Thursday, 27 June 2013

"Wedding Day Wishes"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for visiting me and for all your lovely comments.
Today for the first time in ages I have had some "me" time.  That sounds rather selfish but I have really missed just being able to shut myself in the kitchen, make a mess, play with bits of paper and card
John, Audrey and the boys are almost a week into their Adventure trip in America, we are missing them and they still have two more weeks away.    
My friend Pearl is at long last getting somewhere with her house and is busy seeing all the carpets being laid today.  Next week she starts getting her furniture out of storage.  I do hope it has survived, she managed to get some things out before the water got at them.  Others things did get damp, hopefully they will be OK .   Lots of her treasured possessions were destroyed and had to be dumped.  Her cottage is looking good having been stripped right back to the bare brick work and put together again.   Although I love it poor Pearl is so sad that the "old cottage" feel has been ripped out of the place.  I tried to reassure her that yes it now looks rather modern but once she gets her traditional bits and pieces of furniture back in that will help.   Pearl has lots of little antique bits and pieces mixed with more modern things and it all worked before I am sure it will all work once again.   

Today`s card is one I did for my "lady" in the village.  She is almost 90 and still does most of her "BIG" garden by herself.  You should see it, it is absolutely beautiful.  She has won so many prizes for "Best Garden in Show" at the local Agricultural Show in Newtyle each year.  I noticed the judges walking round it the other day when I was along delivering this card.  We will see what she wins this year.

Base card 6 x 6 white card
Piece of white card, I inked the Embossing folder with Fired Brick ink using my Brayer and embossed the card.  I think this was the second piece of card I ran through it is very delicate.  I had this piece in my box from when I was on the Inking/Embossing Day I had a few weeks ago
Computer generated greeting cut out with a SB Die (don`t know the name) I have had that Die a long time.  I dusted the edges with Fired Brick while the greeting was sill in the Die
Roses cut using SB Blossom Five Die and SB Foliage Die for the leaves
Lightly dusted the leaves while they were still in the Die plus just the very small bits I used to create the centres of the roses

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for popping in today I really appreciate your visit
Bye for now
Till next time

Patricia   xxxx

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

"How simple is this?"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for popping in to see me today,  I love that you take time in your busy day to visit.
Back to normal in this house again another good nights sleep had by both.  John`s knee is a lot better, pain now bearable.  He has almost got a matching pair of knees again.  He is still resting it for another couple of days.
I find these days we moan a lot about the service we get in shops.   I must tell you about the fantastic service I got on Monday past when I bought my new Washing Machine.    Just after lunch I went approx 20miles to our nearest biggish place ..... Forfar.   Popped into the shop to be greeted by a nice young lady .... and a "smile" she told me her mane was Susan, she was there to help.   That for me was a really good start.   She asked if I was needing any help .... ME!!! I am beyond help.  I told her I was looking for a Washing Machine, I would have a look round and get back to her.  Found more or less what I wanted, got back to the young lady to ask a couple of questions.   We buy most of electrical goods from this Family Owned Independent Store they have all our details on the computer.  Before she had typed in my address she asked if I would like it delivered that afternoon ........  the same day!!!!  Oh! my! Word! would you be offered that in a BIG store???    I told her I did not live in the town, I was 20 miles away.   Ooopps! so sorry! checking my address she said it would have to be Wednesday afternoon.  That was fine with me, paid the bill, left the shop and travelled home.  When I got in the door the phone was ringing, picked it up.  It was Susan saying the delivery men had a delivery half way between me and the shop would I be able to take delivery of my machine in an hour.  Within 3 hours I had bought my washing machine had it installed.  How is that for service when you live way out in the countryside????  Washing all up to date again, can`t say the same about the ironing.  Why worry, life is too short to fuss about things like that. 

Right here is today`s offering
A teacher at the school where the girls that Hazel is Nanny to is leaving for pastures new
Hazel phoned asking if I would make a "simple to the point card"
You certainly can not get any more simple and to the point than this folks!!

