Friday, 2 August 2013

"Happy Birthday Mia"

Hello Blog Friends,thank you so much for calling in today.  
What started out here as a rotten morning, soon changed.  Approx 9.30am the sun came out and we have had a very nice day if rather windy.  Great for drying the clothes, all done, ironed and put away. 
John and I took off around 10am. had day away, of course there just happened to be some shops.  I had to buy a few things.   A day away without buying would be no fun.   Sitting in the car on the way home, was rather annoyed with myself (you know the feeling I am sure) for not buying a beautiful leather bag I saw in a wonderful shade of pink.......   Mind you I need another handbag like a "big hole in the head" but it was very nice.
It was Elaine`s granddaughter Mia`s 1st birthday yesterday, this is her card.   I don`t buy gifts for any of Elaine`s grandchildren they get so much.  I just put some money in the card, they can do what they like with it.

Base card 6x6 white card
Pink shiny paper I got in a pack some time ago
White card embossed with an Anna Griffen Folder
Pink paper
LOTV image, I added a tiny silk bow to her hair
Computer generated greeting

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for popping in and leaving all your lovely comments I really do appreciate them
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

"Happy Birthday"

Good afternoon Bloggers, sorry, I am very late with this Post.
I have had a severe case of "lazyitis" it started yesterday afternoon.  I think my working caught up with me.  I sat on my bottom and could not be bothered moving.  Most unlike me, I do not do sitting still very often.
Thank you for calling by, I love that you take time out of your busy day to visit.
This morning I had to catch up with the Monday pasts housework.  I usually go from one end of the house to the other on a Monday do bits and pieces each day through till Friday.   I then do a quick run through to last over the weekend.  "Mad" I know, there is only the two of us and John is a very tidy person.  Me being me, cannot change and it has to be done.  All up to date, I am happy again.  
The phone has rung 4 times this morning with people wanting cards ...... thank goodness none are wanted for today.  
This one will be delivered later this evening on my way along to John & Audrey`s.  I have to pass the ladies door anyway.
The request was for a Happy Birthday Card "Pink with some of your flowers"

Base card 8 x 8 white card
Pink card
Backing paper printed from My Craft Studio Florigoraphy CD 2 
I used SB Border Dies to cut the scallop along the bottom.  I keep the Border Dies under my Grand Dies, I spied them the other day and was determined to use them soon.  That`s them used wonder how long it will be till I use them again??
SB Lacy Doily Die in Pale pink
I cut the floral paper with SB Labels Twenty. Stuck that on some of the dark pink and cut round it to create a mat
I stamped a Tag shape I had in my box with Happy Birthday
Used SB Rose Creations Die for the flowers,  popped a pearl in the centre.  Tied a bow with some very narrow ribbon, placed that at the back
A few pearls scattered here and there to finish off

That`s it for now
Thank you so much for continuing to keep me company on my Blogging Journey I really appreciate it.
Till next time

Patricia   xxxx

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

"Just for You"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for popping in today.
I love that you come to visit.  I would like to thank all the people who comment on most of my projects and do not have a working Blog.  I really appreciate that you continue to support me on my Blogging journey.   Even though I can not return the favour by visiting you, I am very grateful.
Not so busy with customers in the Tearoom today.  Still busy though, neither Elaine or I like doing nothing.   We emptied out my cabinet, cleaned all the glass shelves then put everything back in again.  I actually share a few of Elaine`s cabinets.  They were also cleaned and re-organised.  All sparkling and shiny once again. Great days work and of course plenty of chat and laughter.

I made today`s card last week, "John Next Door" had done similar,  I decided to keep mine back for a few days.  

Base card was an 8x8 which I cut down once I had finish the tile work
I inked my embossing folder with "picked Raspberry" distress ink 
Ran my card through, I then cut it into (one and a half) inch squares, inked the edges with the same ink
Fitted all the tiles onto a piece of white card that I had slightly distressed and inked
I then placed that on my base card which I cut to size
I had a piece of Heartfelt Creations Lace Die in my box I used that
Then I cut out lots of different flowers and made them up.  I love making flower, I could spend all day doing just that!!!
The Rose type are a Britannia Die, I made some into Roses others I just offset together
Punched a few little flowers and leaves, added them as well.  Scroll, last one left from the gift I got from a fellow Blogger, I split and used it
Computer generated sentiment and addition of some pearls to finish

Took this along to the Tearoom, a lady bought it before it even got into the cabinet.

That`s it for today 
Off to make a 1st Birthday Card for Elaine`s Granddaughter Mia.  Certainly does not seem a year since she was born. 
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my work
I am sorry if I have missed anyone out these past few days.  In the words of Ang  ......   Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible!!!
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

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Monday, 29 July 2013

"New Home" Card

Hello Blog friends.
Well folks, I can tell you I am really, really tired tonight.  Working in the Tearoom is fun but I am glad I don`t do it too often.  I am working again tomorrow and that will be it for a while, I hope!!!
Started very slow with customers this morning.  Elaine has all the fillings to make up first thing, I help by filling the cabinets with the cakes and scones etc:-   Wow! 11.30am  everyone, their Auntie and Uncle descended on the place and it went non stop till 5pm.   They close at 4.30 in theory but obviously would not turn customers away.  Floors done, lights out and we were off.  Was I glad to get home???
I am working because Elaine`s daughter and her partner bought a house a couple of months ago, they got the keys on Friday 12.30pm.   Moved most of their furniture in on Friday evening/Saturday morning.  Steve, Gillian  and Gillian`s boys slept there Saturday evening.  I offered to work with Elaine so that Gillian could have a couple of days to get things in order.  Glad it is just two days and not all week.

