Scotland.    The teacher sat us together, we have been friends ever since.  Don`t see each other a lot possibly about once maybe twice a year.  Her birthday was today and I forgot.  By the time she gets this card it will possibly be Monday, hence the "Late Birthday Wishes"

Base card approx 5 x 7 very dark dusky pink
Pale pink card
Backing paper from a NitWit collection 
SB Labels Die in pale pink
2 white Memory Box Die cuts layered together to make it look a little fuller
Some flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts
SB & Crealie Die Cut leaves
Computer generated greeting mounted on pale Pink card and raised from the base card
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

"A few more Gift Bags"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland. 
Thank you for calling in today.  For all my followers who do not have an active Blog, I enjoy that you come to visit.   Unfortunately I can`t visit you and leave a comment.   I want you to know I  love that you follow me on this journey.  For my other followers you certainly have given  lots of encouragement and inspiration which I appreciate.
I have to thank you all for your concern over my "hairdresser".  A few of you said to look for another  ....  well I have been looking ages for an alternative, no one has come up to the standard I want.  I have very thick hair which I wear short, re:- my photo  ..  that`s it.   When I go to a new hairdresser I know by the way they approach me whether they will be any use or not.  If they hesitate with the scissors I just tell them to take a little off and don`t go back.   If they get stuck right in I know that they will do OK.  However so many times I find someone and within a few months they either move away or get pregnant and leave.   The only other person that cuts my hair to the standard I like is my hairdresser in Dalyan, Turkey.  She has cut my hair for 14 years.  When I win my millions on the Lottery I will hire a private jet to take me out to get my haircut every 6 weeks.  She also cuts Hazel`s hair when we are there, so we could both fly out together LOL!!!   Now! there is only one problem .... I do not buy Lottery tickets............. dream on Patricia!!!
No card today I have been so busy making Gift Bags for the Tearoom.  

Here are a few that have been in the Tearoom and gone.  Over the past 10 days they have sold 8 Gift Bags plus a few Boxes
These ones are made using papers from Tilda Paper Stacks "Kitchen Garden & Country Escapes"
I find the weight of the papers just perfect.  A great balance between card & paper
I make them approx 10 at a time that way I can mix and match the Roses.  
I usually make the Roses using the reverse side of the paper for each Gift Bag.  Sometimes I feel this is a bit pale so just mix and match with the other shades of card I am using. Just a case of try it and see
The papers are 12x12  I cut out all the Bags, Bases & Roses, at the end of the session I am left with only a strip of card 12x41/2 inches from each bag.  I then use this on cards so literally no waste 
If I use A4 card I find I have more waste
That`s it for today
Thanks again for popping in I really appreciate that you take time from your busy days to leave a comment
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

"Trash to Treasure"

Hello Blog friends, hope you are all well, if you are feeling a little down I send you a few (((Hugs))).
All well in these parts of the woods.  Rather a nice day today, we had beautiful clear blue skies at 7am when I was sitting in the garden have my morning cuppa.  I was not that warm but it was wonderful to be sitting out at that time listening to the birds.  The rest of the day was rather cloudy, at least it stayed dry.
Went off this morning into the hairdresser, a few miles out of the centre of Dundee from here it is about 18 miles.  Arrived at the door to find the place shuttered.  My appointment has been been booked for 6 weeks, she knew I was coming.  Each big city in Scotland has its 2 week Holiday period, last week and this week are the Dundee Holiday.  When I was booking my appointment she told me she would not be closing those two weeks as she was having her holiday in September.   She obviously has been so quite that she has just closed up her shop.  You would think she would have phoned round her booked customer to let them know.   I was so angry I was almost "spitting fire" I hate not getting my hair cut every 6 weeks.
 All calm now, have realised there are more important things to worry about other than getting ones hair cut.
My project for today was inspired by the "throw away" packaging from a Room Freshener.  You know the kind   ..  the bottle of smelly oil and the reeds.  When I removed the oil and reeds I was left with two beautiful little tubs, a long piece of acetate and a beautiful piece of card that lined all but the front of the box.
That set the wheels in motion, I have a few things I am using the bits for.  Here is one of the things I came up with:-  (well two actually)