Base card a sheet of Kraft Card folded
Piece of the same card cut slightly smaller from another sheet.  Embossed that with a grid effect folder
Printed the sentiment on the computer, cut it out using a SB Banner Die
Inked round the edges with it still in the Die, stuck it on with 3D Foam Pads to raise it up and .... Bingo!! done
Hope this might help is anyone is looking for a "simple" card which I feel could be used for lots of occasions.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Bye till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

"Siler Wedding Wishes"

Hello Blog friends, hope you are all well.
Thank you for calling in today, great to see you all.
Have you seen the number of followers I have now ...................... 96!!
Welcome to my new followers, thank you so much for choosing to follow me here in my wee corner of Blogland.  A few weeks ago I said I would start putting together a few goodies to celebrate getting to 100 followers thinking it would be about Christmas.  Oh! Oh! I had better get a move on I think it might be a little sooner.
A lot better in this house once again, a good nights sleep was had by both of us.   Thank you all very much for your kind words and thoughts.  Took John to Perth this morning he wanted to get his hair cut.  Really don`t know why is was so necessary, he`s not going anywhere!!!   Took him almost to the door of the Barbers Shop.  Once that was done we crossed the road and I sat him in a cafe while I went off to get a few things, went back for him in the car.  Bit of a pain as he insisted I use his car, it is easier for him to get in and out of.   It is much higher and bigger than mine and you just cant nip into little spaces so easily.
Today`s card is a Silver Wedding Card.  
I made one for a customer last week and forgot to photograph it.  She had shown her card to Yvonne`s mum (girl who is celebrating her Silver Wedding)  she said "OMG!! I cant give my daughter the card I have bought when I see that.    Do you think Patricia would make a card for me?"  
Here is what I did, of course it had to be very different from the one I had already done for the couple. A bit of brain power needed and there is not many crafting ideas going on in my brain at the moment.

Base card 8 x 8 
I cut some white card slightly less than 8 x 8 to use as a base to work on
I embossed a piece of not to shiny Mirri Card with the tumbling Hearts Folder, a piece of white card with a Dotty Folder
Cut these slightly smaller than my working base card then cut them diagonally and placed them together
Computer generated the greeting cut that out using SB Opulent Ovals
Cut the larger size of the same Die in Mirri and attached
Used Heartfelt Creations by SB Delicate Aster Die for the flowers plus the leaf Die that comes with the set
Popped some small pearls in the centre of the flowers
When it was finished I felt it need something in the bottom corner.  Found the Die Cut corner in my box, don`t know if it is quite right however the customer was over the moon.

Thank you so much for calling by today I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx

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Monday, 24 June 2013

"Happy Birthday Card"

Hello Blog friends,thank you for popping by today, I am here at last.
Well, what a weekend!!!  As most of you know John`s knees have been bothering him.  Not a lot of sleep Thursday/Friday, no sleep Friday/Saturday by Saturday/Sunday John was about climbing the walls in pain.  So, 3am Sunday morning we were driving the 20 miles in to A&E at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.  Only a few people in the waiting area....................but OMG!!  what a selection. Drunks, plus men and woman who had obviously been in fights.  Tell you what the poor staff have a lot to put up with and the language, that was choice I can tell you.  Thankfully we were taken quite quickly, John was in so much pain otherwise I am sure he would have walked or should I say hobbled out.     X-rays taken and nothing drastic,  combination of things "old age"  plus wear and tear after 45 years of driving.  He has to rest his leg completely this week, if there is no improvement after 2/3 weeks he has to go to the GP for him to arrange an MRI Scan on it to see what they will do.  Hopefully it will settle down and not come to that.  
On top of all that I had promised Elaine I would work with her in the Tearoom on Sunday from 11.15am  till 4.30pm.   Boy!! was I tiered when I got home.  John had managed to get 4 hours sleep while I was away so he was feeling a bit better.   I think John had also worried himself about me dealing with everything on my own.  John, Audrey and the boys are off on their American adventure for the next 3 weeks.  I am more than capable of managing and I also have Hazel who would be there for me if I needed her.
Anyway enough of my sagga.

My card for today is a Birthday Card I sent to a friend and fellow Blogger.  I know she has got it so I can show it.

A simple "Tag" card approx 4 x 6
I cut the "tag" shape from white card stock
Stuck lace round the edge and topped that with Pink card stock
Next "Freebe" paper from this months Card Making Magazine that I wrapped a piece of Organza ribbon round and attached
Made a Rose using SB Blossom Five Die and Leaves using SB Foliage Die
Triple bow using thin Organza Ribbon and a little jewel to finish off
Happy Birthday stamped on white and mounted on a piece of pink to finish off

That`s it for today I really do hope to kinda be back to some kind of normality tomorow.
I can then tell you the tale of my new Washing Machine............................things are getting better.  Thank goodness I am a "Glass half FULL" person

Thank you for your visit I really appreciate you stopping by to look at what I have been doing and for all your lovely comments
Bye till next time

Patricia   xxx

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