Friday, 12 July 2013

"My Sleepy Village"

Hello and welcome, so glad you have had time in your busy day to pop in to see what I have been up to.  
Well! I have been very busy making of all things.................Sympathy Cards.  
I have had to make 9 so far, all of which had to be different.  They were requests from 3 people in the village.  One of our neighbours has died, the local gardener, his mother has also died plus a local farmer.  All the cards will be going to the same families so had to be different.  When I have to make these cards I use just a couple of basic designs.  I have never had to make so many Sympathy Cards with different designs all at the one time before.  Kind of hard on the brain especially in the heat!!!

Rather than show all the Sympathy Cards, I thought I would show you our "Sleepy little Village"
I have taken the top picture from the end of my drive looking east along the village.  On our side of the road there are only 9 houses leading out to the end of the village.  The arch of trees you see in the distance is the end of the village to the East.   I suppose you would call it a "hamlet" rather than a village.  Now the view from the end of my drive to the West.  We are either the first or last house on the village depending on which way you are going.

Hazel and I are are meeting at Tammy`s (Hazel`s daughter) house in Perth tomorrow/Saturday morning.   We will leave a car there, just use one car to go meet Kate (cullisocks) off the bus from Inverness.  We will have lunch and generally just "chat" before taking Kate back for her bus home.
It will take just over 21/2 hours for Kate to get down from Inverness, much sorter than her trip with her hubby for "lunch" they other day.  They were 4 hours on the bus to get to Aberdeen have lunch then 4 hours back.  I think Kate must like on the bus!!!

That`s it for today
Will be back later to let you know how we all got on
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate that and all the lovely comments you leave.
Till later

Patricia   xxx

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

"The other Gift Bags"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland.  How wonderful it is to be part of this great sharing community.   It never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent that people share so willingly.
Thank you for calling to see what I get up to.  I am here to answer any questions you have about things I have used or how I have used them.
Thomas, Robert, Mum and Dad are all fine after a good nights sleep. Boys off to the great big park in Cupar Angus this afternoon with mummy and some friends from school.  Because they live so rural other than playing in their garden they have to be taken to friends or to places like a park.  Here in our little village we do actually have a park that they can go to.  Very small as far as equipment goes but plenty space to play ball games.  The land for the park was donated by the man (long since dead) who owned the village which was built for his workers along with the school.  The school, a long time closed, now lies empty.   Although it still looks sound I am sure if sold off it would have to be demolished.  The villagers did try to raise money to turn it into a village hall.  Unfortunately there was not  enough of them and they could not get any help from the Lottery Fund.

These Gift Bags are the last of the ones I made for sale in the Tearoom.  Elaine will be back over the weekend and the Tearoom will open for business on Monday.  Will leave it a couple of days then pop along with them plus the other bits and pieces I have done for selling.  All money being saved for  going to Birmingham in November for the Hobbycraft Show.
Hazel (Baskets of Joy) Kate (Culliesocks) Elaine and myself are flying down on the Thursday afternoon we are booked in at the Airport Travel Lodge.  We will do the Show Friday, I know a few others have booked into the Hotel, really looking forward to meeting them.    We have decided if anyone is interested we will be staying within the Hotel on the Friday evening if you want to join our "Blogging Bash" you are more than welcome.  It`s a while yet I know, just to keep you informed if you do want to join the "Happy Hoppers"

I have a Tutorial for these bags back 4th November 2012

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate that you stop by 
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

"Frayed round the Edges!"

Hello and welcome to my Blog where I hope that sometimes you can get a little inspiration.  I know when I go Blog Hopping I discover that there is so much talent out there it is "mind blowing"
Today our weather was dramatically cooler, such a relief, I was up early baking and cooking for the boys coming back.  
It was John Jr's birthday yesterday, he should have been here but they all spent the day in Philadelphia, a much better option I would have thought.   We had a "Party Breakfast"  Bacon Butties and Birthday Cake, now how "Posh" was that???
They arrived much earlier than I expected but I was ready!!!  They landed right on time 6.50am. got through customs quick smart, "all" their bags were going round on the carousel as they approached.  They had arranged for their car to be brought to the door of the Airport (or as near to the door as you get these days) they were off.  Through Glasgow no problems, they phoned when they were on the far side of Perth so I had 30 mins to get everything ready.  I was up from the crack of dawn so was well organised.
Poor Thomas who is 8 almost 9 got so excited at getting to our house to see his Grandpa he made himself sick.  He ended up having to lie down.  He fell asleep, slept here at our house from 10am till 6.30pm.  Mum, Dad and Robert left Thomas here went home and fell asleep as well.

Now! it is not me that is "Frayed round the Edges" just my card................................!!!

Base card 6x6 White card
Lilac paper with stars on it, a Freebe from a Magazine
Piece of card I had done the Inked Folder technique on and was not that good (a bit blotchy) put to good use where you don`t see the damage!!!
Some pink/lilac card which I stitched round.  The small cheap Sewing Machine is hopeless.  As this card was a bit "shabby" I decided to keep going with the wonky stitching.
The circle Die Cuts I got on eBay.  I found a site that was selling lots of the Memory Box Dies all cut 10 for £1.99.  Thought I would send for a selection of ones I quite liked.   If I really, really liked them I could buy the Die.  Happy to use what I bought, only buying one of the Dies.
Flowers SB Blossom Five plus some other flowers using a Britannia Flower Die I bought at the Great North Papercraft Show in Harrogate earlier this year.
Leaves SB Foliage Die
With love stamped on a pre-cut tag I found while rummaging the other day.
A few pearls from my stash to finish off