The tubs were six sided, I have the SB Hexagon Dies, decided to use them for the tops
I cut out 6 of the shapes in card from a cereal packet.  Stuck 3 of these together for each one
Cut out and embossed some pink card the same shape for the top and bottom of each attached these
I then cut 6 circles of cereal packet card using SB Classic circle Dies.  I measured the Die so that it would fit inside the tub even though it was six sided.  Stuck these in threes and attached to under side of each lid.  Cut and embossed pink card and attched.  This then become a nice underside for each lid. 
Once they were all stuck and dried I ran round the edge with a gold pen.  Decorated them with  flowers and leaves that were in my box that had been made up and not used. 
Finished  ... out of what could have been thrown away I now have 2 little "trinket pots" with lids that fit
Sorry the photo is not that good, one of the pots is sitting a bit squint on the stand I am also working on at the moment.
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling in I really appreciate it.  
Remember if you are one of my followers please leave a comment so your name will go in the pot for the draw on Friday evening.
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Another using "Those Papers"

Hello and welcome, great to have you visit.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on me getting my 100 followers.  I for one never thought it would happen.  The Goodies are all packaged ready for the address to go on.  So remember if you are a follower please leave a comment, your name will go in the pot.  The only one not going in, is Hazel (Hazel`s Baskets of Joy).  Not that I would not want her to win.   Hazel can get any Crafty Goods she needs or wants just by phoning me.  I know she would have told me not to include her.   For anyone who does not already know Hazel is my sister and best friend.
Gale left me a lovely comment and asked "what is happening in November".   
Gale...... Hazel, Kate (cullisocks) my friend Elaine and myself are flying down to Birmingham for the Hobbycraft Show.  We have planned to meet a few felow Bloggers on the Friday evening.  We will get to meet and see each other in real life.   Some of the people that we chat to on almost a daily bases.    I just keep thinking about "Mrs Duck" I am sure she will be the one we will all recognise right away her "yellow feathers" will be the give away!!!    Hazel says she will be recognised as well.  Her picture is a Basket because she states she is a "Basket Case"  ....  her words NOT mine .... LOL

My card today is another I made using my Heartfelt Creation Delicate  Aster Paper Pad.  I felt once I had cut into it I might as well use a few of the sheets.  These papers are so beautiful they really do not need any embellishments so make a really quick and easy card.

Base 6 x 6 white card
Dark purple card stock
2 sheets of the paper,  I cut the flowers and leaves out of the second one to decoupage the main image
Computer generated sentiment, inked and matted onto some of the purple card
Quick and very easy

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling in, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

"A little bit of Rolling"

Hello and welcome to my corner of Blogland.
I can not believe it ... I have 100 followers.   Thank you Margie for joining me on my travels through the wonderful world of Blogging and becoming my 100th follower.   Thank you all for continuing to support me, I really appreciate it.    
I have seen so many great creations "Works of Art" a great many of them. Gained so many snippets of information and inspiration that have inspired me to keep goingI have also met met so many wonderful, generous people.  I treasure your friendship each and every one of you.  A few I have actually met and some I know I will meet in November.
When I started my Blog June last year I never for one minute thought I would ever reach 100.
To celebrate I have a collection of Crafty Goodies to give away.  I will put into a pot the names of  any "followers" who leave a comment on my Blog this week.  John will draw one out on Friday evening.
I have been very busy making Gift Bags.  I took 6 along to the Tearoom last Monday, they had all gone by Thursday afternoon.  I made another 5 between Saturday and this morning.  John came through while I was up to my elbows in "Bits of Bags & Glue" .  Told me to finish off the bags I was doing, he would take me along to the Tearoom.  I could put the bags in the cabinet, that way he could get some "lunch".   Just got them in the cabinet when a lady bought one.  Elaine texted about 4.30pm to say another 2 had gone.   Oh! Man! I am getting a bit sick of making bags.  However I will have plenty money to go back and get "the bag".  Will that please you!!!    She gave me telling off for deciding I really did not need another handbag. 
Today`s card is a little different even for me. I was looking on a CD for some backing paper when I spied some with the turned corner effect.   Felt that was a bit old hat, decided I would give it a new look. Did not see any papers I wanted to work with on the CD.  I took a brave decision and have actually cut into my Heartfellt Creation Delicate Aster Pad that I have been admiring and caressing for about a month.  I did have to have a seat and a drink of water to recover from the trauma.........!!!

Base, white card I cut to approx a DL size
Two sheets of paper from the Pad.  One for the base and the other for the two layers
On the long side I cut at approx the middle of the top two layers almost into the middle of the pieces
These are double sided papers, the top two layers are from one sheet.  One facing one way next layer facing the other.  I rolled the paper over a Kebab Stick gluing as I went along
I cut the flower from the base sheet.  What you see is the reverse side
Cut some leaves using a Crealies Leaf Die
Popped a gem in the centre of the flower
Have not put any greeting on I will leave it till I know what I want to use it for

That`s it for today
Remember if you visit please leave a comment.  You never know you might be the winner of the Goodies............
Till text time

Patricia  xxxx

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