This is the card I made for them:-
Base card 6 x 6 white card
Burgundy card
Pink spot paper that I did Faux stitching round the edge
Pieces of striped paper from my Bit Box
Burgundy card 
Spotty paper
Rubber stamped the verse on to a piece of patterned paper from my Bit Box, mounted onto burgundy 
Don`t know anything about the stamp it was in my box of stamps, I have had it for ever.......!!
Attached the double heart, because it is their first home together.

Oh! I have to tell you I sold lots of my things in the Tearoom today.
I sold yesterdays Gift Bag plus 2 of the 6 I made a couple of weeks ago which I only took into the Tearoom this morning.  A Pendant, a necklace, pair of earrings and 2 little Bracket Boxes made with a SB Die. I also took an order for a Golden Wedding card.  I need to stock up on any type of box,  I only have 3 left in my cabinet.   Man! I am going to busy in the next few days.  
I am looking for days with 48 hours in them and a new "Magic Wand" does anyone know a good "website" for these??? let me know A.S.A.P. please.

That`s it for tonight I am off to bed
Thank you for popping in I really do appreciate it.
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

"Another little Gift Bag"

Hello and welcome, glad you have come to visit me today.
I hope you like what you see and come back another day.  If you have a Blog, please  leave a comment I can then link back to see some of your work.  It is amazing the wonderful world of talent that is out there.  
John and Thomas were to be going to a Model Railway Show.  That was cancelled due to some of the roads to get there being rather badly flooded.  John brought Thomas along and they played upstairs with Grandpas Model Railway.  Robert stayed with his dad, they had a day together, then came along later for tea.  Robert will have day on his own with Grandpa on Friday.  Those boys really love one on one time with Grandpa.
With the boys up stairs that gave me time to "play".  I did some using up of  bits that were gathering dust on the Dining Room table.  I found a couple of 12 x 12 pieces of card stock, decide to use them to make a Gift Bag.  I have some small jars containing Bath Scrub, Body Butter etc:- which need some fancy packaging to sell at the Tearoom.
When I showed the bag I made for Audrey on 21st July, Jenny  mentioned putting my next one into challenge.  I will enter this.  Have you had a look at Jenny`s Blog??  She does some fantastic projects.  Not my style in any way but I just love what she does and admire all her wonderful work

Here is the bag I did today:-

White 12 x 12 Pearlised & Textured Card Stock
Patterned 12 x 12 card stock
Using the white card I cut just one of the largest SB Grand Labels One Die then cut this in half to make the bag frame
I also cut patterned card using the size smaller Die, also cutting this in half, stuck them to white pieces
I made the base similar to the base for my other Gift bags.  A step by step Tutorial can be found if you scroll back to 4th November 2012 
The flap for the bag made using Grand Scalloped Circles in two sizes.  Large in white and smaller in the patterned card to fit the top
Two 12" strips were cut and stuck together for the handle
Holes were punched to attach the handle to the bag with some fancy Brads
I found a couple of Die Cut circles, used them and another of the brads to form the clasp embellishment 
SB butterfly attached, I  added some pearls to the body
The flap of the bag is held to the frame with "Hook & Loop" dots

I hope all this makes some sense
That`s it for today
Thank you  for calling in I really appreciate that
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

"A Card for Pearl"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland.  
Thank you so much for calling in today.  
I am trying hard to get my "Bits to be worked on" corner cleared up.  It is on one end of the Dining Room table.  The John Jnr and the boys are coming for their tea (mummy is working)   We usually just eat in the kitchen but I thought I would set the Dining room table just for a change. Of course that was before  I realised how much stuff was there.
Just thought I would show you ..... !!!

The weather here is absolutely awful, the rain not taking time to come down.  We really should not complain we have had more of a summer so far than we have had in years......but I am sure we will.
Below is the card I made for Pearl to go with the tissue box I made for her Bathroom.  I made a box for her bedroom using some the wallpaper she used in it.  I still have paper from her Lounge and a couple of her other rooms.  I just hope she does not want them done as well.  The boxes are not that hard to make I have just made it very hard for myself for some reason.   The fist one I made a mistake with the lid, that did not fit, I had to make another .... no real problem just ever so frustrating. The one I did for her Bedroom was a total disaster had to the whole thing again.  I really do not know what I did, I had the measurements all there in front of me. 
I was to take them along last week.  When I phoned her husband said she had the offer of work at the Golf at Muirfield.  She took that and was away for the week.  She is back but her mother is not too well, she is at her house looking after her.  Poor Pearl she has had one thing after another in the past 8 months.

Base card approx 5 x 7 white card
Grey card stock
Pink card stock
Piece of Pearl`s Bathroom paper
Computer generated greeting matted to match the card

That`s it for just now.  
I am a wee bit behind with my Blog Commenting but I will catch up I promise.
Thank you for all your lovely comments I really do appreciate them
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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