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving all your lovely comments.  I really appreciate them, I read each and every one.
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

"Another Fabulous Fashion"

Hello and welcome, I hope you have all been experiencing this fantastic weather.
As much as love the heat of the sun today was rather too hot for me again.   I retreated inside to the cool of the house. 
John, Audrey and the boys flew out of San Fransisco midnight Monday.  Arrived Philadelphia 9.30am their time today (Tuesday)   The boys had slept the whole of the flight so they were off to explore Philadelphia for the day.  They leave for home later this evening, arrive in Glasgow approx 7am tomorrow (Wednesday)  They will stop off here on the way home to their house.   They pass the road leading down to our village on the way to theirs, bacon rolls by the dozen will be the order of the day about 10.30am
I really could not be bothered to craft today,  however I did find bits that were needing to be used.  I had printed off some of the decoupage, from the Fabulous Fashion CD.  Used a few, this one was left so decided to get it used up and out of the box.   They did say the shapes were compatible with Spellbinder Nesties but I did not have an oval to fit this.

Base card an 8x8 white card
Dark Teal card
Backing paper printed from the CD 
The Oval image is decoupaged, attached to some Teal card and cut it out by hand
I added some glitter here and there, some Glossy Accents to the stand
Computer generated greeting added to a matt made up of matching card and paper
Piece of ribbon from my Bits of Ribbon Box
I tried to do some piercing which did not work very well.  Did a bit of camouflage work in an effort to make it look better.  However I don`t think that has worked either.  Although not a great  card I thought I would show it because I have nothing else at the moment.  Better get a move on and try make some thing.

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping in I really do appreciate you doing that and all the lovely comments you leave.
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

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Monday, 8 July 2013

"Golden Wedding Wishes"

Hello and welcome, thank you for calling by today.  I really appreciate that you take time to come see what I have been up to.  If I can give someone somewhere a little inspiration I will be delighted.
Well, well, what a "scorcher" we have had today.  A thin veil of cloud came over about 6.30pm what a relief, it was still very warm but the burning glare of the sun had gone.   At one point in the afternoon  I had to retreat to the cool of the house.  I keep the blinds closed to keep the sun out, the house always remains nice and cool.
John, Audrey and the boys should have been home today.  They are still in San Fransisco, they have had to stay another few days.  The airport has been closed due to that terrible plane crash the other day.   They are not in the least bothered,  just another episode in their holiday.  That`s one thing about them, they will see the positive of this rather than the negative.   Having all the modern technology like "Smart Phones and iPads" they can get in touch with whoever they need to in order to re-organise everything.

Today`s card is yet another with my Roses, sorry about that.  People want them, who I am I to argue, brings in the pennies to buy more crafty stuff!!!   

Base card is 6 x 6 white card stock folded to make a "twisted easel"
I embossed some white card using the inking of the Folder technique with Squeezed Lemonade Ink
Cut panels to fit the front and base
SB Dies for the centre where I popped on a computer generated greeting
Roses made with SB Blossom Five Die very slightly inked with Squeezed Lemonade Ink
Leaves SB Foliage Die
I used a JustRite Stamp and Greeting  for the focal point on the base which holds the card up.  Tucked a couple of odd leaves that were left over in there as well.

That`s it for today,
I really appreciate you calling in and leaving your lovely comments.
I hope you have all been very careful in the sunshine and have applied plenty Factor 50 Suncream.  Or better still sat in the shade.
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

"Congratulations Andy & a Tag Card"

Hello and welcome to my little space in the wonderful  land of Blogging.
Thank you so much for taking time off from basking in the sunshine to come and see what I have been up to.
Andy DID IT this time, Congratulations , well done.
I would like thank all who contacted me when my Blog was closed down by Google.   They closed it and e-mailed me that someone in Afghanistan was trying to access my account.  I was very suspicious, and panicked a little at first.  I did not click on the link they gave me.  I went directly to Google and their "Help" where I only had to change my Password.  Thankfully that was that and I was up and running again.  I really thought that I was going to have to set up another Blog.  Now that for me would have been a total nightmare......probably would not have even bothered. 
Hazel and I are disappointed that we did not manage up to Aberdeen on Saturday to See Sue Wilson.  There you go that`s life.  "the best laid plans".    She was wearing one of our Pendants which was nice.   Hazel and I raised over £300 for Charity from the sale of our Pendants after Sue wore one and mentioned them on C&C when she was doing a show with Dawn Bibby.

Today`s card is a "tag" card.   I bought some of these Tags and Boxes from Stella Crafts.  They are by Kathy from the Glitter Girls.  I noticed them when I was recently placing an order for some boxes .  They are not expensive, I thought it was nice to have the tag and box with the acetate front.

Found a piece of pink card I had run through an embossing folder in my box
I ran an embossing pad round the edges added Silver Embossing Powder and heat embossed
Flowers are SB Rose Creation Die.  I did not make them into actual roses like I normally do
Leaves a Memory Box Die I cut them up to fit the design
Some American Seam Binding and a few pearls from my stash
Now!! the sentiment I think was on a card that Heather showed on her Blog last week, possibly the week before.  Time goes past so fast these days.  Anyway I thought it was a really nice sentiment and have used it for my tag.   If it was not Heather, thank you to who ever it was.

That`s it for today
Hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine and have not sat out too long.  I love to see and feel the heat from the sun but do not lie in it.  It is so bad for the skin, when you live in a hot county and see what it does to the poeple it makes you want to stay out of the direct sunshine.
Thank you so much for dropping by, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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